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SimpleTabOrder Chrome extension download
SimpleTabOrder A simple way to control the tab order of the browser.

simple tab order customizer, event page, needed updated changelog, simple tab order, features include, page enabled, tab order, simple series number, simple way, extension option pages, active tab closes, new tabs

Simple To-Do List Chrome extension download
Simple To-Do List Simple and minimalistic extension for task management.

minimalistic extension, optional hotkeys, daily tasks, simple extension allows, drop support, data synchronization, export import functionality, context menu, easily manage, exportimport functionality, task management, simple extension, clickable links, minimalistic interface, selected text

Simple Highlighter (deprecated) Chrome extension download
Simple Highlighter (deprecated) Highlights, annotates, translates, full or quick references (eg:, wikipedia), speech, and more

simplehighlighterhhlhjgianpocpoppaiihmlpgcoehlhio documentation n6mjwaltjwbbfex10qdfc4v5dkcf2b1dqegeepub, simple highlighter, url chrome, new super simple highlighter extension, chrome extension gallery pages, popup doesnt work, note storage bug, local file support, new chrome, file support, simple highlighter extension, options page, source language flag, translation speech, extensions page, chrome bug

Simple Notepad Chrome extension download
Simple Notepad Make notes and sync them. What could be more simple?

simple notepad options, feature list, sync manually, chrome installations requires, create note, simple notepad allows, classic simple notepad layout, simple notepad lets, simple notepad layout, note whilst browsing, different installations, simple notepad, opera notes style layout

Grab Tabs Chrome extension download
Grab Tabs The most simple way of grabbing a list of your current open tabs (their urls), across windows.

simple tab, grab tabs, super simple, current open tabs, super simple extension, text box, tab urls, current tabs, simple way, brute functionality, extension called session manager

Ping Chrome extension download
Ping This extension pings web sites!

response time, simple extension allows, json import export, know availability, favorite websites, single click, background worker, chrome notifications, simple extension, extension pings, extension pings web, web resource

Add Tasks to Do It (Tomorrow) Chrome extension download
Add Tasks to Do It (Tomorrow) Add tasks to Do it (Tomorrow) via a simple browser button.

todo list, quickly add todo, simple tasks, adding features, tomorrow todo list, tomorrow app, full tasks list, add tasks, simple interface, left side, additional permissions, add simple tasks, simple extension, adding task, simple browser button, high resolution

CSGO Lounge Statistics Chrome extension download
CSGO Lounge Statistics Simple extension to let you view your CSGOLounge history in a human matter.

csgolounge history, chrome click, nice graphs, historical prices, winnings view, human matter, chrome login, simple oneclick use, key features, steam community, simple extension, extension simple, win loss balance, extension login, party required, winloss balance, historical prices displays

Simple Autoscroll Chrome extension download
Simple Autoscroll An extension that adds the ability to automatically scroll through long pages.

simple autoscroll, many pixels, extension icon, touching mouse, set intervals, long pages, scrolling experience simple, automatically scroll, millisecond count, set intervals press, scrolling experience, start reading, scrolling simply, doesn work, simple input, simply set

Simple Transit Guide Chrome extension download
Simple Transit Guide Find Free Transit Schedules.

tab page, free transit, simple transit guide tab extension, new tab page, user license agreement, free transit schedule, guide tab extension, privacy policy, guide chrome plugin, simple transit guide tab, simple transit guide, transit schedule, simple transit guide chrome, free transit schedules, top right hand corner, record usage metrics

Simple Dic (Instant Dictionary) Chrome extension download
Simple Dic (Instant Dictionary) Simple dic is a dictionary chrome extension for easy to check words on a web page

ctrl key mouse left click, simple dic , use mouse, simple dic, dictionary chrome extension, key mouse, check words, info source code, dictionary url, short cut usage

Simply Block Ads! Chrome extension download
Simply Block Ads! Internet simply without ads!

site ads simple, main foundations, developer wips, flashing banner, unwanted flashing banner, new extensions, love wips, developer enthusiastic, hear new ideas, youtube pre, user review, simple simple simple, gplv3 license, site ads, simple adblock, mozilla addons

Simple RWD Resizer Chrome extension download
Simple RWD Resizer Resize Page by dragging to test responsive design

start dragging, resize page, simple responsive design tester, rwd resizer icon, simple, resizer chrome extension, test responsive design, dimenntions, install app

grt memo Chrome extension download
grt memo simple memopad

simple notpad, active tab, url insert url, simple memo pad, memo , time insert time, japanese character, note pad, grt memo, simple memopad, simple tag auto, , simple tag

Pomotodo Chrome extension download
Pomotodo Pomotodo is a simple app based on Pomodoro Technique® and To-do List.

to, simple design pomotodo, pomotodo today, collect process organize review, simple app based, pomotodo, pomodoro technique, list, simple design, remarkable work, simple app

Simple Notes Chrome extension download
Simple Notes Simple Notes

save detailed note, simple notes, lets, simple extension, browse, detailed note, page, beautiful

Simple Notes Chrome extension download
Simple Notes A simple notes extension based off the Mac Notes app.

mac notes app, apps, simple, apple notes app, simple notes, simple notes extension based, mac notes, apple notes, save notes, little use, note

Storyful Multisearch Chrome extension download
Storyful Multisearch Storyful are happy to announce a re-launch of our Multisearch Chrome extension. We're constantly building new tools to empower our…

heap analytics, twitter youtube tumblr instagram, video producers, simple problem, multisearch extension, amazing content, news story, simple solution, general usage statistics, multisearch chrome extension

Simple Blocker Chrome extension download
Simple Blocker Easily block distracting or annoying websites and boost your productivity.

initial beta release, password error message, darker chrome themes, allowing simple blocker, added random password functionality, update copyright notice, core javascript code, simple user interface, minor ui updates, sleep timer, simple blocker options menu, options menu, options page, bug allowing, simple blocker, block websites

Clean Calculator Extension Chrome extension download
Clean Calculator Extension A clean and simple calculator

chrome app, functional size, basic calculating needs, number pad input, singleline history log, simple functionality clean calculator, memory functions, line history, simple calculator, simple functionality, calculate enter, keyboard input

Focus Chrome extension download
Focus productivity

work start simple, productivity, tasks, small todos, big tasks, distracting websites, pomodoro technique, minutes similar, minimalist interface merges, simple tactics, simple countdown

Macify Chrome extension download
Macify Make your Chromebook™ behave more like a Mac®

select australian scrolling, apples natural scrolling chrome os, simple open source extension, mac, switch, simple opensource extension, chromebook behave, chrome overlay, rough implementation, tabs, ctrl shift, chrome os

Simple Word Count Chrome extension download
Simple Word Count A simple word count Chrome extension.

feel free, github word count, simple word count extension, simple word count chrome extension, way, wordcount, extend, github

Trade Me Quick Links Chrome extension download
Trade Me Quick Links Simple light-weight extension for easy access to Search, Watchlist, $1 Reserve, My TradeMe, Help and more

trademe, reserve, simple lightweight extension, help, search, watchlist, simple light weight extension, search watchlist reserve, easy access

Blacklist Chrome extension download
Blacklist Blacklist is a very simple website blocker designed for personal use.

site blocked, google chrome, blacklist extension button, upper right corner, time simply hit, personal use, site click, root url, simple extension, blacklist button, simple website blocker

Donut counter Chrome extension download
Donut counter A simple click counter that measures in donuts

simple fun, single number, simple, number, fun way, simple counter, totally quit, keeping track, simple click counter, donut counter, fun

Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Bookmarks Just 1 click to your bookmarks!

bookmarks, extensions adds simple, bookmark list, extension please rate, extensions, click, simple little button, adress bar, easily reach, right

Blank New Tab Page (Dark) Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Page (Dark) This extension brings back the ability to open new tabs to a simple blank new tab page void of any thumbnails or other data.

tab page, open new tabs, simple blank new tab page void, quick second adsponsored redirect, feedback please contact, blank tab, simple blank, simple old blank tab behavior, want quick, current page, automatically generate, chrome tab, quick simple

Simple NotePad Sync Chrome extension download
Simple NotePad Sync Extremely simple notepad. Just write or paste text and it will be shared in all your Chrome's

paste text, chrome, extremely simple notepad, write, simple notepad

Start in Non-Pinned Tab Chrome extension download
Start in Non-Pinned Tab Opens news windows to the first non-pinned tab (like the default Firefox behavior).

first thing, extensions tree master, chrome windows, nonpinned tab, simple extension, page tab, simple extension starts, opens news windows, home page tab, pinned tab, default firefox behavior, open chrome

Simple Autofill Chrome extension download
Simple Autofill Presents a simple dropdown menu for textboxes from a list of preconfigured items.

nofrills extension, light weight, simple dropdown menu, extension displays menu, matching items, dropdown menu, sensitive data, extension displays, options page, option settings, entering sensitive data, sync api

Simple Wysiwyg Chrome extension download
Simple Wysiwyg Simple Wysiwyg Extension for Chrome browser

chrome browser, simple wysiwyg extension, e1, ru

Twitter Growth Hacking Chrome extension download
Twitter Growth Hacking Dead simple chrome extension to follow your targeted audience on Twitter in one click.

last days, targeted audience, another tip, favourite accounts, active people, simple chrome extension, active people avatar description tweeted, dead simple chrome extension, lists audience, unfollow process, filter people

Zend Debugger Extension Chrome extension download
Zend Debugger Extension Simple Zend debugger extension, meant to fill the gap until Zend publishes an official plugin for Chrome.

simple zend debugger extension, simple zend debugger toolbar extension, added donation button, zend technologies, php storm, zend debugger extension, extension meant, zend debugger, improve development, zend publishes, change list, added option, zend studiophp storm, zend debugger extension meant, updated options page, zend name

Emmett Web Pal Chrome extension download
Emmett Web Pal Emmett Web Pal makes the web load faster, uses less bandwidth, and protects your privacy online.

simple installation, emmett web pal, helping hands, faster online, profit groups, web pal, web load, open source, simple extension, uninvited trackers, bestofclass opensource solutions, current version contains ad block, ad block

EmailDrop - Extract Emails in 1 second Chrome extension download
EmailDrop - Extract Emails in 1 second Extract all emails on a webpage and Export them to a file.....Clean, Simple & Fast

powerful chrome extension, extension allows, extension wth, simple fast, happy email droping, learn xpath, webpage store, intelligent engine emaildrop, perfect email extraction tool, extract emails, txt file, seo industry, developing paid extension, extract email, fast detect fuzzy strings, simple fast detect

Reddit Moon Rocket (Animated Upvote) Chrome extension download
Reddit Moon Rocket (Animated Upvote) Your upvotes go to the moon! Wow!

doge forgot, upvote simple, upvotes, simple, cruft, extension works, wow, moon, upvote, animates

Bamboo Spear Chrome extension download
Bamboo Spear This is a simple proxy switcher. You can switch Chrome's proxy setting quickly. And you can use simple form to regist and edit…

simple simple simple, edit proxy setting, edit proxy settings, edit json, choose language english, simple proxy, free add, bamboo spear, team easily, simple proxy switcher, proxy settings, proxy server, bamboo spear supports, proxy setting

PokeGone - Gotta block 'em all Chrome extension download
PokeGone - Gotta block 'em all Remove Pokemon from the Internet!

tough work, pesky pokemon, pokemon simple, filter code modified, extension options, dont catch, pokemon pokegone, mild aggressive, grown adults, simple extension, pokemon try, filter code, jamie farrelly

Simple To-Do List Chrome extension download
Simple To-Do List Simple and easy to use To-Do list. Add, edit and delete tasks with a single mouse click.

delete tasks, simple extension allows, new ones, favorite browser, mouse click, add edit, important task, red marker indicates, minimalistic design, pending tasks, single mouse click

Chrome Chess Chrome extension download
Chrome Chess This extension enables you to quickly play chess online and be notified upon opponent move

extension enables, added invite option, chess online, simple chess, small popup window, open chess board, opponent move, notify player, daily work, good old chess, minor fixes, simple pvp version

Unfurlr Extension Chrome extension download
Unfurlr Extension A simple link checking extension using MailChimp's Unfurlr application

unfurlr application, simple link checking extension, simple link, mailchimps, mailchimp unfurlr application, simple linkchecking extension, mailchimp, mailchimps unfurlr application

Simple Black Scrollbar Chrome extension download
Simple Black Scrollbar Makes scrollbars black and simple. Implemented only by CSS not by JavaScript. This is for minimalists.

chrome theme simple black, scrollbars black, simple, javascript, making scrollbars, scrollbars, simple black, chrome theme, minimalists, css, chrome simple

Twitter unfollow Chrome extension download
Twitter unfollow An easy to use twitter mass unfollow extension

rate extension, friendly extension, use twitter mass, usage, twitter mass unfollow extension, simple, press mass unfollow button, simple free, click, mass unfollow, unfollow extension

Simple RSS Reader [aNTP] Chrome extension download
Simple RSS Reader [aNTP] Simple RSS Reader widget for Awesome New Tab Page. Resizable and multi-placeable. [ANTP]

tab page, basic functionality, awesome new tab page, initial release, simple rss reader, multi placeable, simple rss reader widget, antp

Dead Simple Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Dead Simple Screen Sharing This extension will allow the users to share their screen with anyone

mobile devices, unique url, awesome app, multiple audiences, dead simple screen, major browsers, single person, screen sharing, extension icon

Nigger to Nisse Chrome extension download
Nigger to Nisse Replaces the text 'Nigger' with 'Nisse.

text nigger, simple extension name cloud, nigger, instances, changes, text, butt, nisse, simple extension, replaces

TieWebFilter Chrome extension download
TieWebFilter Simple Web Filter extension to block every page except the ones on the white list

simple web filter extension, simple web filter app, every webpage excepts, every page, block, ones, white list, webpage excepts

DueDil signup popup blocker Chrome extension download
DueDil signup popup blocker Prevent's annoying signup popups and continue free browsing of company information.

duedil website, prompts registration, free browsing, browsing duedil, annoyance allowing, blocking popup, prevent duedil, simple extension, company information, uninterrupted usage, signup popups, continue free browsing, simple extension automatically hides

The Procrastination Button Chrome extension download
The Procrastination Button Whether you're just trying to pass the time, or don't have the will to do anything else.

users pass, new roman, help users, minor graphical, new font, new status message, application lets, button officially, simple extension, waste time, minor graphical changes, boredness status, simple extension designed, new boredness status messages

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