Best Sports Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Live Sports Player Chrome extension download
Live Sports Player Search for sports instantly from your home and new tab page!

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Sports Cars Wallpapers New Tab Chrome extension download
Sports Cars Wallpapers New Tab Start each new tab with Sports Cars most gorgeous pictures!

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BBC Sports News Feed Chrome extension download
BBC Sports News Feed Get to the newest and most interesting stories as fast as possible. Get BBC Sports now!

fast extensions, bbc sports news, privacy policy, specific feeds, articles, red icon notification, new articles, automatically check, bbc sports, interesting bbc sports

LeftLane Sports Chrome extension download
LeftLane Sports LeftLane Sports + Chrome is the fastest, easiest way to shop your favorite Outdoor and Fitness brands at up to 70% off retail.

instant access, action sports brands, sports chrome, favorite outdoor, exclusive prices, score deals, fitness brands, balance outdoor, favorite endurance, sports brands, armour salomon asics kelty sierra, leftlane sports, sales quickly browse products, popular brands

365Scores - Live Scores and Sports News Chrome extension download
365Scores - Live Scores and Sports News Live The Game With 365Scores! Get live scores and sports news updates on your browser.

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BringMeSports Chrome extension download
BringMeSports Get real-time sports scores, sports news, live sporting event coverage, video highlights and more – all in one convenient spot!

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Sports Cars New Tab Chrome extension download
Sports Cars New Tab Customize your New Tab page for Chrome and enjoy wallpaper images of Sports Cars with every new tab.

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STRAVA IBP Chrome extension download
STRAVA IBP Measure the difficulty of any activity from STRAVA and download it

extension enables, high altitude, official sports federations, ramps parameters, activity running, button present, international level, sportive associations, route information, sports, sports federations clubs, ibpindex system

UpTo for Google Calendar Chrome extension download
UpTo for Google Calendar Follow sports schedules, TV shows, concerts, and more, without ever leaving your Google Calendar.

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Live Sports Online Now Chrome extension download
Live Sports Online Now Search for sports instantly from your home and new tab page!

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Playerline News Chrome extension download
Playerline News News reader companion for

fantasy football news, top websites, fantasy news network today, single feed, news reader companion, fantasy sports fans, rotoworld espn cbs sports, chrome iphone, fantasy news, cbs sports, player news

Live Sports Scores Chrome extension download
Live Sports Scores Live Sports Scores

google chrome, live sports scores, hockey f1, live scores, fast access, soccer football basketball baseball tennis golf cricket hockey f1, dont forget, live score results, rate review, sports

NewsPrompt: Personalized Daily News Summary Chrome extension download
NewsPrompt: Personalized Daily News Summary Get all news and trending stories from the web every time you open your new tab along with a news search functionality.

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Rivalo Sports Betting (Extension) Chrome extension download
Rivalo Sports Betting (Extension) Rivalo Sports betting extension for google chrome

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Simple Sports Scoreboard Chrome extension download
Simple Sports Scoreboard This extension lets users stay up to date on all their favorite sports in a discrete manner!

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Live Sports TV Chrome extension download
Live Sports TV Watch Live Sports Stream For Free On Your Chrome!

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Football Heads:La Liga Chrome extension download
Football Heads:La Liga Play Soccer Heads La Liga for free online game.It is one of our best Sports games!

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Garmin Connect IBP Chrome extension download
Garmin Connect IBP Measure the difficulty of any activity from Garmin Connect and download it without logging in

extension enables, high altitude, official sports federations, ramps parameters, activity running, button present, international level, sportive associations, garmin connect, route information, sports federations clubs, ibpindex system

Bettor Status Chrome extension download
Bettor Status Puts the betting status of the person in their avatar

puts, sports section, extension shows, betting status, bettor status values, status, person, d2jsp, avatar, org sports section

Are You Watching This?! Chrome extension download
Are You Watching This?! Live Scores and Excitement Alerts for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and Soccer. Never miss an Instant Classic!

sports scores, tv listings, sports scores tv listings, nfl nba nhl mlb, nfl, live scores, excitement alerts, instant classic, excitement ratings

Supercars Tab Chrome extension download
Supercars Tab You will open in each new tab a Supercars HD image! Awesome!

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Instant Fanduel Chrome extension download
Instant Fanduel Play with Fanduel, the biggest daily or weekly fantasy sports website. Add this free extension for quick fanduel access.

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Lamborghini Tribute New Tab Chrome extension download
Lamborghini Tribute New Tab For all of you foreign sports cars fans out there! A sharp Lamborghini image on your new tab!

sharp lamborghini image, tab page, support brandthunder, foreign sports cars fans, new tab page, lamborghini image simple, convenient web search, new tab, don deserve star rating, myweb extension, sports cars, new tab experience, brands marks, lamborghini image, new tab experiences New Tab and Search Set Chrome extension download New Tab and Search Set Optimize your browsing experience by setting your search provider and new tab page to

windows pc, new message alerts, sports scores, new tab page, local weather sports scores stock quotes, watch free, local weather, search provider, stock quotes, top entertainment stories, com content

ProductivityTab — Custom Homepage Dashboard Chrome extension download
ProductivityTab — Custom Homepage Dashboard A remarkably customizable personal homepage featuring 50+ widgets, breathtaking backgrounds and much more.

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Sport Games - For New Tab Chrome extension download
Sport Games - For New Tab Sport Games For New Tab offers Sport Games with IOS8 style and update new games every Thursday.It bring New Tab function.Enjoy it!

every thursday, update new games, tab offers sport games, sports passion, collects kinds, sport games, new tab, ios8 style, new tab offers, aspect sports, tab function, new tab function

ProductivityTab — Custom New Tab Dashboard Chrome extension download
ProductivityTab — Custom New Tab Dashboard A customizable personal dashboard on your new tab page featuring 50+ widgets, breathtaking backgrounds and much more.

customizable personal dashboard, beautiful start page, featured voice search, new tab page, new tab dashboard, new tab extensions, tab dashboard, stocks todo custom, multitab rss feeds, unit conversion utilities, weather html bookmarks sports rss, stunning backgrounds, custom html, weather sports, tab rss Chrome extension download Sports news, photo, video and score

sports news photo video, video, score, photo, sports news

Cursors for Facebook Chrome extension download
Cursors for Facebook Customize your mouse cursor on Facebook, choose from a wide selection of cool cursors or upload your own.

wide selection, collegeuniversity logos, sports team college university logos cars celebrities cartoons cute funny, facebook cursors give, review tab, cute funny, cool cursors, facebook cursor, sports team, free cursors, mouse cursor, facebook choose

Radio Player Live Chrome extension download
Radio Player Live Live Radio Player allows you to listen to hundreds of free radios Sports, News, Talk and Music from around the world!

favorite radio stations, radio stations, radio player, popular radio stations, quick access, list keeps, live radio player allows, free radios sports, free radios sports news talk, keyboard shortcuts

MoviesSearch Chrome extension download
MoviesSearch Watch movies and tv shows

favorite sports right, favorite sports, watch movies tv shows, watch movies, tv shows, pc

Pandora Audio Ad Remover Chrome extension download
Pandora Audio Ad Remover Removes Pandora Ads, Add Song Title to Title Bar and Gives You A Quick Access Bar.

page ads removes pandora, quick access button, add song title, quick access bar, address bar widget, removes pandora, station select , removes pandora ads, select album art, title bar, address bar, cbs sports, cbs sports news, seamless ad blocking, page ads Chrome extension download Тhe latest updates on politics, business, sports, entertainment and technology from one of Bulgaria's most trusted media brands.

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Sports TV Live Chrome extension download
Sports TV Live Sports TV Live by

viasat hockey viasat football viasat sport baltic hd bt sport bt sport bt sport europe, sports tv, co, viasat football, viasat sport baltic, sports tv live, viasat hockey, cyberdefence, bt sport, bt sport europe Chrome extension download

c, ru, sports

Golf Games Chrome extension download
Golf Games Play the best Golf Games online for free. New free games added every week

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Anticipation for YouTube and Twitch Chrome extension download
Anticipation for YouTube and Twitch Hides YouTube & Twitch video lengths, progress bar, & times of related videos to prevent spoilers - very useful for sports videos

youtube twitch video, super smash, progress bar times, twitch vods, progress bar, sports esports, strike mortal kombat street, video time, prevent spoilers, sports videos, related videos, street fighter, time left, super smash brothers, mortal kombat, super smash bros

Tamil News Chrome extension download
Tamil News Tamil Breaking News,Tamil latest News,Tamil sports news,Tamil Newses From Your Favorite News Papers.

favorite news papers, news, tamil breaking news tamil latest news tamil sports news tamil newses, tamil newses, tamil, tamil sports news

Tubi TV - Free Movies Chrome extension download
Tubi TV - Free Movies Watch Full Movies, Full TV Show Episodes Free Online. The Largest FREE Streaming Site.

scifi film festival, full tv show, tubi tv, favorites horror fitness cooking foreign military sports, popular tv shows movies, popular shows, free app, free tv shows movies, foreign military sports music nature travel tubi tv, watch full movies full tv, largest free, quality kids content, watch popular tv shows movies, free movies, tv shows, tubi tv offers, action comedy drama family

Pittsburgh Steelers ScoopsZone Chrome extension download
Pittsburgh Steelers ScoopsZone The leading FREE browser add-on for Steelers news, stats and as it happens updates. Follow your favorite team in real time.

sports websites, chrome extension enables, multiple sports websites, pittsburgh steelers news, news scoops, favorite national football, chrome browser, favorite national football league team, favorite nfl team, free browser add, steelers news, browser window, favorite team

BrowserAssistant Chrome extension download
BrowserAssistant Get any content, anywhere, anytime

change computer location, anytime, content, country restrictions, sports channels, watch live television, browser assistant, top uk, tv shows

NFL Live scores & Schedule Chrome extension download
NFL Live scores & Schedule 2014 & 2015 - NFL Live Scores and Schedule

live nfl scores, scores, icehockey rugby, nfl live scores, base ball basketball cycling cricket football hockey ice hockey rugby tennis motorsports, motorsports, schedule, tennis, sports, sports live scores, base ball basketball cycling cricket football hockey

Twitter Sports Filter Chrome extension download
Twitter Sports Filter Hides NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS tweets from your twitter feed. Made for @pmarca in return for the amazing stuff he writes.

lakings coyotes yotes, hides, won show, mls afc, nba, wanna suggest, tweets, mlb, twitter feed, mls tweets, nba mlb, mls

TheNxtClick Chrome extension download
TheNxtClick Easily keep up to date with the most updated and shared content in news, entertainment, sports, fashion and tech.

news sources, news, high quality content, related content, content, news entertainment sports fashion, recent topnews, shared content, date, interesting articles

MSN Homepage Chrome extension download
MSN Homepage Set MSN as your default homepage

every device, news trending, popular news trending, com accounts, web access, msn homepage extension, msn allows, browsing experience, trending news sports, default homepage, great way, office online, skype facebook

JustUnblock Chrome extension download
JustUnblock JustUnblock Chrome extension

every game, great sports providers, channels free, geo restrictions, expats wanting, mac osx, many movie providers, top uk tv channels, al jazeera sport, free access, support great, justunblock chrome extension

TVexe TV HD Chrome extension download
TVexe TV HD Watch live world TV stations for free, Music, News, Educational Sport + more

world tv, live worldwide channels, xdsl cable, sports shopping channels, news educational, global television reception, portuguese arabic sections, relax tv emulates, educational sport , regular television set, live world tv stations, friendly interface

Theme and Skin for Facebook Chrome extension download
Theme and Skin for Facebook Hundreds of skins to customize your Facebook profile

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NFL ScoopsZone Chrome extension download
NFL ScoopsZone The leading FREE browser add-on for NFL news, stats and as it happens updates. Follow your favorite team in real time.

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True Logo Chrome extension download
True Logo Swap out the 'false' Florida State logo for the real deal. Built with love for the fans.

barely beta, new nike logo, fsu twitter accounts, new logo, real deal, fsu twitter updates, florida state logo, seminoles twitter, favorite football team, check sports, favorite team, fsu twitter

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We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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