Best Signature Click Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total signature click plugins - 4732
SignatureSatori: Gmail Signature Remover Beta Chrome extension download
SignatureSatori: Gmail Signature Remover Beta One-click Signature remover. Stop losing time deleting your signature. Just click on the button and signature is gone.

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WiseStamp email signature Chrome extension download
WiseStamp email signature WiseStamp email signature

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GroupDocs Signature plugin for Gmail Chrome extension download
GroupDocs Signature plugin for Gmail Sign documents from gmail with GroupDocs

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Basecamp Signature Chrome extension download
Basecamp Signature This extension adds a signature to the end of your basecamp comments and messages

adds messages, basecamp comments, official title chief, business people, type links, customer happiness, signature box, add signature, wont add, visible inside, text box, options page, extension adds signature, private data, official title, enable toolbox

Add Signatures to PDF Documents - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Add Signatures to PDF Documents - PDFfiller Instantly add signatures to PDF documents online with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

add signature, add signatures, draw click, use pdffiller chrome extension, signature click, sign share, click mobile device, pdffiller editor, pdffiller extension, upload signature click, allow pdffiller access, pdf forms, fill button, sign button, orange fill button, add pdf, add signatures email, draw sign upload, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

Signature Maker Online Chrome extension download
Signature Maker Online Create your handwritten digital signature online.

custom handwritten digital signature online, simple tool, handwritten digital signature online, mobiletablets, mobile tablets, works, create, customhandwritten digital signature online

Sign PDF Documents Online - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Sign PDF Documents Online - PDFfiller Instantly sign PDF documents online with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

upload documents, draw click, use pdffiller chrome extension, signature click, click mobile device, signature simply click, pdffiller extension, sign save, allow pdffiller access, upload signature click, fill button, sign email, sign pdf documents, sign button, orange fill button, simply click, simply sign, draw sign upload, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

ePadLink SigCaptureWeb SDK Extension Chrome extension download
ePadLink SigCaptureWeb SDK Extension The SigCaptureWebSDK Chrome Extension enables users to capture signatures on ePad Link signature pads.

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Add Email Signature - WiseStamp Chrome extension download
Add Email Signature - WiseStamp Web email signature by WiseStamp

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Topaz SigPlusExtLite Background Extension Chrome extension download
Topaz SigPlusExtLite Background Extension The Topaz SigPlusExtLite Chrome Extension enables users to capture signatures on a wide variety of Topaz signature pads.

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Dotabuff Extended Chrome extension download
Dotabuff Extended This Extension add additional data into various pages on site.

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BrandMyMail - Email Signatures for GMail Chrome extension download
BrandMyMail - Email Signatures for GMail Brand your emails with your company look, dynamic signatures and email templates from your GMail.

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SigBuzz Chrome extension download
SigBuzz Email Signature Marketing for Gmail & Google Apps

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WebSigner Chrome extension download
WebSigner Provides creation of electronic digital signature on web-pages using Gepard 2.0 library

ibank key, supported hardware, hardware key information, websigner extension, creation, digital signature, webpages, superimpose digital signature, electronic digital signature, web pages, library, key information, gepard

Email Signature Rescue Chrome extension download
Email Signature Rescue Install HTML email signatures with no character limit. Office 365, Google Inbox, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail.

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Email Signature by Chrome extension download
Email Signature by Turn your page into a simple and elegant email signature.

elegant email signature, extension places beautiful, simple, extension places, turn, email signature, outbound emails, page, beautiful

Riggy Chrome extension download
Riggy Create your own Roblox Forum signature with Riggy!

utilizes sync storage, signature, roblox forum signature, google chrome, riggy, clean interface, roblox forum extension signature extension, ll find, sharp clean interface, create

Email Tracking & Signature by Flap Lab Chrome extension download
Email Tracking & Signature by Flap Lab Flap Lab is a Gmail tracking signature (Google Chrome extension) that helps track if and when recipients read the email.

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Scrive Go Chrome extension download
Scrive Go Sign your PDF files electronically by sending them to Scrive from your browser.

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HelloSign for Gmail Chrome extension download
HelloSign for Gmail Sign documents right from gmail

unique reusable link, use extension, signature field, forget downloading, send documents, sign document, signed documents, hand forget downloading, conduct business, popular hellosign app, sign documents, main benefits, quick customizable signature requests

Topaz Adobe Sign Extension Chrome extension download
Topaz Adobe Sign Extension The Topaz Chrome Extension for Adobe Sign enables users to sign PDFs on a variety of Topaz signature pads.

adobe sign enable customers, topaz signature pads, apply signatures, signing capability, topaz chrome extension, topaz adobe sign, signature image, adobe sign, pdf documents, topaz adobe sign chrome extension enhances, sign pdfs, enable customers, topaz signature, chrome extension enhances Chrome extension download Manage your company’s signatures and taglines for Google Apps and GMail.

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1-Line Chrome extension download
1-Line SuperCharged Viral Charity Incentive through Email Signature Donation

charity, incentivizes others, gmail signature, email signature donation, line lets, supercharged viral charity incentive, 1line lets, line, viral charity incentive

SignDoc DeviceConnector Chrome extension download
SignDoc DeviceConnector This extension enables the web-based capturing of signatures and images.

signatures, extension enables, images, web based capturing, requires additionally, webbased capturing, high quality biometric signatures, local computer, capture, signature capture, handwritten signatures, signature capture device, capture high quality biometric signatures

PW WebSigner Chrome extension download
PW WebSigner PW WebSigner | e-Signature

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sigbop-Email Tracking & Signatures for Gmail Chrome extension download
sigbop-Email Tracking & Signatures for Gmail sigbop lets you build dynamic signatures with email tracking and click statistics.

consistent email branding, custom signature template, email analytics measure, create branded social media, share business documents, custom signature, professional email signatures, social media, sigbop branded email signatures, corporate branding, email tracking, email signatures, default email signatures, email signature, sigbop build, build dynamic branded email signatures, email branding, email analytics, email engagement, gmail business, social media icons, corporate branding transform, build dynamic signatures

DontPhishMe Chrome extension download
DontPhishMe DontPhishMe is an addon that utilizes pattern matching to protect Malaysian Internet users against online banking phishing website.

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PDF Editor for Chrome:Edit, Fill, Sign, Print Chrome extension download
PDF Editor for Chrome:Edit, Fill, Sign, Print Edit, e-sign, print or fax PDFs directly from search engine results and webpages with the pdfFiller extension.

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AWS Request Signer Chrome extension download
AWS Request Signer Signs requests to AWS endpoints (using Signature Version 4 signing process)

signs requests, signature version signing process, aws endpoints

CryptoExt CESARIS Chrome extension download
CryptoExt CESARIS Crypto extension to create/verify the digital signature of PDF-documents and data.

crypto extension, data, digital signature, pdf documents, pdfdocuments, createverify, create verify

BIFIT Signer Chrome extension download
BIFIT Signer BIFIT digital signature plug-in

ibank key, bifit digital signature plug, digital signature plug, mskey k, extension supports, jacarta gost, extension bifit signer, cryptographic hardware usb tokens, rutoken eds, extension supports ibank key rutoken eds ms key jacarta, cryptographic hardware, bifit signer

BankID CryptoPlugin Chrome extension download
BankID CryptoPlugin Extension for authenticate the citizen through BankID by digital signature without Java

bankid, authenticate, digital signature, citizen, java

TinEye Reverse Image Search Chrome extension download
TinEye Reverse Image Search This is the official TinEye Chrome extension. Find out where an image came from, how it's used, or find higher resolution versions.

find matches, image search extension, tineye reverse image search extension, tineye extension, select search image, compact digital signature, extension preferences click, tab handling, find tineye, sort order preference, official tineye chrome extension, option page, search page option, image search, tineye tineye, tineye reverse image search, reverse image search engine, image identification technology, merge extension code

ScareMail Chrome extension download
ScareMail Makes email "scary" in order to disrupt NSA surveillance

work adds, email, nsa search systems, narrative containing, nsa search, order, email signature, algorithmically generated narrative, email story, email scary, nsa programs, disrupt nsa surveillance, probable nsa search terms, every new email

Popchrom Chrome extension download
Popchrom Save time and effort with Popchrom by creating your own shortcuts for text phrases! Whether it's a simple email signature or…

memory leak fix, extension option page, fix sound bug, add line breaks, abbreviation arguments, simple email signature, popchrom issue reporting integrated, new variable clipboard, fix chrome issue, option page, google mail compose window compatibility, expansion text

Flickr Right Click Chrome extension download
Flickr Right Click Lets you right click images on Flickr.

default left click, images, click context menu, viewing photos, zoom functionality, click images, click, lets, enables, right click context menu, flickr

Middle click opens tabs in background Chrome extension download
Middle click opens tabs in background For those who are suffering from "Issue 62319: Middle Click with named Target opening in foreground".

shiftleftclicks behaviors, shift left, public release, left click, named target, shift left click, middle click bug, middle click, page load, next regression, shiftleftclick behavior, left click shift middle click shift, failure caused, installation failure, new window

Gmail Inline Image Fit Chrome extension download
Gmail Inline Image Fit Get rid of that nasty horizontal scrolling, with inline images fitting Gmail's message area.

someone sends, project open, fancy signature, pull requests, nasty emails, inline images, message area, gmail message, github repo, horizontal scrolling, widescreen monitors, nasty horizontal scrolling

ChromeLL Chrome extension download
ChromeLL Enhancements for the forums at the End of the Internet

topic link, transloading clicking anonymous token checkbox, anonymous token, pm sonicmax, youtube videos, page fixed bug, pm inbox pm sonicmax, user info popup colours, colour scheme, enabled chromell features, fixed bug, remove signature user, rename images, fullscreen mode

eID Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
eID Chrome Extension Chrome extension for the Belgium eID card

card, digital signature service, eid identity provider, belgium, eid card, chrome web browser, belgium eid card, eid chrome extension, eid chrome solution

Long Press New Tab Chrome extension download
Long Press New Tab Open links as background tabs by clicking links and holding

click long middle click long, clicking links, middle button v3, open links, background tabs, new tab, readability opne, right click v3, click v3, added open, long click, middle click, instapaper mobilizer, extension provide, drop links disabled

ezAutoCorrect for GMail Chrome extension download
ezAutoCorrect for GMail Autocorrect text while you type in Gmail emails

word substitution, extension options page, word expansion, autocorrect text, word substitutions, default substitutions, default signature line, new compose window, autocorrect word, basic autocorrect word expansion

Simple Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Simple Bookmarks Simple Bookmarks

folders open, tab ctrl, left click shift, tidy bookmarks tree tree, alt ctrl left, folders treenode, left click ctrl, click shift, window mode , click alt, click ctrl, bookmarks tree, click ctrl delete, left click alt, disable ctrl, tidy sidebar, left click, open space alt, middle click new tab, disable ctrlmouse wheel, click shift rename, clear browsing, max write operations, click shift, tidy bookmarks, search mode

Enable Right Click - Ad Free Chrome extension download
Enable Right Click - Ad Free Disables No Right Click Scripts

websites lay, insert ads, disables, extension disables, click blocking script, half hour, invisible rope, right click, click scripts, chrome web store, web store

Double Click Closes Tab Chrome extension download
Double Click Closes Tab Double left/right or triple left clicks on WEBPAGE (not tab) to close tab. Reopen tab by shiftKey + DC/TC. Optional: an icon to…

double left, ctrl clicks, close chrome, double click triple click, extra binary code, last chrome window, triple click, triple left clicks, double click, triple clicks, ctrl click, shiftkey dctc, binary code, google extension, triple left click, click chrome, top right corner, options page, click ctrl click, double left click, receive tab events, tab feature, close google, new background tab, mechanism chrome extensions, close tab, double right click, chrome options

Image Dictionary Chrome extension download
Image Dictionary Quickly lookup an image of the highlighted words without leaving your current page.

upper right, click image search, popup bubble, alt double click, closest matching image, details tab, latest version, highlighted words, current page, click click image, send feedback button, changelog, certain pages

Click to Tab Chrome extension download
Click to Tab Click on a link to open it in new tab instead of opening it in current tab. Options available open tabs in background or disable it

current tab, thanks, options tab, open tabs, every click, new tab, extensions click, background option, available open tabs, linux system, click default, fixed minor bug, tab click options link note, minor bug, left click default, open link

SignRequest for Gmail Chrome extension download
SignRequest for Gmail Sign yourself or get documents signed right from Gmail. Easy, secure, legally binding and free.

get documents, signrequest account, easy secure legally binding, use signrequest, electronic signature, gmail account, signrequest button, google docs, documents signed, sign documents, sign documents youve received, sign documents online

PandaDoc Proposals and eSignatures for Copper Chrome extension download
PandaDoc Proposals and eSignatures for Copper Create, send, track, and eSign proposals and quotes from within Copper CRM to expedite your sales process and close deals fast.

separate electronic signature tool, create send track, close deals, documents automatically, sales process, dynamic sales docs, track doc statuses, track documents, copper crm opportunities, legally binding, copper crm, esign proposals, create send

AutoForm Chrome extension download
AutoForm record value of form. recorded value automatically entered.

data , click extension icon, enter title, saved url, form, value, send click extension icon, record value, click, save data, automatically entered, input, click recorded title, click save

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