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Talking Web Chrome extension download
Talking Web Select the text and let Talking Web read it for you.

web, talking, text, read, pages, languages, tts, eye, speech, select, listen, word, language, sentence, switch

Quick QR Chrome extension download
Quick QR Quick QR Code Generator

qr, chrome, code, url, quick, convert, extension, generatorquick, current, plugin, simple, immediately

Applet2Object Chrome extension download
Applet2Object Replaces all <applet> elements on a page with corresponding <object> elements, keeping all attributes and parameters intact.

chrome, extension, lt, applet, attributes, tags, replaces, gt, deprecated, alts, elements, google, norwegian, banks, impossible

.URL Handler Chrome extension download
.URL Handler An extension to handle .url files if they open on in Chrome as plain text. Please see issue 114871 for more details.

extension, url, file, chrome, id, issue, chromium, plain, fix, slight, code, pri, annoying, problem, mstone

FlixSubs - Subtitles Plugin For Netflix Chrome extension download
FlixSubs - Subtitles Plugin For Netflix Simple plugin that adds subtitles to movies and series you watch.

subtitles, extension, plugin, adds, netflix, flixsubs, movies, simply, detects, simple, chrome, watch, series, preferable, language

Haskell inspector Chrome extension download
Haskell inspector Adds an '>>' omnibox command and find results from hoogle, hackage

search, hoogle, haskell, chrome, find, bar, results, hackagea, plugin, simple, extension, command, inspector, tap, methods

vizone devtool Chrome extension download
vizone devtool vizone application flow charting

extension, plugin, vizone, flow, application, simflux, create, architecture, https, information, github, gilbox, devtools, helps, tab

FlashCards Chrome extension download
FlashCards FlashCards

page, tickets, number, content, pages, leitner, flashcards, generated, system, stuff, requiring, basic, study, plugin, reviewing

Video URL Parser Chrome extension download
Video URL Parser Video URL Parser

nov, video, api, server, https, url, videos, servers, minor, helloacm, tool, weibomiaopai, extension, uk, buy

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