Best Single Clickan Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Tumblr Single User Dash Chrome extension download
Tumblr Single User Dash Tumblr Single User Dash - Making tumblr readable

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Daxtra Magnet Chrome extension download
Daxtra Magnet Daxtra Magnet connects the Internet to your recruitment database

daxtra magnet, individual web, single pool, browsing jobbords, social networks, single click, many others, recruitment database, daxtra magnet connects, single click check, single click record, individual web pages

Single tasking tabs Chrome extension download
Single tasking tabs Boost your productivity by single tasking and limiting the number of tabs you can open.

com www, time wasting problem, single tasking, extension solves, projects started, single tab browsing, com nick weeklydesk, many tabs, important task, tabs max, tabs open

Farsi2Finglish Translator Chrome extension download
Farsi2Finglish Translator Translates Farsi to Finglish

api url changed, farsi, amin marashi, highlight single farsi word, press translate, single farsi word, translates single words, translates, api, translates farsi, single words, new api url Chrome extension download Your daily dose of photography news, tutorials & inspiration.

every single link, open new tab, curated photography related content, tab extension, photography news tutorials, new tab extension, every single new tab, new tab, photography related content automatically, podcasts inspiring, photography news, every single gallery, photography gear reviews, every single video, photography related content

CloudEntr Chrome extension download
CloudEntr A Web client-based alternative to Single Sign-On

control access, end users, credit card, user access, cloudentr free, company payroll, single secure, crm database, email service provider, single sign, corporate assets, secure access, single secure portal, web clientbased alternative, cloud applications, web applications Extension Chrome extension download Extension Easily circulate any web page so your entire organization can share it on social media.

app open, coworkers clients, web page, create circulation, another app, single click, weekly basis, readable right, entire organization, social media, single big button

Single Pass Chrome extension download
Single Pass Single Pass will allow you to use a single password to generate passwords for all of your accounts, safely and securely.

generate passwords, complex service names, cryptic service names, create complex service names, complex single pass password, single pass, single password, exact service name, modest ui changes, single pass password, service password, single pass cannot generate, service names, updated apis, create passwords, service password note, different service names

PingOne-Extension Chrome extension download
PingOne-Extension Cloud Single Sign-On Done Right

saml sso, cloud based identity, convenient sso experience, simple user provisioning, customizable sso portal, cloud single sign, user management system, single sign, major cloud applications, sso portal, saml single sign, corporate directory, user provisioning

Join Windows Chrome extension download
Join Windows Joins two or more windows into single window. Popups are also merged into the window as they are created. More options available....

enable disable joining, enable single click, thanks, single window, join popup, close unnecessary pop ups instantly, add exceptions, close popups, enable disable, unnecessary popups, new tabs, enable single, immediate right

Office 365 Login Chrome extension download
Office 365 Login This extension gets you directly to your organization's login page.

office rest api, login name, singleclick login, office365login hashtag, login page, discover users, single click login, single sign, correct login page, single click sign

BGG++ Chrome extension download
BGG++ Enhances

extension buttons, small toolbar, new comments, upper right corner, boardgamegeek search results, great idea let, thumbnail title number, single subscription, next unread item, items appeared, single subscription page

Panic Button Plus Chrome extension download
Panic Button Plus Hide your tabs faster with single button or single key and restore them later

single keyboard key, chrome extensions, developer wips, new extensions, triple tap, love wips, panic button panic button, developer enthusiastic, panic button, single button, hear new ideas, single key, mozilla addons

Tabr | Memory Saver and Chrome Tab Manager Chrome extension download
Tabr | Memory Saver and Chrome Tab Manager Get a bird’s eye view of all of your Chrome tabs, get rid of tab clutter and free up RAM with one click.

chrome tabs, whole browsing session autosuspending, chrome memory, single tab suspension, ram view, chrome browser, single tab, delete chrome tabs, tabs open, single click, thumbnails suspend chrome tabs, open chrome tabs, chrome memory usage, idle chrome tabs, tab clutter, precious memory rearrange

Plugins Chrome extension download
Plugins Shortcut to Chrome plugins pages

themes enable, adobe flash player, block plugins, single purpose policy, plugins menu, new components page, chrome plugins pages, flash plugin controls, new relevant options, original plugins page, block plugins globally, extension shortcuts, unrelated menu items, plugins page, content permissions globally, chrome plugins, single click single

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Chrome extension download
Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Unifying the Blockchain Wallet experience across devices.

max send feature generate custom amount qr code, blockchain wallet experience, jaxx blockchain interface wallet, hd hierarchical deterministic, minimal individual customization pin feature, single master seed backup, shapeshift integration split eth, service security design, code single code, jaxx blockchain interface wallet philosophy, user funds, single code base

Photo Rules Chrome extension download
Photo Rules This extension draws guide lines on images. It is usefull to study photo composition.

single photo view, extension draws, single photo, new tab, minor bugfix, draws guide lines, map error, jquery min, study photo composition, golden section

Favicon Changer Chrome extension download
Favicon Changer Lets you change favicons for your bookmarks, single webpages and entire websites.

local hard drive, limited time offer, blank icons, bookmarks single webpages, offer free, entire websites, complex regular expressions, options page, custom bookmark favicons, single page, detailed error handling

WIKI 2. Wikipedia Republished Chrome extension download
WIKI 2. Wikipedia Republished Advanced Magic for Wikipedia.

wikipedia advanced, every single week, little domain, sophisticated job, single week, hard work, youtube integration, stateoftheart design, every wikipedia page, work performs

World Clock Chrome extension download
World Clock Show time in different parts of World in single screen. The time shown is local time in respective time zone

single screen, extension show time, respective time zone, setup meeting, single click, different parts, time shown, show time, local time, know time

TabZolo Chrome extension download
TabZolo The focus and actually get stuff done online extension.

multitab overload, single window, online extension, multi tab window, google chrome, multi tab, right cure, single tab, start online, multitabwindowcapable glorious self, philosophy commit, simple philosophy

PinCo Collage Maker for Websites FREE Chrome extension download
PinCo Collage Maker for Websites FREE Create beautiful and downloadable collages (JPGs) out of any websites with images like Pinterest or Behance and more...

travel board, downloadable collages, chrome navigation bar, create beautiful, download single file, beautiful collages, top right corner, single file, singlefile collage, turns task

Idle Reset Chrome extension download
Idle Reset Reset the browser to a single tab pointing at the home page when idle.

icon credit jack, icon credit, disable right click, single tab, home page, jack cai, kiosk mode, page, single tab pointing, keyboard input

EstiBot Add-on Chrome extension download
EstiBot Add-on The EstiBot domain name research and appraisal extension.

single popup window, single click, domain name, pertinent information, single click smart, fast secure, estibot domain, sites copy, countless domain investors, pertinent data sets, appraisal information, domain research, pertinent data, appraisal extension, every domain name, browsing sites, appraisal cpc, active page, estibot domain name research

Sketcher Chrome extension download
Sketcher Capture, Annotate, Share your ideas visually

easy way, save time, single sharable url, comments feedback task management, single location, messy email chains, people iterate, real time, snap snap, share share, feedback coming, blank document

SiteLauncher Chrome extension download
SiteLauncher Fast mouse and keyboard-shortcut driven speed-dial extension. Provides super-fast navigation to your favorite websites.

custom keyboard, keyboardshortcut driven speeddial extension, sitelauncher add, speed dial, fast keyboard, copyright donesmart ltd, custom single, red toolbar icon, quick visual scanning, add edit, speed dial extension, keyboard shortcut, superfast keyboard tap navigation, sitelauncher extension, single tap access, favorite sites, launcher speed dial, custom keyboard letter, fast navigation, single key shortcuts, open sites

Samosa Chrome extension download
Samosa Share audio clips in facebook

share cinema clips, single tap, language preference location time, favourite movies, facebook messenger, language preference, audio clips, samosa lets, every single day, punch lines, comedy clips

SSO Passport Chrome extension download
SSO Passport This extension gives you seamless and secure access to all of your web-based teaching and learning resources

web based teaching, learning resources, edutone, edutone sso platform, resources, single sign, secure access, edutone single sign, webbased teaching

Find My Bookmarks: Search Your Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Find My Bookmarks: Search Your Bookmarks Find your bookmarks for the current website, automatically.

extension locates, appears giving, delete bookmarks, current website automatically, single click access, share bookmarks, current site, single click, chrome bookmarks, bookmarks chrome, social media

Mark All as Read Chrome extension download
Mark All as Read Mark all the links on page as read with the click of a button

extension naiively adds, small lag note, product hunt, hacker news, extensions bar, every link, single anchor tag, designer news, read click, news product, small lag, every single anchor tag, chrome history

Bistri Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Bistri Screen Sharing This extension allows you to share your screen

bistri conference, google facebook, extension allows, entire screen, google facebook single sign, bistri runs, single sign, additional software, online phone number

ATM2YOU Chrome extension download
ATM2YOU Online platform is a full currency stock exchange, and any interested person can become its user.

stock market, limited issue, internal communication, purchase internal communication, currency single rv, online platform atm2you, single rv, full currency stock exchange, atm produces, interested person, atm produces controlled

HDS Link Detector Chrome extension download
HDS Link Detector Extension HDS Link Detector

single flv file, adobe hds, extension hds link detector, proper command line, hds link detector, hds videos, deliver video stream, download videos, link detector, single stream, http dynamic streaming

View background image Chrome extension download
View background image This extension adds a 'View background image' option to context menus.

view background image, support tab, leave response, shown allowing, context menu, different elements, single element, single image, multiple images, adds view background image option, context menus, page url

ShowPassword Chrome extension download
ShowPassword Show password when mouse over password fields.

fix extension don work, press ctrl key, whole password, google account password don show, typed single, many people, plain text, extension upload, show password, source code, google account password, password fields, single letter, change input type

EZLynx Carrier Integration Chrome extension download
EZLynx Carrier Integration Easily log in to carrier websites from EZLynx

carrier websites, ezlynx chrome extension, click single sign, easily log, single sign, chrome, login, ezlynx, carrier sites, log

Octo Mate Chrome extension download
Octo Mate Missing mate of GitHub, making single file download effortless and with more features

size customising, github pages, show tooltip, favorites markdown outline, github making single file download, page link button, gh page, single file download effortless, sticky sidepanel, file icon, multiple features, tab size customising

CryptoPass Chrome extension download
CryptoPass Generate different passwords from single master password using cryptographically strong method (PBKDF2 with SHA-256).

somebody gains access, secret master key, master key, unofficial android versions, single master password, secret key username, generate password, enter url, secret key, security risk, pbkdf2 secret username url, strong passwords, store multiple passwords, chrome handles autoupdates, single secret key

Copy as Markdown Chrome extension download
Copy as Markdown Copy Link or Image as Markdown code

windows copied page link doesn, system clipboard, microsoft windows, keyboards shortcuts, link title, copied markdown, link text, select tabs, cannot grab image, copy link, single mouse, single mouse click

Refresh CSS Chrome extension download
Refresh CSS Do not waste time reloading your entire site to see a single change, reload only in your css.

waste time, shit f9 change icon style improved performance bug fix, ctrl , bug fix, shift f9 win, fn shift f9 win, time reloading, single change reload, letter shows, entire site, performance bug fix, single change, f9 change icon style

JoinTabs Chrome extension download
JoinTabs Combines all Chrome tabs in separate windows into a single window

chrome tabs, grey screen, single window, single main browser window, magnet icon, screen issue chrome bug merge tabs function, merge tabs, opened windows, separate windows, chrome bug, version free

Identacor Secure Auto-Login Chrome extension download
Identacor Secure Auto-Login Fast and Secure Single Sign-On access to today’s most widely used cloud applications.

secure single sign, user access, access management solution, autologin logs, web applications secure, single sign, personal applications, identacor secure, password protected destinations, cloud applications, business web applications, web applications

github-mac-replacer Chrome extension download
github-mac-replacer Replaces github-mac link to any other url provider

github files, open github files, local machine, githubmac links, template set, url provider, github mac link, single directory called base, intellij idea, github mac links, githubmac link, single directory

uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome Chrome extension download
uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome Helps you view & manage multiple ad-free youtube videos in a single tab.

youtube experience, multiple adfree youtube videos, popcorn time, watch videos, youtube videos, avid videophile, casual person, single tab, tab multiple, current tabs, multiple videos, bugging advertisments, single page, view manage multiple, minimize multiple videos, multiple bug fixes

Multi Web Search Chrome extension download
Multi Web Search Find any information from the Web with a single request to different search engines and get the results on a single page

search multi search, google yahoo bing ebay amazon, search results, single request, extra search, multi web search, search engines, different search engines, easy search, several search engines, single page, quick search, multi search

Proxybonanza Proxy Manager Chrome extension download
Proxybonanza Proxy Manager Proxy list manager with automatic login/password filling. Makes it really easy to switch between proxies.

csv format, proxies, proxy list manager, automatic loginpassword filling, switch, add single proxies manually, single proxies, import, proxy list, automatic login password filling

DevDocs Web Ext Chrome extension download
DevDocs Web Ext Find documents in with a popup window from a Chrome Extension!

devdocs, popup window, searching documents, avoid opening single browser tab, devdocs web ext, single browser tab, find documents, avoid opening

Advanced start page Chrome extension download
Advanced start page Everything you do on the internet … on a single page. It's your personnal dashboard

personnal dashboard, chrome extension lets, applications single click, home page, various chrome permissions, browsing history, numerous memoryhungry tabs, personal home page, social updates, page updates, single page, permissions warnings, read warnings, chrome permissions

Image Collector Chrome extension download
Image Collector Gathers images from all open tabs and allows them to be downloaded with a single click

folder name, save images, open tabs, save folder, single popup window, images filename, single click, image collector, utility extension, default downloads directory, possible name suggestions, image collector window, name suggestions

NetIQ Securelogin SSO Extension Chrome extension download
NetIQ Securelogin SSO Extension Provides out-of-the-box SSO support for simple and complex web applications.

unauthorized access, outofthebox sso support, single login experience, netiq securelogin streamlines, netiq securelogin, enterprise applications, complex web applications, netiq securelogin product, business applications, netiq securelogin sso extension integrates, netiq securelogin sso, providing single login, reset calls protects, google chrome browser

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