Best Subtitle Streams Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total subtitle streams plugins - 165
jwp Srt Subtitle Extension Chrome extension download
jwp Srt Subtitle Extension jwp Subtitle Extension

jwp subtitle extension, jwp, srt subitiles, fine tuning attached mode supports jwplayer, attached mode supports jwplayer, version keyboard, streams, streams beta version keyboard, subtitle extension HTML5 player Chrome extension download HTML5 player Allows playing streams on without flash

flowplayer set, cross origin requests, player window, dragndropping srt file, party subtitle files, subtitle streams, flash player, party host, adding subs, crossorigin requests, html5 engine, party subtitle, custom subtitles, html5 video

My Subs For Netflix Chrome extension download
My Subs For Netflix A tool to add custom .srt subtitles to Netflix.

font selection adjust subtitle delay drag, double empty lines, custom font selection, features load custom, srt subtitle track, netflix subtitle selection, use custom font, custom font support, key shortcut altl, subtitle selection, new netflix ui, custom font, srt subtitles, fixed extension, netflix change font size, srt subtitle

+Sub Chrome extension download
+Sub Load subtitle to a HTML5 video.

embedded youtube, offset time, search powered, youtube videos, time point, either way, sub dialog, plugin supports, load subtitle, desired subtitle, don bother, supports amazon video, plussub plussub, local subtitle files

Hitbox Now! Chrome extension download
Hitbox Now! Stay up to date with your hitbox followed streams.

online streams, latest online streams, favourite streams, desktop notifications, top streams, install hitbox, current features, live streams, tv account

FUNiX Passport Chrome extension download
FUNiX Passport This utility helps FUNiX students for learning online, ex: Vietnamese translation for course materials, highlight video's subtitles.

video subtitle tr tr ng, ng trang, fix bug, ch thay, ng vi t tr n edx, u xter ti n truy c p, subtitle ti ng vi cho video udemy, ti ng vi tr, nh ng, nh ng ch subtitle cho video, n ng ch nh tu ch, ch ch, nh n ng kh c, funix ng, khung facebook, ch v style cho zaption, nh n p chu t v o huy hi u, ch ng ch nh, ng vi t cho video udemy, c nh b o khi trang, funix students

Streams Notify Chrome extension download
Streams Notify The extension displays the current status of the selected streams and notify about their start.

supported sites twitch, stream start, current status, extension displays, tv hitbox, selected streams, favorite streams, extension icon, added streams, extension checks

League Streams: Stream Browser Chrome extension download
League Streams: Stream Browser A quick and detailed stream browser.

stream browser, new extension, likely new updates, identical features, access streams, detailed stream browser, tv streams, easily access streams, league streams, multiple games, streams includes

EVE Online Streams Chrome extension download
EVE Online Streams This extension provides a list with all EVE Online Streams.

twitch, eve online streams, tag favorites, get notifications, list, popout view, eve streams Stream List Chrome extension download Stream List Stream aggregator using ( Grabs streams from

live competive tf2 streams, subscriptions storage sync, grabs streams, select streamers, favourite streams, jp certified, cc jjp, stream aggregator, change log, invalid stream names

CR HLS Player Chrome extension download
CR HLS Player A test for video js

single preroll ad, roll ad, respects resolution buttons works, adjustable buffer length, html5 player, full screen, hls player, resolution buttons works, query parameter, options page, query parameter auto advances, available subtitle languages option, persistent volume, hls streams

Reddit Liquid Streams Chrome extension download
Reddit Liquid Streams Reddit and Team Liquid Stream Viewer (Fork)

set subreddits, customizable audio alert, team liquid stream viewer, team liquid, next gomtv broadcasting, default set, team liquid streams, team liquid stream, reddit tab, set favorite streams number, extension team liquid streams, preset phrases, favorite streams, preset number, community site, subreddits list streams, alert notification

Path of Exile Streams Chrome extension download
Path of Exile Streams This extension provides a list with all PoE Streams.

poe streams, popular path, exile streams, tag favorites, get notifications, list, popout view

FGC Streams Plus! Chrome extension download
FGC Streams Plus! The best fighting game live!

livestreamsfkckfjgljhjinkncdapchgcikaiampcnhl, efficiency increases, version, fighting games tracked, list loading efficiency increases, updated version, original plugin, fgc live streams plugin, fighting game, fighting game live streams, fgc live streams, original plugin live streams fkckfjgljhjinkncdapchgcikaiampcnhl en v1, live streams, games

Team Liquid Streams++ Chrome extension download
Team Liquid Streams++ Team Liquid Stream Viewer (Fork)

liquid streams, race selection, caused columns, type selection, team liquid stream viewer, stream type, notification alert toggle, new chrome reqs require, team liquid streams, type selection drop, added language ratings column, liquid streams extension, liquid stream, causing popup, stream type filtering, original team liquid streams extension, stream race, favorites stream

Hearthstone Cards & Streams Chrome extension download
Hearthstone Cards & Streams This add-on lists all Hearthstone cards and Twitch streams. It's useful to look up cards while watching a stream or reading a guide.

hearthstone streams, cards mage, live hearthstone streams, detailed card information page, tv streams added version, cards added arena, blackrock mountain cards, tv streams cards, tv card, legendary cards, neutral common cards, common cards, detailed card, cards added, class specific cards, hearthstone cards version, yseras dream cards, common rare epic legendary filter, common rare epic legendary version, trump version, hearthstone cards, twitch streams, grand tournament cards, rare cards, list added, detailed card description

Livetv-free : Watch Premium Live HD TV Chrome extension download
Livetv-free : Watch Premium Live HD TV - Watch live HD Cricket, Football, Soccer for free

cricket world cup, league german, live sport events, uefa champions league, live hd cricket football, english premier league, live sport streams sport, freetouse creative commons license, hd quality streams, provide hd, numerous live sport events, creator named yankoa, provide hd entertainment, spanish primera division, live sport streams

GameDev Stream Browser Chrome extension download
GameDev Stream Browser Browse and watch Game Developer live streams from twitch!

watch game developer live streams, handy drop, watch game developer, online game, gamedev stream browser helps, browse, interesting streams, online game developers, live streams, extension icon

Starcraft 2 streams on Chrome extension download
Starcraft 2 streams on List of most popular Starcraft 2 streams on Stay informed. Never miss an important tournament again!

miss, twitch, important tournament, tv, popular starcraft streams, list, stay, stay informed

Spockholm Game Feed API Chrome extension download
Spockholm Game Feed API Creates a pseudo FB api for reading streams

creates pseudo fb api, reading streams, stream scanner, data, handle, pseudo fb api, special version, creates, streams, requires special version

Oddshot Chrome extension download
Oddshot Chrome extension for Oddshot

shot button, top right icon, youtube gaming live streams, facebook live streams, recent hitbox changes, tv youtube gaming, live stream windows, incredible livestreamed moments, twitch streaming windows, youtube live facebook live azubu, source quality video, streaming sites, youtube live, live streams, youtube hitbox stream windows, twitch hitbox, favorite streaming sites, oddshot icon, facebook live, youtube gaming, youtube hitbox, top right oddshot icon, streams hitbox

Twitch Live Chrome extension download
Twitch Live Twitch TV extension for displaying a user's favorite channels which are currently live.

twitch api bug, minor code optimizations, tv icon, extension icon, twitch api, minor user interface tweaks, open stream, fixed issue, twitch tv extension, live extension, twitch live icon, section game titles, favorite streams, user favorite, general stability improvements, tv user, previous api call, tv streams, fixed bug, live streams, duplicate stream entries, twitch live, twitch tv api, small monitor tv icon, favorite twitch, format viewer counts

Carnaval 2013 Chrome extension download
Carnaval 2013 A chrome extension to remind you when certain live streams are available for Youtube Carnaval 2013 coverage.

select, youtube carnaval coverage, youtube carnaval agenda, favorite artists, remind, certain live streams, youtube carnaval, displays, live streams

Abios eSports Match Ticker Chrome extension download
Abios eSports Match Ticker The number one match ticker in eSports!

starcraft ii, dota cs, newerth world, twitch hitbox azubu, match streams, favorite games, match ticker, live matches, matches, starcraft ii hearthstone smite hots heroes, live streams, firefox notifications, super smash bros, warcraft super

Overwatch Stream Browser Chrome extension download
Overwatch Stream Browser Browse and watch Overwatch livestreams. Mark streams as favorites and receive alerts when they're live.

receive notifications, receive alerts, watch overwatch livestreams, particular streamer, mark streams, overwatch stream browser displays, favorite stream, favorite overwatch streamers, live streams, handy drop

Dota 2 Stream Browser Chrome extension download
Dota 2 Stream Browser Browse and watch Dota 2 livestreams. Mark streams as favorites and receive alerts when they're live.

favorite dota streamers, receive notifications, receive alerts, particular streamer, watch dota livestreams, mark streams, favorite stream, dota stream browser displays, live streams, handy drop

Online Subtitles Chrome extension download
Online Subtitles Watch your favorite movies and shows online with subtitles.

many options, utf includes, small css, tetyana starchenko, favorite movies, subtitles ty, graphic design, js fixes, web pages, ty leo caseiro, subtitle color position

Giant Bomb Season Pass Chrome extension download
Giant Bomb Season Pass Giant Bomb Season Pass will detect whether the video you're watching is split up into parts (e.g. VinnyVania Part 2 or E3 2011 Day…

season pass, life streams, occasional multipart, feedback suggestions, multi part, e3 day, size depending, ve embiggened, pax panels, 24hour extra life streams, giant bomb season pass, vinnyvania part, gdc chats, endurance runs

Hitbox Live! Chrome extension download
Hitbox Live! Track easily your favorite streams and you will notified when they are live!

fixed issue, hitbox sync, login issues streams, browser action, favorite hitbox, login issues, favorite stream, add streams, caster name, address login issues, change log, changed refresh interval, address bar, stream list, incorrect information

Super Stream Bros Chrome extension download
Super Stream Bros Keep up to date on all the Super Smash Bros. games currently streaming with this chrome extension

black popup box, smash streams, added smash, twitch api, fixed error, super stream bros fixed, super smash bros, super streams bros, new api, super streams, new twitch api requirements support, added hover, popup black box, super stream bros, popup box, stream session namego

Watch Online Streams Chrome extension download
Watch Online Streams Get your movie info instantly from your home and new tab page!

tab page, online save time, tab page showtimes, new tab page, tab find, new tab, movie related sites, watch online, watch online streams, movie info couldnt, use privacy policy uninstall, movie info, movies links

Cycle.js Chrome extension download
Cycle.js Cycle.js DevTool to visualize the dataflow graph

cycledom v12, xstream v6, renders visualization, packages xstream, cycle http, js devtool, higher cycle xstream, source streams, cyclexstreamrun v3, cyclehttp v10, higher cycle dom v12, dataflow graph devtool panel, dataflow graph, js app, sink streams

Shout by Uberflip Chrome extension download
Shout by Uberflip Shout by Uberflip lets you embed your Uberflip content experiences in email and on the web. Shout your content from the rooftops!

insert content, web email clients support tools, popular web email clients, personas leads, uberflip lets, uberflip content experiences, editable content, uberflip target streams, browsers context menu, insert content tiles, personalized streams targeted, content experiences

Twitch Now Chrome extension download
Twitch Now Explore games & track your favorite streams on Twitch

experience, twitch experience, explore games track, twitch, track, users updated, keeps users, website, favorite streams easily, favorite streams, notification, games

OpenSubtitles Chrome extension download
OpenSubtitles Quick search on

leave feedback, feel free, new ideas, org, opensubtitles, feedback, quick search, open subtitle search tool

Hearthstone Stream Browser Chrome extension download
Hearthstone Stream Browser Browse and watch Hearthstone livestreams. Mark streams as favorites and receive alerts when they're live.

receive notifications, watch hearthstone livestreams, receive alerts, mark streams, favorite hearthstone, theyre online, particular streamer click, favorite stream, hearthstone stream browser displays, favorite hearthstone streamers, streamer click, watch hearthstone, live streams, handy drop

Starcraft 2 Stream Browser Chrome extension download
Starcraft 2 Stream Browser Browse and watch Starcraft 2 livestreams. Mark streams as favorites and receive alerts when they're live.

receive notifications, starcraft stream browser displays, receive alerts, watch starcraft, mark streams, theyre online, particular streamer click, favorite stream, watch starcraft livestreams, favorite starcraft, streamer click, live streams, handy drop, favorite starcraft streamers Extension Chrome extension download Extension Allows you to take any link and fetch its data, either by directly downloading it, backing it up or transferring it to a third party

online content, cloud lets, unlock cyberlocker, instant cloud, cloudbased download manager, unlock cyberlocker files, unlock fetch, fetch music streams, bittorrent links, cyberlocker bittorrent sources, cloud storage account, cloud storage, cyberlocker bittorrent, offcloud works, private cloud space, download video streams

h264ify Chrome extension download
h264ify Makes YouTube stream H.264 videos instead of VP8/VP9 videos

eat battery life, typically hardware accelerated, youtube streams vp8 vp9, much cpu, youtube videos, youtube videos stutter, cause problems, smoother video playback, powerful machines, youtube streams, laptop hot, cpu eat battery life, means smoother video playback, vp8 vp9 videos, vp8 vp9, hardware accelerated, reduced cpu

LoL Stream Browser Chrome extension download
LoL Stream Browser Browse and watch League of Legends livestreams. Mark streams as favorites and receive alerts when they're live.

legends streamers, receive notifications, receive alerts, live streams, mark streams, streamer click, legends livestreams, theyre online, particular streamer click, favorite stream, favorite league, stream browser displays, lol stream browser displays, watch league

edX & XueTangX Subtitle Download Chrome extension download
edX & XueTangX Subtitle Download 该插件主要是方便将edX和学堂在线网页课程上的字幕下载成字幕文件。 0.6更新增加了futurelearn网站的支持,在课程视频页面的下方Related Files内会有字幕的下载链接。…

, related files, related files , futurelearn , , coursera, , coursera , edx

Watch Online Streams Chrome extension download
Watch Online Streams Search your favorite TV sites instantly from your home and new tab page!

tab page, online save time, tab page showtimes, favorite movie, new tab page, new tab, movie related sites, favorite tv sites, watch online, watch online streams, movie info couldnt, use privacy policy uninstall, favorite movie related sites

Counter-Strike Stream Browser Chrome extension download
Counter-Strike Stream Browser Browse and watch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive livestreams. Mark streams as favorites and receive alerts when they're live.

counterstrike stream browser displays, counter strike stream browser displays, receive notifications, receive alerts, live streams, watch counterstrike, particular streamer, mark streams, favorite stream, favorite cs, watch counter strike global offensive livestreams, handy drop, global offensive livestreams

CS:GO eSport Hub Chrome extension download
CS:GO eSport Hub Chrome-Extension for CS:GO eSport

youtube uploads, match results, quick accessible overview, esport hub, browser extension, upcoming matches, twitch streams, top news sources, esports coverage

Beam Now Chrome extension download
Beam Now Track your favorite streams on!

different games, light themes, people youre, search tabs, gamingtom hotmail, search bar, pro website, favorite streams, live youll, everyone youre

CS:GO Helper Chrome extension download
CS:GO Helper Just a few things for the CS:GO addict!

news, news reddit streams, upcoming games, reddit, addict, allows, cs, things

Twitch Notifier Chrome extension download
Twitch Notifier Notifies you when streams go online.

ability, twitch, streamers, tv, browse vods, follow games teams, teams, notifies, streams, games

Hitbox Plus Chrome extension download
Hitbox Plus Track your favorite streams on hitbox! - Now with the ability to view channels being hosted!

live channels, es erm glicht dir einfach zu berpr fen, ob deine lieblingsstreamer, view channels, und einer benachrichtigung, verfolge deine lieblingsstreams, ohne auf hitbox, tv zu, tv zu sein, favorite streams, features list

Open in Helium Chrome extension download
Open in Helium [Mac OS X only] The easiest way to open a webpage in Helium or HeliumLift.

mac os, several tricks, persistent background page, open hyperlinks, open twitch, multimedia files, tv streams, page frames, current page, alwaysontop floating window, open webpage

Giants Stream Trigger Chrome extension download
Giants Stream Trigger No te pierdas los streams de tu equipo favorito, GIANTS, con esta extensión que te mantendrá actualizado en tiempo real.

every online game, start time, new gaming, con esta extensi, n que te mantendr actualizado, online game, tv platform, te pierdas, te mantendr actualizado en, los streams de tu equipo, tv extension

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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