Best Simple Click Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total simple click plugins - 2
BuiltWith Technology Profiler Chrome extension download
BuiltWith Technology Profiler Find out what the website you are visiting is built with using this extension.

builtwith, find, version, technologies, extension, profiler, preferences, rejoice, hide, built, website, chrome, publishing, debian, google

PricePeep Chrome extension download
PricePeep Easy comparison shopping and coupon discovery that works for you and saves you money automatically as you shop online

shopping, pricepeep, online, automatically, browser, money, shop, start, clicks, deal, simple, window, findings, date, find

Tumblr Collage Chrome extension download
Tumblr Collage A revolutionary way to browse Tumblr photo blogs

collage, tumblr, icon, posts, blog, likes, feature, options, photo, click, image, extension, issue, view, fixed Review Analyzer Chrome extension download Review Analyzer See our adjusted rating directly as you shop on Amazon. Click our icon to open our full review analysis in a new tab.

extension, reviews, product, simply, amazon, adjusted, rating, helps, reviewmeta, review, data, url, based, viewing, chrome

IP-Address Chrome extension download
IP-Address Shows your IP address with some additional Information and adds easy copy and paste functionality!

ip, address, information, paste, click, adress, shows, myip, important, copy, adds, easy, domain, simple, dns

Hide Images Chrome extension download
Hide Images Hides images/backgrounds/video/multimedia/flash elements on any page for increased privacy and readability

page, images, code, backgrounds, simple, hide, elements, extension, multimedia, flash, hiding, readability, click, privacy, algorithm

GosuGamers Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
GosuGamers Chrome Extension This Extension will allow you to use the GosuGamers matchticker and streams overview straight from your browser!

match, follow, extension, gosugamers, design, chrome, sleek, track, overview, dota, streams, page, cs, hearthstone, heroes

Reload All Tabs Chrome extension download
Reload All Tabs This extension reloads all tabs in the active window.

tabs, extension, alt, simple, shift, reload, keyboard, button, shortcut, click, active, reloads, window, refresh, chrome

Sardalert - alert Live - Sardoche Chrome extension download
Sardalert - alert Live - Sardoche Tenez vous informé de l'heure des streams de Sardoche

de, vous, live, sardoche, streams, est, description, une, feu, putain, le, sur, redirige, directement, chrome

ChromeToPaper Chrome extension download
ChromeToPaper Adds Instapaper support to Google Chrome

save, instapaper, chrome, google, choose, opening, links, simple, shortcut, press, extension, menu, adds, support, easily

Start Page Chrome extension download
Start Page This extension is providing a new homepage experience so you can find easier what you need.

homepage, time, extension, simple, experience, information, spend, open, customize, browser, chrome, page, search, click, features

Download Notifier Chrome extension download
Download Notifier You get a desktop notification while your downloading finished.

download, chrome, notification, downloading, extension, downloads, icon, buggy, finished, v0, page, card, shelf, change, progress

Password Peek Chrome extension download
Password Peek Unmask the contents of a password field with a simple click!

password, chrome, field, button, allowing, quot, extension, entire, visible, peek, asterisks, device, suspect, remember, fields

Instant Dat Boi Chrome extension download
Instant Dat Boi Here he comes!

boi, dat, simple, click, chrome, extension, instant, missing

Tu Feed Chrome extension download
Tu Feed Ahora puedes tener todas las noticias de en tu navegador!

de, podr, tener, noticias, tufeed, las, notificado, tu, con, ser, como, publicaci, est, en, nueva

ClearBrowserData Chrome extension download
ClearBrowserData Clear all browser data with one simple click.

clear, data, browser, clearbrowserdata, chrome, files, passwords, click, simple, icon, toolbar, extension, downloaded, form, system

Highlight Color Chrome extension download
Highlight Color Change the default Highlight Color

extension, color, select, default, click, users, issue, version, highlight, change, state, rewrite, complete, written, ps

LinkMaster Chrome extension download
LinkMaster Make a short link.

links, bitly, account, short, link, extension, clicking, improved, images, connect, update, register, connected, videos, easily

DeviantArt easy download Chrome extension download
DeviantArt easy download Simplify image download on Deviant Art

download, image, extension, deviantart, button, quot, loading, shown, confirmation, version, zoomed, images, artdownload, deviant, chrome

Taborama - group your tabs Chrome extension download
Taborama - group your tabs Group your tabs the cool way.

tabs, groups, group, chrome, https, tabsfolder, control, firefox, don, github, work, chromes, started, extension, functionality

Prizeflix Chrome extension download
Prizeflix Do not miss out on free rewards! Prizeflix selects free competitions that you qualify for and where free prizes can be won.…

prizeflix, free, join, signup, maximize, passed, lotteries, automatically, data, extension, chance, select, competition, removing, qualify

Epa! Chrome extension download
Epa! Ahora puedes tener todas las historias y primicias de Epa! en tu navegador!

de, como, primicias, tener, podr, historias, las, con, notificado, ser, publicaci, ahora, nueva, una, est

Nepal Loadshedding Chrome extension download
Nepal Loadshedding Check your loadshedding schedule from your browser

schedule, extension, notification, time, group, view, pop, loadshedding, saved, update, chrome, version, light, remain, change

One Click Downloader Chrome extension download
One Click Downloader Automatically save downloaded files to different folders based on their type or name.

file, files, click, type, extension, folder, download, link, simple, folders, mime, chrome, create, automatically, downloaded

SEO Helper Tool Chrome extension download
SEO Helper Tool Analyze with a simple click the friendship of your website with search engines

de, la, con, el, simple, click, te, permite, gina, genes, im, hay, si, tool, chrome

Chuck Norris Jokes Chrome extension download
Chuck Norris Jokes Gives you a Chuck Norris joke for those lonely nights at the computer..

chuck, norris, wet, joke, fire, ants, glass, bed, lonely, set, jokes, chrome, extension, magnifying, computer

Too Tabs Manager Chrome extension download
Too Tabs Manager Too Tabs Manager allows you to group and shelve your non used tabs

tabs, shelve, manager, click, choose, browsing, shelved, start, recover, dozens, previous, moment, internet, browse, easy

NovelRank Link Chrome extension download
NovelRank Link This extension adds a button to Amazon's product pages so you can quickly view a book's sales history or begin rank tracking.

novelrank, book, amazon, sales, rank, button, tracking, extension, quickly, filled, simple, clicking, track, click, page

S(u)ave Chrome extension download
S(u)ave Simple way to handle your digital stuff. The first ever intuitive solution to save and manage anything you find on the web.

save, suave, simple, relevant, find, extension, pdf, handle, video, design, text, cheeky, article, details, contact

Eraser! Chrome extension download
Eraser! The Eraser! is a free extension that clears your selected Internet data from the beginning of time with a simple click!

erase, data, extension, beginning, time, clears, selected, history, internet, delete, option, websql, simple, saved, passwords

OurStickys - Sticky Notes on every page Chrome extension download
OurStickys - Sticky Notes on every page Add Persistent Notes anywhere on any webpage, they will reappear when you re-open the page

note, notes, page, v0, sticky, ability, added, extension, add, information, text, chrome, web, share, url

Twitter Quick Blocker Chrome extension download
Twitter Quick Blocker Make use of Twitter's blocking features with a simple click

features, simple, twitter, blocker, chrome, quick, extension, blocking, click

Vote the 6ix Chrome extension download
Vote the 6ix With Vote the 6ix, you can tweet your NBA All-Star vote for Kyle Lowry or Demar Derozan in three simple clicks!

vote, tweet, game, represented, star, extension, kyle, derozan, ensure, demar, toronto, players, ix, lowry, nba

Facebook Access Token Chrome extension download
Facebook Access Token Facebook Access Token will help you get Facebook for iOS Token in a simple click. It's really powerfull.

facebook, token, user, chrome, extension, access, application, graph, game, simple, app, ios, develop, developer, faster

Twitter Unfollow All Chrome extension download
Twitter Unfollow All Allows you to unfollow many users on Twitter with a simple click

unfollow, twitter, people, follow, users, button, click, simple, tool, great, sites, network, ratio, accounts, social

Donut counter Chrome extension download
Donut counter A simple click counter that measures in donuts

simple, counter, number, fun, time, chrome, close, browser, totally, long, single, educators, add, track, easy

Unitag QR Codes Chrome extension download
Unitag QR Codes Easily generate and decode QR Codes in your browser

qr, code, text, link, url, codes, user, generate, extension, page, customize, simple, webpage, click, features

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