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CraftyText Chrome extension download
CraftyText This extension allows the user's text to be displayed on screen on top of a web page in large type

craftytext, top, works, shorten, click, screen, web, extension, text, button, moment, wait, bar, url, extensions

Pomotodo Chrome extension download
Pomotodo Pomotodo is a simple app based on Pomodoro Technique® and To-do List.

pomotodo, simple, today, process, collect, pomodoro, list, based, design, app, remarkable, review, organize, start, extension

Netflix Pause Removal Chrome extension download
Netflix Pause Removal Remove the pause between netflix episodes

netflix, pause, continue, prescottgallagher, open, remove, removal, updates, increased, initial, paypal, quot, latest, lazy, permanently

Point Chrome extension download
Point Point is a quick way to share and discuss what you find online.

link, share, app, http, point, extension, article, chat, research, knew, frustrating, world, discuss, simple, quick

Self Control Chrome extension download
Self Control A simple extension to keep you focused online

blocking, extension, simple, focused, url, quot, block, google, patterns, books, sites, facebook, works, online, app

Translate To English... Chrome extension download
Translate To English... Adds a context menu to allow you to send the highlighted text to the Microsoft Translator API

github, english, translator, extension, application, simple, code, microsoft, adds, context, api, highlighted, send, text, menu

Currency converter Chrome extension download
Currency converter Currency converter, Easily convert foreign currency (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY etc)!

currency, usd, easily, eur, jpy, gbp, rate, supported, exchange, converter, convert, rates, updated, daily, lets

Google Drive New Tab Chrome extension download
Google Drive New Tab This extension opens your Google Drive page in a new tab.

tab, drive, page, opens, google, features, option, extension, selected, redirect, documents, show, change, starred, icon

Nepali Patro - Chrome extension download
Nepali Patro - Wherever you are stay connected to Nepali Patro

nepali, nepalese, sister, native, effort, application, events, hope, small, living, world, simple, proved, great, imagine

Breathe Chrome extension download
Breathe Relieve stress with quick, routine deep breathing. Pauses your chrome session for a few minutes with a reminder to breathe

breathe, stress, reminder, chrome, free, data, breathing, session, app, simple, day, extension, short, developer, deep

oneID Chrome extension download
oneID oneID - FREE Password Manager and Digital Identity Vault. Safe, Secure & Encrypted.

oneid, information, devices, online, security, choose, easy, free, simple, identity, settings, protected, secure, digital, integrated

Google Calendar New Tab Chrome extension download
Google Calendar New Tab This extension opens your Google Calendar page in a new tab.

tab, calendar, opens, google, extension, clicking, opening, simple, application, apps, chrome, page, open, shortcut

Previous and Next page keyboard navigation Chrome extension download
Previous and Next page keyboard navigation Allows you to navigate any paged website using the left and right keyboard keys.

keyboard, github, navigate, page, navigation, website, keys, click, turn, chrome, code, bug, left, hosted, bugs

GCM Sender Chrome extension download
GCM Sender Send messages using Google Cloud Messaging.

send, gcm, app, messages, google, applications, developing, chrome, extension, cloud, thought, sender, messaging, created, simple

MOTP Chrome extension download
MOTP MOTP Authorization. This simple application allow You to generate MOTP passwords.

motp, simple, generate, extension, authorization, application, passwords, chrome

InstaGrab Chrome extension download
InstaGrab Grabs click protected images and videos from Instagram for downloading.

instagram, videos, images, icon, download, grabs, woo, chrome, inititial, click, protected, extensions, due, pop, extension

Did you Mean: Black Cocks Chrome extension download
Did you Mean: Black Cocks A simple application to mess with Joey.

searches, app, options, chrome, extension, ted, application, change, simple, page, based, joke, adds, set, interval

reCollect: TV series, Anime, Manga, Books Chrome extension download
reCollect: TV series, Anime, Manga, Books Organise and keep track of all your collection of movie series, TV shows, anime, manga, comics and books from one single app.

recollect, app, collection, series, tv, books, chrome, https, google, movie, extension, anime, questions, organise, comics

Simple App Launcher Chrome extension download
Simple App Launcher Simple Launcher for chrome apps

chrome, launcher, installed, simple, menu, launch, appssimple, app, extension, apps

EatMyDiction's Channel App Chrome extension download
EatMyDiction's Channel App A simple app that sends you my videos directly. Also bears.

videos, show, app, eula, privacy, extension, chrome, click, bar, results, frame, channel, policy, agree, simple

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