Best Stationary Button Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total stationary button plugins - 3348
Close Tab Chrome extension download
Close Tab A stationary button that closes the current tab. Clean up tabs with less effort.

active tab, stationary button, pinned tabs options screen, press ctrl w, close tab, visually hunting, keyboard input isnt, bug email address, options screen, address bar, happy chroming, saves time, close tabs

Mockup Studio : PSD Free Solution Chrome extension download
Mockup Studio : PSD Free Solution Create Unique/Free Mockups for Brochures, UI, Stationary and more..

psd mockups, free app studio bheaijljgfcjgbbfmedfmbbfihaphkfl, free app, free templates, online full version studio, costly photoshop, psd free, small size, studiobheaijljgfcjgbbfmedfmbbfihaphkfl try online, stationary items, free mockups, free trifold mockup, bifold mockup

Boss Key and Button Chrome extension download
Boss Key and Button Press F9 or the right mouse button to hide browser.

shift f9, browser windows, doubleclick right button, google chrome extension allows, boss key button, button version, cover tabs, mouse button, another boss key, boss key, boss button, hide browser, old versions, restart chrome, versions key, shift f12, num pad keyboard, f9 f12, right button

Scroll To Top Button Chrome extension download
Scroll To Top Button Scroll to top, bottom, or both. Click extension icon, on-page button, use context menu options, and/or keyboard shortcuts.

messages contacts, free opensource extension, read change, active button opacity, use context menu options, top button extension, dual arrows, top button, customizable expert button modes, available customizations, extension icon, click extension icon

Boredom Button Chrome extension download
Boredom Button Discover the web

boredom button, new things, minions work, magical button, chrome browser, content sourced, wishful thinking, fresh funny, great way, underground laboratory, happy little button

Tisy refresh button Chrome extension download
Tisy refresh button Tisy refresh button

small utility, refresh button, address bar version, version, right side, extension works, tisy refresh button, stop button, button, added stop button

NoFap Panic Button Chrome extension download
NoFap Panic Button This extension provides an in browser version of the NoFap Emergency Relapse Prevention Tool.

disable religious content, religious quick, action button, official nofap brand app, quick access, religious quicktoggle button, religious content, click button, nofap panic button tool, panic button, popup panic button, quit porn, version brings, nofap emergency relapse prevention tool, panic button tool, reddit reddit

Privoxy Button Chrome extension download
Privoxy Button Adds an easily-accessible button to your toolbar to enable or disable Privoxy

disable privoxy, easilyaccessible button, status, privoxy button, toolbar, chrome toolbar indicating, icon, quickly control, privoxy button adds, enabled disabled status, privoxy, easily accessible button

Agario Skin Selector button Chrome extension download
Agario Skin Selector button Adds a skin button to, allowing you to select a skin

special thanks, new skin button, skin button, press play, vast majority, io, skins listed, extension adds skin button, goto agar, io play screen, adds skin button, agarioskins website, click skin

LightUp! Chrome extension download
LightUp! Shows which button to click on some download pages

download pages, wrong download button, shows, xclick hosted button, bin webscrcmd, click, binwebscrcmd sxclick hostedbuttonid, new site, simple extension, opensubtitles uploaded rapidgator mediafire bitshare, wrong download button everytime, button

Toggl Button for Custom Websites Chrome extension download
Toggl Button for Custom Websites All the convenience of the official "Toggl Button" extension, with the added benefit of custom websites.

private trac installation, toggl button chrome extension, trac installation, custom website domains, toggl button extension button, version button, custom websites, pivotal tracker, fellow toggl users, toggl time entry, toggl button, toggl button extension, custom website, toggl time, official toggl button extension, toggl team

Outliner Chrome extension download
Outliner Outline the page.

outliner button, please post, cross button, many pages, cannot respond, web store review, button beside, address bar, feedback page, welldesigned inpage navigator

Tile View Chrome extension download
Tile View An easy way to preview images to see if they tile seamlessly as a repeating background texture or wallpaper.

tiling images, easy way, preview images, certain problematic characters, background texture, button click area, download button click, added slider, repeating background, added download button, quick download button, animated gifs, data uri images, scale slider movement, download button

Panic Button Plus Chrome extension download
Panic Button Plus Hide your tabs faster with single button or single key and restore them later

single keyboard key, chrome extensions, developer wips, new extensions, triple tap, love wips, panic button panic button, developer enthusiastic, panic button, single button, hear new ideas, single key, mozilla addons

Tools for Amazon's Mechanical Turk Chrome extension download
Tools for Amazon's Mechanical Turk Productivity tools for's website (Mechanical Turk). Adds a menu with various tools for workers.

menu button, iframe settings, added button, captcha audio, captcha settings button, mechanical turk workplace, small layout changes, add button, job window, task window height, incognito add, tools edit parts, alert notification sound, new usersincognito users, captcha settings, select field focus fix, tools menu, tools button, audio alert, accept button, input text fields

History Button Chrome extension download
History Button Provides quick icon access to your browser history.

adds shortcut button, quick access, shortcut button, open multiple tabs, either opens, history tab, simple lightweight extension, quick icon access, won open multiple, chrome extensions button, browser history, chrome downloads button

Edpuzzle Chrome extension download
Edpuzzle Adds an Edpuzzle button next to YouTube™ videos to quickly start editing them in Edpuzzle

unobtrusive button, youtube, quickly start, edpuzzle button, youtube videos, record anything, embed questions, screen recording, finish recording, small unobtrusive button, comfortably browse, button, favorite educational videos

Netflix Pro Chrome extension download
Netflix Pro Adds a 10 second quick-rewind button to Netflix.

adding button, quick rewind button, netflix player, second quickrewind button, source code, quick rewinds, button, open source netflix extension, netflix

Button Monitor Chrome extension download
Button Monitor Keep a constant eye on the button countdown.

negative digits, thebutton open active, greatly improved, constant eye, correlating color, view button timer, button timer, button countdown, open thebutton, either make, certain number, color variants, thebutton open, hidpi icons

UsePass Chrome extension download
UsePass UsePass is a chrome extension to replace the bookmark button of Passpack.

small issue, bookmark bar, passpack bookmark button, single click, party extension, support whatsoever, singleclick login button, permissions changelog, bookmark button, recent changelogs

Benzo Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Benzo Bookmarks You can change the separator to create a bookmark folder icon. Help:

update history, adding separator, changed icons, add side bar, benzo bookmark function, add separator, history button, sidebar type button, bookmark folder icon, change folder icons, opening side bar button, added browse history button, bookmark folder, display benzo bookmark, add button, side bar button, bug fixed, folder icons

Youtube I am feeling Lucky Chrome extension download
Youtube I am feeling Lucky Skip YouTube search results and launch videos instantly. Covered by The Next Web , link-

search box, search results, search button, added retry logic, google youtube, lucky search button, chrome starting, feeling lucky button, feeling lucky search button, press shift enter, lucky button, youtube search, search result, linkedln guha, net disconnected

Different Gmail Delete Button Chrome extension download
Different Gmail Delete Button Tweaks the Gmail web interface’s delete button.

gmail settings, button labels, gmail, extension replaces, tweaks, delete button, gmail web interface, extension replaces gmail delete button icon, gmail web interface delete button, icon, subtle version, button labels section, chosen text

AliExpress Button Chrome extension download
AliExpress Button Small button for will provide you convenient access to the different parts of the store

convenient access, interesting items, necessary page, different parts, small button, convenient button, quickly navigate, aliexpress, com

BigQuery Mate Chrome extension download
BigQuery Mate Companion tool for Google BigQuery UI used by myself and my peers at Viant Inc. Adds some extra functionality to BQ Native UI

save current sql version, bigquery ui, ui tables, switch sql version button, feature tables, ui ctrl, pivot chart query result, click button, result panel, added switch sql version button, fix parameters, google ui, google bigquery, google bigquery ui, query result, high level idea, parameters button, sql button, sure recent queries panel, datasets panel, screen real estate, full screen view button

TwitShot for Chrome Chrome extension download
TwitShot for Chrome Spice up your tweets with an image.

special button, twitshot extension button top, official extension, feedback welcome, top righthand side, standard tweet button, hand side, select tweet, twitshot extension button, twitshot enables, easy access

Extensions Button Chrome extension download
Extensions Button Provides quick icon access to your Chrome extensions.

adds shortcut button, extensions tab, quick access, shortcut button, chrome extensions, open multiple tabs, chrome history button, simple lightweight extension, quick icon access, won open multiple, chrome downloads button

Downloads Button Chrome extension download
Downloads Button Provides quick icon access to your Chrome downloads.

adds shortcut button, quick access, shortcut button, open multiple tabs, chrome downloads, chrome history button, simple lightweight extension, quick icon access, won open multiple, chrome extensions button, downloads tab

Open Access Button Chrome extension download
Open Access Button Push Button. Get Research. Make Progress.

open access button, legal access, button searches thousands, push button, instant legal access, next time, access, progress, research

AddToAny: Share Anywhere Chrome extension download
AddToAny: Share Anywhere Share to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, and any other sharing or saving service quickly and easily with one share button.

service quickly, middle mouse button, mode based, high ppi screens, sharing menu, services quickly, collect personal information, social media networks, addtoany share button, context menu, universal share button, automatic dark mode, share button, reassignable keyboard shortcut

CardCounter for Trello Chrome extension download
CardCounter for Trello Shows the number of cards in every list in Trello. Adds support for Kanban limits.

limit wasnt, donate button version, fix version, minor style changes version, small performance fix version, donate link version, donate button link, dropdown arrow version, donate button text version, update count, enabled version, fixed count wasnt updated, visual changes version, donate button, trello added donate button version

zoomWheel Chrome extension download
zoomWheel It will give you an easier and better way to zoom webpages...

another mousegesture software, icon scroll, mouse button, zoom step hold, mouse gesture, zoom magnifier icon scroll, screen position, holding left mouse button, chrome extension allows, zoom step, click right mouse button, zoom webpages, set default zoom, options page, minimum font size, scroll button, zoom label scroll, chrome internal zoom ability, mouse button scroll

Print for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Print for Google Chrome Print the current page you see with one single click. That for all kinds of photo printing, poster printing, business cards, etc.

design print button, regular print button, photo printing, custom design print button, print current page menu, current page, web browser context menu, web page photo, touch screen, printing business, context menu action, print button, web browser, favorite print button, print button design, google cloud printers, google material design print button, print page

ImageZoom Chrome extension download
ImageZoom Zoom images inline on the current page by holding the middle mouse button down and moving mouse left-right.

mouse left, middle mouse button, desired image size, dont ask, image move, wont work, zoom images inline, prevent opening, mouse button option, web sites, opening link, move cursor, current page, laptops middle mouse button, image url, mouse button

ImageZoomer Chrome extension download
ImageZoomer Zoom images inline on the current page by holding the right mouse button and scrolling the mouse wheel. Left click to reset.

extension compatible, mouse button, page creates, mouse button resets, context menu works, left click, works great, menu works, mouse wheel, example laptop users, left mouse button, current page, right button

Plus One +1 Button Chrome extension download
Plus One +1 Button Google +1 button for all websites. Especially those who doesn't have one installed.

google , people, google chrome button recommends, web pages, google button, chrome button recommends, needed google, websites, button lets people, google search shares, google search

Group Admin Helper Chrome extension download
Group Admin Helper A tool for Group Admins

menage member block button, member block button, group admins, blocked members flagged join requests auto approve button, posts, join requests auto, comment member block button, lists link, button, page, posts page, pending posts page

Hide Tabs Button Chrome extension download
Hide Tabs Button Hides all tabs very fast by single button click and restores them later. Also available a context menu option for control.

single toolbar button click, interface begins, hide tabs button, mouse context menu control option, extension options page, context menu control option, button click, browsers toolbar, hide tabs button folder, context menu, context menu option, single button click, restore tabs, absolutely free, extension begins, toolbar button click, hide tabs button extension, hidden mode option

Skynet Chrome extension download
Skynet The Addon OGame deserves

trashsim combat simulation button, disable unnecessary research, ogame deserves, addon ogame deserves, additional expedition button, b raidar b, diverse layout changes, building ships defence, combat simulation button, espionage reports, additional transport button, enhanced espionage reports display, mark debris field, enabled individually

Awesome Reload All Tabs Button Chrome extension download
Awesome Reload All Tabs Button Awesome button to reload all tabs in the current Chrome window (or all Chrome windows).

button refreshes, awesome button, refresh, chrome windows, current chrome window, tabs, button, refresh tabs

Mute Button for Google Plus Chrome extension download
Mute Button for Google Plus Add Mute Button on posts in Google Plus

bit difficult, g account, little bit, show buttons, buttons, mute button, mute functional, g change, mute, post temporarily, circle stream, button

Home Button At Top Right Chrome extension download
Home Button At Top Right Provides a button at the top-right of Chrome that links to your home page. Also lets you default new tabs to the Apps view.

current tab, home page url, added federico code, apps view, newtab behaviour, home page, official home button, top right, default url, home button, choose options, homepage url

SkipTo Chrome extension download
SkipTo Skip to the best part of a YouTube video!

button skipto, mark button, new things, skip button skips, view source code, don store, cool feature, personal data, source code, youtube video, skipto adds, yellow markers, skip button, skipto skip, youtube video player

iStockLargeComp Chrome extension download
iStockLargeComp Easily download a much larger watermarked image from iStock for use in your visuals.

view larger, donations gratefully received, large comp link, client agreement, easily download, large comp, download large comp link, full size, green button, green button download large comp, button download, zoomed image, red button, temporary placeholders, zoom function

Cloud9 button for GitHub Chrome extension download
Cloud9 button for GitHub This extension adds a button to GitHub that lets you edit your projects directly in Cloud9 IDE

project open, ll clone, edit, browsing projects, extension adds button, click, mindblowing click, lets, mind blowing click, button, cloud9 ide, github

Reporting Services Print Chrome extension download
Reporting Services Print Adds a print button to SSRS.

adds print button, report, quick print button, simply print, sql server reporting services, print button, ssrs, adds quick print button, transparently exporting, works, sql server reporting services web viewer, button, print

keygen music play button Chrome extension download
keygen music play button Just click to play awesome 8-bit chiptune music from keygens

extension button, source code playbutton, hold cursor, play button, total played, streams music, next track, played time, bit chiptune, click extension button, absolutely free, play awesome bit chiptune music, awesome 8bit chiptune music

Playback Button Chrome extension download
Playback Button Adds a button for to YouTube

playback, youtube, adds button, youtube videos, app, lets, com, button, play

GarfielfLasaga Chrome extension download
GarfielfLasaga When you click the button it goes I'm am hungry. I want some LASAGA!

lasaga, plays im, little picture, right time, click, puts button, want, button, hungry, right

GitHub-Diff-Whitespace Chrome extension download
GitHub-Diff-Whitespace Adds a button to GitHub diff views which toggles whitespace (a la `git diff --ignore-all-space`)

ui button, toggles, adds button, provide ui button, toggles whitespace la git diff ignore, la, github diff views, github diffs, toggle whitespace, button, diff ignoreallspace

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