Best Share Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Viber Chrome extension download
Viber Viber's share button allows 'Viber Desktop' users to easily share web sites, Photos and Text directly from the browser

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Google+ Stamina Chrome extension download
Google+ Stamina Easy way to share things found in the Internet via Google+.

easy way, share page, page, select share, way, share, important thing, interesting page, share things

Remove website paywall & overlays Chrome extension download
Remove website paywall & overlays extension by @dbashyal

social share toolbar, dbashyal, dont collect, share toolbar, removes, technology websites, tealdit share toolbar, share toolbar v0, browsing activity, selected news

Vedantu Screen Share Chrome extension download
Vedantu Screen Share Screensharing utility for Vedantu learning sessions

vedantu learning sessions, screen right, chrome browser, create knowledge network, constant need, quality education accessible, onetime installation, online live, seamlessly anytime, vedantu screen share lets, screen share, vedantu teachers, vedantu screen share, share videos

Youtube Share Enhancer Chrome extension download
Youtube Share Enhancer Mirror cast to a personal channel everytime you share a Youtube™ video to Facebook™

mirror cast, live channel, video part, youtube share enhancer, send donations, facebook youtube share enhancer, personal channel everytime, youtube video, share, share youtube video, global community, embeds chat

Like and Share for Facebook by Skipity Chrome extension download
Like and Share for Facebook by Skipity Handy thumbs up button to share links with the world on Facebook. Mouse over includes Likes, Shares, Comments, Tweets and InShares.

share links, handy facebook thumbs, facebook, includes likes shares comments tweets, easily share, count share count fb comments, fb comments, linkedin shares, handy thumbs, share, share count

Pin this! Chrome extension download
Pin this! Share interesting items on this page to Pinterest

interesting items, extension enables, link, share links, simply navigate, click pin, pinterest account, share interesting items, quickly share links, share, page, pinterest

TAGGR - Wish List any Store & Price Watch Chrome extension download
TAGGR - Wish List any Store & Price Watch TAGGR will change the way you shop, forever. Shop just like normal at any store then save & share things you like. We'll watch the…

wishlists share, home improvements, save share, different stores, available save everything, store click, price change notifications ios, android apps, save create personalised wishlists share, save share things

ShareThis Chrome extension download
ShareThis ShareThis offers the most innovative sharing platform for today's social audience.

sharethis offers, encourage visitors, sharing content, email facebook twitter, free share buttons, load instantly, social audience, sharethis extension, share content, share buttons, innovative sharing platform, share, registration required, valuable content

Send Anywhere (For Gmail/Slack) Chrome extension download
Send Anywhere (For Gmail/Slack) Share large files up to 50GBs on Gmail/ Slack! More easy and efficient!

user set expiration date, want anytime, add files, share large files, share files, download count limit, user share files, gmail slack, web app, automatically deleted, rightclick image sharing, share link created, share total, expiration date, large files, uploaded files

Crowdfire Chrome extension download
Crowdfire Crowdfire

share posts, create, web page, web page image, easily share specific, social media accounts profiles, key features, share posts, right click, toolbar icon, selected text, specific time, media accounts, share posts immediately schedule

Twitter Quick Share Chrome extension download
Twitter Quick Share Twitter Quick Share will allow you to quickly share any site to your Twitter stream. Great for sites without Twitter integration.

twitter stream, handy, twitter, site, twitter integration, twitter quick share, sites, share, quickly share

AddToAny: Share Anywhere Chrome extension download
AddToAny: Share Anywhere Share to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, and any other sharing or saving service quickly and easily with one share button.

service quickly, middle mouse button, mode based, high ppi screens, sharing menu, services quickly, collect personal information, social media networks, addtoany share button, context menu, universal share button, automatic dark mode, share button, reassignable keyboard shortcut

AOL Share This Chrome extension download
AOL Share This Adds AOL Share This button to manage your social shares.

extension allows, aol mail facebook twitter, share site, sharing process, keeps track, process fast, aol share, handy feature, aol mail, social network, social shares

BuzzSumo Chrome extension download
BuzzSumo Get share counts & more from BuzzSumo

get share counts, email address, engagement data, buzzsumo extension, company names, buzzsumo data, share content, accurate share count, extract information, top performing content formats, fetch engagement data, canonical ogurl url, author data, social engagement data, share count

Social Media Share Chrome extension download
Social Media Share Share any website on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus with just one click

sahildua2305chromeshare gmail, browser top right bar, blog post, social media share icons, social profile, facebook twitter linkedin, social media share extension, social media networks, social media share, sahildua2305 chromeshare, basic chrome extension, browser top, social media

Share Extensions Chrome extension download
Share Extensions Export your favorite Google Chrome™ extensions as BBCode, HTML, Wiki, Markdown or text. Share extensions via Twitter, Google Mail™.

bbcode html wiki, google mail, fixed dialog scrolling, export, favorite google chrome extensions, share extensions, extensions, twitter google, bug reporting, bug tracker, share, manifest version

Commission Factory Chrome extension download
Commission Factory Easily check account balances, create and share links and coupons across the web and social media.

commission factory, affiliate marketing simple, share links, increase revenues, many dashboard messages, google chrome extension, share coupons, share product links, turn increase sales, instantly create, check account, share product links instantly, increase brand awareness, affiliate partners

Akonter Share link & Page Buttons Chrome extension download
Akonter Share link & Page Buttons Chrome Extension to share links and pages to multiple networks, Akonter bookmarks, Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and more share buttons.

share bookmarks, social networks, akonter bookmarks, google chrome social buttons, page options, submit websites, social homepage, services share, social bookmarking services share webpages, submit article url, settings extensions options, internet web pages, social homepage icons, multiple networks akonter bookmarks, share save, akonter bookmarks extension, share buttons, chrome start page, services categories

Gmail Label and Email Sharing Chrome extension download
Gmail Label and Email Sharing Email and label sharing plus real-time team collaboration and chat without ever leaving Gmail™

free chrome extension services, entire gmail label, attachments assign tasks, share gmail, gmail label, extension services, share emails, support cloudhq, google drive, customer service, realtime team collaboration, collaboration tool, share folders, track status, share gmail labels, hiring process support

Share Link Chrome extension download
Share Link Post links to Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ with one click. Share with all your friends. No login needed. Powered by

enjoy something, facebook, login needed, use share link, twitter, post links, reddit, share, share link, google, reddit twitter facebook google

Share on Confluence Chrome extension download
Share on Confluence Browse the web and quickly share links with your team through Confluence.

share links, organization logo, current webpage, linksharing workflow, quickly share links, confluence sharer, hit ctrlshift, link sharing workflow faster, sharing dialogue add, lag time, rgba color, great use

Share to Quibb Chrome extension download
Share to Quibb Share a link to Quibb

link, use, work, add, quibb lets, quibb shows notifications count, share, share link, quibb, youre reading

GIF me a New Tab Chrome extension download
GIF me a New Tab A wonderful GIF every time you open a new tab.

every time, new tab, wonderful gif, shuffle, click, open tab, share, quickly share, gif url

Wish Chrome extension download
Wish Add products to Wish from anywhere on the web

extension allows, add products, easily share, love share, upload products, start wishing, earn rewards, gift cards, facebook profile, share recommendations, discounts rebates, easily upload products, unlock rewards

Denwa Share Chrome extension download
Denwa Share Share your screen in Denwa Desktop or Denwa Meeting.

denwa meeting allowing, denwa meeting, denwa share extension, youre, screen, share, denwa desktop, conference, participants

Hootsuite Hootlet Chrome extension download
Hootsuite Hootlet Quickly share web pages to all of your social networks using the Hootsuite Hootlet.

hootlet highlights access, search social media, highlight text, hootsuite hootlet, location awareness share images, share images, search share, current window highlight text, relevant social shares, share content, share search location relevant social, google search share, facebook linkedin, search social content, relevant social media, social media

Engagor Chrome extension download
Engagor An extension to share articles with Engagor

online content, social media profiles, share articles photos, twitter facebook linkedin google, engagor, share articles, schedule posts, engagor chrome extension enables, share online content, engagor account

Springboard Screen Share Chrome extension download
Springboard Screen Share Screen sharing for Springboard’s weekly student/mentor calls.

requires webrtc compliant browser, share projects, springboard extension, weekly calls, springboard, weekly studentmentor calls, screen, share, webrtccompliant browser, screen sharing, share projects documents, springboard weekly student mentor calls

ShareMetric Chrome extension download
ShareMetric Social, link, and keyword data for your current browser URL

share counts link metrics, visibility metrics, extension loads, social media share counts, facebook share counts, organic search visibility, share counts, loads social, open site explorer, total sum count, badge icon, social link, icon badge, organic search visibility metrics, page load, link metrics, current browser url, social share counts

Share Button for Facebook™ Chrome extension download
Share Button for Facebook™ Easily share web pages and links on Facebook. Unofficial Extension.

keyboard shortcut alt, share web pages, popup window, keyboard shortcut alt , popup window closes, successful completion, new tab, sharing popup window, quickly share, toolbar button, current web page, web pages, current web, share button

Whisbi Share a web page Chrome extension download
Whisbi Share a web page Whisbi Share a web page extension for Google Chrome

videosharing tools, whisbi share web page extension, sales tools, google chrome, web page extension, provide agents, create memorable experiences, instantly create memorable experiences, easytouse sales tools, qualify leads, share webpage, whisbi share

OpenBook It! Chrome extension download
OpenBook It! Easily share anything to the OpenBook community

openbook, google chrome adds button, web, openbook community, easily share, google chrome, website quickly, etoro, share, social investment network, share anything, etoro openbook

Share on Google Plus Page Chrome extension download
Share on Google Plus Page Share any webpage on any of your Google Plus Pages or your profile

first time, useful extensions, google field, select, web page, page ids, start sharing, share, share webpage, page, select box

Blab Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Blab Screen Sharing Blab Screensharing for chrome.

standard blab, blabs youre, edit photos, blabs youre host, presentation mode, share screens, multiple users, share share, standard blab square, play game edit photos, application youd, extension lets

Vibby Chrome extension download
Vibby Vibby is the easiest way to any YouTube video and clip and share only it's best parts! Don't let the highlights of the videos you…

forgotten share, parts, vibby, highlights, youtube video, way, share, dont let, clip

Stacker Chrome extension download
Stacker Share links, videos, photos and content from anywhere on the web with the Stacker Browser Plugin.

share links, stacker chrome plugin, photos, share interesting links videos photos, videos, share links videos photos, share, videos photos, social media accounts, stacker browser plugin

Share Url Chrome extension download
Share Url Adds context menu to share links with other computer(s) or with your favorite social application.

social sharing, share links, recent changes, replacement options, added social sharing, google account, bug fix, share link, context menu, sharing link, resolve issue, another chrome browser, enable sharing, added replacement, added history, sure sync, favorite social application

Canvas Chrome extension download
Canvas This extension enables Canvas users to share links from Chrome toolbar

share links, email inboxes, friends email inboxes, enables canvas users, interesting content, share content, low pressure way, content affinity relationship, canvas allows, content break, share interesting content, chrome toolbar

LikePwner Chrome extension download
LikePwner It unlocks the hidden content of websites that ask you for like/share in order to see it.

click continutul este afisat la click pe, detectia pentru share locker video, share locker, aplicatie simpla pentru chrome care, sau share pe, nou locker sa, continutul este afisat, continutul este, pentru share locker video, iti permite vizualizarea continutului, hidden content, pentru background, modificat gradientul pentru background c, viral locker continutul, este afisat, nou pentru pop, sau pur si simplu sa zici, overlay nou, modal care poate fi inchis c, hidden content video, pe pop, pentru share, pentru viral locker, inaltimea popupului este automat setata, iconite cu margini transparente, viral locker

Shutterfly Exporter Chrome extension download
Shutterfly Exporter Download all pictures from your Shutterfly album to your computer

create share site, share site, url bar, share site url, create site, simple extension allows, shutterfly album, shutterfly exporter chrome extension, source code, downloading files click, see changes, ayciwe fbnwevzehjekuzmzktfcqayqlumd2rnk7byyeuvayfw country, open source project

Canvas for Chrome Chrome extension download
Canvas for Chrome Curate and Share Insightful Content with your company and team members using the Canvas Chrome extension.

browser window share, chrome browser, beautiful magazine layout, canvas chrome extension, share industry related content, canvas chrome extension highlights, social networks post content, canvass chrome extension, select team members, curate industry related articles, team members, industry related content, share insightful content, web share, web page content

SmartVault Browser Extension Chrome extension download
SmartVault Browser Extension SmartVault Browser Extension

share files, securely share files, upload access, popular business applications, business apps, view source documents, smartvault browser extension, upload email attachments, granular folderlevel permissions, share files securely, quickbooks online, quickbooks addons creates, attach documents, share business files, documents receipts, documents securely online, mobile apps give, data privacy mandates, documents online

BombBomb Video - Webcam & Screen Recorder Chrome extension download
BombBomb Video - Webcam & Screen Recorder Create, share, and track webcam and screen capture videos with the BombBomb Browser Extension.

bombbomb browser extension, credit card, bombbomb browser, create share, share video, customer success professionals, track emails, share video url, time activity, bombbomb chrome extension, video player pages, realtime activity feed, smartphone push notifications, screen capture videos, bombbomb video

edsavr - collect, save, share Chrome extension download
edsavr - collect, save, share Quick resource sharing for educators, by educators.

save resources, important thing, educators, quick resource, field lab, edmodo educlipper, resource sharing, share, personal learning network

Share with Fluency Tutor Chrome extension download
Share with Fluency Tutor Shares reading passages using the Fluency Tutor for Google app.

read independently, content, shares, fluency tutor app, fluency tutor application, share content, fluency tutor, share, google app, shares reading passages

Loom – Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Loom – Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture Record your screen and camera with one click. Share that content in an instant with a link.

google search index, video communication platform, record share, add time, rich visual context, file multiple patents, video message thread, loom video, screen camera, google meet recordings, another standup meeting, loom videos, screen record, screen recording, screen share, next weekly update, share videos

Q-EmoText Chrome extension download
Q-EmoText แทรกตัวอักษรแสดงอารมณ์ - Emoticon / ใช้เป็น Notepad เล็ก ๆ เพื่อพิมพ์และค้นหาได้

facebook button, new html5 security system, last message button, g status text, share page, post fb, emotion text, share page function, emotion text emoticon, status fb g emotion text, add post share, remove facebook buttons, postshare current page, version support

Pluck Chrome extension download
Pluck Share exactly what you want

make changes, pluck page, plucker pluck, grab quote, entire article, share preview, pluck lets, highlighting play, site construction, pluck, share, browser limitations

Screenshot Webpages Chrome extension download
Screenshot Webpages Hands down, the best way to save and share screen captures of webpages

share screen captures, use extension, web page, blackout others, camera icon, share screen, certain areas, capture click, screenshots download, select different screenshot options, tool allows, additional security

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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