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SaltBot Chrome extension download
SaltBot This extension automates betting on

sample data, post stuff, many thanks, support requests, github page, google doesnt email, saltybet, extension automates betting

Redmine Issues Checker Chrome extension download
Redmine Issues Checker Keep track of Redmine issues assigned to you.

redmine issues, extension displaying, github issues checker, feature request, issues assigned, login credentials, new issues, google mail checker, source code, options page, redmine issues assigned, optional notifications

The 15-Minute SEO Audit Chrome extension download
The 15-Minute SEO Audit This extension looks for common SEO issues in the current web page.

rich snippets, common seo issues, automatic seo issue detection, chrome developer tools, issues, seo issues, extension looks, lists issues related, current web page, meta tags

Map Jumper Chrome extension download
Map Jumper Jump to maps of a location from various online map services.

easily jump, maps mapy, cz openstreetmap waze wikimapia yandex maps, bing foursquare google maps mapy, online mapping service, various online map services, submit issues, bing maps google maps, foursquare google maps mapy, google maps, features requests, submit issues

Gaana Lyrics Extension Chrome extension download
Gaana Lyrics Extension Displays lyrics on, Google Music, Spotify, Pandora, Saavn, SoundCloud, Plex and other streaming music services

music services, music google music, plex url changes, pandora groove, bug fixes, google music bug fixes, gaana lyrics, font complete, music fixed issues, fixed issue, com spotify web player saavn, fixed soundcloud issues, pandora radio, fixed gaana, added support, soundcloud plex, grooveshark preview site, fixed bug, pandora radio plex web accuradio slacker radio jango, fixed issues, google music added support, foreground window features, semitransparent overlay window, amazon prime music, google music, prime music google music, pandora radio plex, groove fixed

Ayima Page Insights Chrome extension download
Ayima Page Insights Highlight on-page issues on the fly

client side, external services, user licence agreement, sending data, highlight onpage issues, page issues, web properties, real time, please note, page insights, common errors, google search console account

JIRA Assistant Chrome extension download
JIRA Assistant Easy access to any JIRA issues, bugs or tasks just in one click

jira server, jira server connection, jira assistant, jira assistant icon, jira issues, useful extension, google chrome, jira issues bugs, google chrome extension bar, options page, google chrome browser

1 Click Translator Chrome extension download
1 Click Translator Highlight the text you want to translate, and a translation popup will appear automatically.

translation popup, google translate api, second language click translator v7, support translation, fix translation issues click translator, big translator apis , support click translator, fix translate, translate api, fix translation issues add, click translator, fix translation issues, google reader layout, fix issue, issue extension, click translator v7, language click translator, add support, increasedecrease font size, click translator v6, langs support click translator v8, new themes

JS (JavaScript) Reloader Chrome extension download
JS (JavaScript) Reloader JS (JavaScript) Reloader is a browser extension, that allows you to reload JavaScript without reloading the page itself.

exisitng objects alexei, js reloader javascript reloader js reloader, js javascript reloader, reload js, extensions settings page, github reloader chrome issues, report issues, js reloader, first extension learning exercise, keyboard shortcut f10, google chrome grab, reload javascript, reloader chrome, keyboard shortcut, size copyright copyright, github reloader chrome report issues, google chrome usage reload, reloading script, reload inline script, alexei levenkov mar, copyright copyright

Issue Checker for GitHub Chrome extension download
Issue Checker for GitHub Check Github issues

pull requests, issues pull requests, extension keeps, extension icon indicates, extension popup, github issues, issues pull requests assigned, correspondant page easily, pull requests assigned, forget github issues, check github issues, date anytime, uptodate anytime, extension icon, issuespull requests

Linkify JIRA Issues Chrome extension download
Linkify JIRA Issues Turns JIRA key names (such as 'SUPPORT-123') to links in webpages for easy navigation.

save time, linkify jira issues, atlassian jira issue keys, workflow management tools, jira, linkify jira issues turns atlassian jira issue, contain ads, key names, give linkify jira issues, turns jira key, easy navigation

Compact Density for Google Reader Chrome extension download
Compact Density for Google Reader “Fixes” changes made in the new version of Google Reader to add more color to the page and give you more space to read your content

supports list view, icon alignment issues, new gray ui, extension fixes, new google bar, access google reader, update fixes, dull reader experience, update removes, header sidebar toolbar, google bar, google reader, long permissions list, full screen mode, gray header, manifest version

We LGBT Chrome extension download
We LGBT Extension for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender + Community

whole internet starts, lgbt community, issues page, icon changes color, find sources, positive source, new issues page, equal marriage rights, github lgbt issues, lgbt rights, page youre, transgender community, website thats owner supports

Regex Search Chrome extension download
Regex Search This is a chrome extension that allows you to search the text of a page using regular expressions. Please note that because of the…

https chrome, extension content script, github issues page, way web pages, regular expressions, please note, pages, github issues page search issues, url beginning, web pages, extension work

delugesiphon Chrome extension download
delugesiphon Send torrent links to your Deluge server.

good place, deluge server, leave feedback, torrent links, github siphon, github issues page, supports magnet links, specific issues, github issues, support magnet links, excellent chrome browser, simple deluge adder, magnet links

DjVu Viewer Extension Chrome extension download
DjVu Viewer Extension DjVu Viewer Extension for Google Chrome

ui refresh issue, fixes issues, refresh issues, direct jump, fixes djvu, crosssite djvu file access, gmail mail preview, issues add keyboard, support fix, frequent refresh issues, high dpi supportfix, dynamic djvu tag injection, add page, add direct jump, djvu viewer extension, djvu viewer, toolbar keyboard page, indirect djvu files, error handling improvements

GitHub Canned Responses Chrome extension download
GitHub Canned Responses Choose from a set of canned responses when commenting on your GitHub PRs or issues

canned response button, pull requests, comment editing view, choose, mistakes, github issues, responses, start hurting, existing canned responses, set, issues, triage github issues, canned responses, github prs

KEEN.TV Web Media Center - Live TV and VOD Chrome extension download
KEEN.TV Web Media Center - Live TV and VOD KEEN.TV is the only add-on you need to fix CORS issues access KEEN.TV's FREE 850+ Live TV Channels and worldwide VOD Guide.

cors issues access keen, user license agreement, free live tv channels, media center right, chrome browser, cors issues, fix cors issues access keen, upper righthand corner, tv extension, fixes cors issues, hand corner, top right hand corner, tv chrome extension, record usage metrics, streaming links

Pineapples! Chrome extension download
Pineapples! All about the Pineapples

original recipe page, food2fork api, submit issues, recipe, use chrome extension, user click, issues, open source project

CSS Reloader Chrome extension download
CSS Reloader CSS Reloader is a browser extension which allows developers to reload CSS without reloading the page itself.

github reloader issues copyright copyright, report issues, reload css, reloading stylesheets, github reloader report issues, extensions settings page, keyboard shortcut f9, keyboard shortcut, browser extension, css reloader, installation grab, contextmenus option, mozilla firefox

Hitbox Live! Chrome extension download
Hitbox Live! Track easily your favorite streams and you will notified when they are live!

fixed issue, hitbox sync, login issues streams, browser action, favorite hitbox, login issues, favorite stream, add streams, caster name, address login issues, change log, changed refresh interval, address bar, stream list, incorrect information

KanMeet Calendar Synchronizer for Evernote Chrome extension download
KanMeet Calendar Synchronizer for Evernote Easily Synchronize Google Calendar with Evernote

google calendar events, click create, issues fixed stability improvements kanmeet, evernote notebook, google calendar, new events, google chrome, minor bug fixes, kanda software inc, higher kanmeet, default notebook, new evernote api v1, kanmeet extension, google chrome versions

OkCupid (for the Non-Mainstream User) Chrome extension download
OkCupid (for the Non-Mainstream User) Are you using OkCupid? You should definitely be using this extension.

discrimination issues demeanor, data file hacking, new data files, file bug reports, categories link, drugs relationship, profile page, data file, plugin issues open, profile page thumbnails images, github page, questions contact, instant perprofile overview, friendly discrimination, potential discrimination issues

axe DevTools - Web Accessibility Testing Chrome extension download
axe DevTools - Web Accessibility Testing Accessibility Checker for Developers, Testers, and Designers in Chrome

issue description information, automated testing, manual testers, team time, license agreement ofuseaxeext, fix issues, fix accessibility issues, false positive results, accessibility issues, free axe devtools, brilliant user experiences, extensive free remediation guidance, axe devtools reports, accessibility testing, manual testing, axe devtools, tools report irrelevant, testing igt

SEO Wizard Chrome extension download
SEO Wizard SEO Wizard is a FREE SEO extension which displays all onpage and offpage SEO information to help you make your website better.

social media count, meta robots, meta robots canonical, internal external, meta information, seo information, free seo extension, wrong canonical url etc, http status code, improved performance issues, main features, ip address, major onpage issues, canonical url, onpage information, right click word count, offpage seo information, onpage issues

Card this to Trello Chrome extension download
Card this to Trello A Chrome extension wrapper for Trello-Bookmarklet

trello bookmarklet, jira github, dropdown menu, chrome extension wrapper, add rightclick menu support, trello bookmarklet bookmarklet, native desktop notification support skip, jira issues github issues, issues github issues, selected text, boards credits trellobookmarklet, menu support, notification support, add cards, site add, card description, trello select, new dropdown menu, extension wrapper

New Tab Reloaded Chrome extension download
New Tab Reloaded Restore the previous new tab page for Chrome 33+.

fix bug, chrome browser, google chrome, new tab redirect, add apps, visited page, closed pages, fix support, source code report issues, tab page, remove apps, add features, apps page, previous new tab page, chrome browser extension api, options page, chrome browser extension, add support, homepage link exists, visited pages, fix compatibility issues, old new tab page, new bsd license

Ultimello, the features pack for Trello Chrome extension download
Ultimello, the features pack for Trello Extension that adds a lot of useful features to Trello

last activity date, chrome security policy changes, bug reports please contact, default sort order, fixed issue, trello board, trello extension, new trello appearance, new trello htmlcss changes, sorting order, incorrect ascdesc icons, issues connected, sort order, overall sorting experience, connected cards, fixed issues connected, fixed bug, fixed issues

GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!

bugfixes including, capture chrome extension, 20200720 updated project name, fixed permissions issue, fixed issue, 20200715 pdf export supports landscape, page screenshot, capture screenshot, 20191126 welcome info page, 20210317 fixed date localization issue , extension capture, issues including, pages including, fixed capture, issue pdf, bug fix, fix issue, bugfixes including issue, issues including fix, page bugfixes, scroll issues, fixed issues, original open source project, 20180227 new advanced scrolling algorithm, 20180131 new customer support feature, capture page, high pixel ratio displays

Block Yourself from Analytics Chrome extension download
Block Yourself from Analytics Block your Google Analytics™ activity for the websites you own, no more false stats.

logger script, minimum requirements, naked domain name, websites list, google analytics script, contact report issues, google analytics activity, extension icon, google analytics, chrome v63, use service workers, fixed issue, domain attribute exists, added support, extension options, block google analytics script, open extension settings, website list, minimum browser requirement, fixed logger script

Enhanced GitHub Chrome extension download
Enhanced GitHub Display repo size, size of each file, download link and option to copy file contents

file size, github issues, handle spa behavior, issues open, every active branch, api ratelimiting issues, display repo size, detailed changelog github, show download link, support github, download file, download link, size size, folder symlink, alt cmd, github access token, github chrome extension, support spa, file download link

Blacklist for Facebook Chrome extension download
Blacklist for Facebook Hide the posts you don't want to see - before you even see them.

facebook allows, peoples timelines, right sidebar, twitter cubeghost, pre emptively hide posts, alex bldwn, bugs questions issues, certain words, news feed, bugs questions issues email

YouTube Music Scrobbler Chrome extension download
YouTube Music Scrobbler Scrobbles songs from YouTube Music or Google Play to

keyboard shortcuts, upper right icon, previous song, yt music google play page, google play, open play tab, linux media, keyboard media keys, google play music, music google play page, google music, scrobbles songs, previous song keyboard media, youtube music, scrobbler issues, extension icon, single listening session

Oola Proxy for chrome Chrome extension download
Oola Proxy for chrome Oola Proxy provides access to million of ISP based IP address from the hola/luminati network

real ip, option added, dns remote, supports google requests, added option, luminati proxy otherwise authentication issues, network nodes, webrtc leak issues, super proxy, exit nodes, tor network nodes day, super proxy ip version, bad dns request, dns resolution, super proxy ip, small bug fix, luminati network, luminati account, luminati proxy, dns remote option, use dns remote option

Scratch JS Chrome extension download
Scratch JS Write and execute ES6/ES2015 within DevTools!

compiletojs languages, execute es6es2015, supports coffeescript livescript, babel transpilers allowing, new js features, execute es6 es2015, babel transpilers, js features coming, js issues, write, report issues, devtools

Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Time Tracker Keeps track of how much time you spend on various web sites.

nav gmail, helps users track, keeps track, various web sites, much time, project page timetracker issues, web sites, open source, email feature requests, users track, file issues

Sucuri Sitecheck Chrome extension download
Sucuri Sitecheck Scan any website for security issues, blacklisting, and malware with Sucuri SiteCheck

sucuri sitecheck, social engineering attacks, hidden eval code, site safe, hidden malicious, malware spam blacklisting, website blacklisting, security issues blacklisting, need urgent help, overall security status, blacklisting authorities, malware spam injections website, malware blacklisting, sucuri sitecheck leverages, navigate stop wondering, database connection issues, code anomalies, malware spam, mcafee siteadvisor yandex note, security issues

MUA Web Unicode Converter Chrome extension download
MUA Web Unicode Converter This extension will check web content and convert to Unicode encoded text if they are Zawgyi.

auto correction rule, fix zawgyi font, myanmar unicode, myanmar text, ko aung myo kyaw, css style, zawgyi encoded text style ko, css letterspacing properties, css style injection issues, easy enabledisable features, web unicode converter, zawgyi encoded text, myanmar font, ko thant thet khin zaw, zawgyi detection, css style issues, unicode text, fixed issues, light sky blue, unicode encoded text, san lin naing

Grey Tab Chrome extension download
Grey Tab A small but growing collection of neat tricks for debugging applications.

github projects issues page, id param, record details, issues page, standard sfdc record view page, open source, form viewstate data, current orgid, record view page, api enabled, neat tricks, suggest improvements please use

Swift Snake 3D [Popup] Chrome extension download
Swift Snake 3D [Popup] Lets you play snake in 3D and in hyper speed whenever you want...

leaderboard storage, google authentication issues, fixed random deaths, new color scheme, food spawn bug, darker food color, rank reset bug, major security rework, removed bug, food color, account button, snake body, leaderboard bug, added google, fixed bug, stable storage, new scoring system

SteamRep Checker Chrome extension download
SteamRep Checker This extension checks the reputation of a Steam user on SteamRep.

displays visual feedback, valve corporation, checker chrome issues, endorsed sponsored affiliated, steamrep, checkerchromeissuesnew steamrep checker, steam community profile, reputation, steam user, steamrep checker, problems issues, extension checks

Fix Sharepoint Scrolling Chrome extension download
Fix Sharepoint Scrolling Fixes Microsoft Sharepoint Stupidity With Regards To Scrolling on non-IE browsers

code sharepoint scrolling blob master, installation issues, extension modifies, view data, please contact, nonie browsers, sharepoint page, initial release, fixed installation issues, microsoft sharepoint stupidity, sharepoint site, sharepoint stupidity

FV Extender Chrome extension download
FV Extender Helps you accept FarmVille requests.

bandwidth fve uses, fb game neighbors, huge amount, google chrome, workaround added, accept farmville requests, fv stability issues, farmville fv, certain level, social gaming, added added, many users, human hand

Backend Chrome extension download
Backend Enables quick access to the backyard screen, 'chrome://' and 'about:' pages.

ext blob master changelog, quick access, oishi gmail, report bugs, backend chrome, ext issues, tetsuwo oishi, backyard screen, change log, backyard screen chrome, chrome web store, issues chrome

Twitch Giveaways Chrome extension download
Twitch Giveaways Comfortable giveaway system for channels.

twitch chats, giveaways issues, embedded twitch chats including, extension adds giveaway system, extension repository giveaways report issues, twitch, comfortable giveaway system, giveaway system, tv channels, extension repository, giveaways report issues

Twitch Emotes for WhatsApp Chrome extension download
Twitch Emotes for WhatsApp This extension enable use of Twitch Emotes on WhatsApp Web

extension enables, whatsapp web, twitch emotes, kappa pogchamp converts, extension enable use, twitch emote, github issues page, use, desired twitch, github issues

Bitbucket Filters Chrome extension download
Bitbucket Filters Add custom filter links for issues to bitbucket projects

creating custom filters, custom filters, options, issues advanced search select, issues advanced search select edit, bitbucket projects, custom filter links, confirm overwrite, filter options, edit filter, delete filter, filter, chrome accounts, save search, issues advanced search select delete

SearchCapsule Chrome extension download
SearchCapsule ?????????Search Capsule?1??????????60?????????????

f12 alt searchcapsule f9 googlegoogle google youtubegoogle google google google ituneswikipediaamazonchromelivedoor yahoo, google google google itunes wikipedia amazon chrome, searchcapsule1 google itunes searchcapsule, ctrl, google google google, google itunes, goo goo goo goo goo goo twitter facebook tumblr, flickr pinterest github ustream, okwavegoo goo goo goo goo goo twitterfacebooktumblr, alt searchcapsule, mac ctrl win, shift alt, alt command, ver, com jtb homes

ZenHub for GitHub Chrome extension download
ZenHub for GitHub Zenhub – Project Management Inside GitHub

project management tool, powerful browser extension, plan sprints epics, visualize issues track dependencies, multirepo task boards, determine team pace, github issues, use github milestones, leap motion trust zenhub, sprints epics epics, zenhub project, continuous improvement insights

Scrollbar of Contents Chrome extension download
Scrollbar of Contents Creates clickable heading markers next to the scrollbar.

keyboard shortcuts, different sections, shift alt b, clickable markers, code contribute report issues, clickable heading markers, long webpages, shift , source code, heading markers, show hide shift, report issues, cnet lifehacker, v

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