Best Simple Context Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total simple context plugins - 2
Spanish Characters Chrome extension download
Spanish Characters Making Spanish class easier! By Daniel Schon

spanish, characters, extension, closes, button, high, hola, se, ora, auto, press, school, created, lot, student

Totalizer Chrome extension download
Totalizer Add useful functions for table rows and columns

row, column, table, add, cells, functions, added, simple, rows, exclude, find, version, function, toggle, average

17Track Search Chrome extension download
17Track Search A simple context menu that adds a 17Track Search function for selected text/tracking numbers

tracking, search, find, track, user, parcels, number, context, likes, simply, simple, check, chrome, select, extension

Search on CrunchBase Chrome extension download
Search on CrunchBase Search on CrunchBase using a simple context menu

chrome, search, context, crunchbase, company, people, text, select, menu, site, simple, menuadd, extension

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