Best Tag Report Filters Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total tag report filters plugins - 604
Ever Accountable For Chrome Chrome extension download
Ever Accountable For Chrome EverAccountable Google Chrome Extension.

everaccountable google chrome extension, 14day free trial, supreme court judge, final report, supreme court judge louis brandeis, powerful tool, internet filters, weekly report, pornographic websites, certain way

FanFic Filter Chrome extension download
FanFic Filter FanFic Filter provides a way to more efficiently filter stories on FanFiction.Net.

character filters, character limit, enter tags, reviewtochapter ratio, tag filters, filter based, summary filter tag, create summary filter tag, positive tag filters, default tag filter, story summary, default filters, filter stories, specific preference

Kanban me JIRA Chrome extension download
Kanban me JIRA Display JIRA filters in the style of a Kanban board

displays jira filters, great products, project tracker, good people, launching great products, jira filters, jira, issues assigned, kanban board, display jira filters, quick overview, chrome extension displays jira filters, teams planning building

FurAffinity Filter Chrome extension download
FurAffinity Filter Filters submissions and journals on FurAffinity based on keywords, and filters annoying users too.

future changes, certain tags, filters submissions, page shouts, enjoy slightly, filters, fa filter, dramafree fa, furaffinity filter, filters annoying users, block annoying users, comments submissions, fa filter filters, furaffinity furaffinity filter

ContentBlockHelper Chrome extension download
ContentBlockHelper Helps you to block advertisements, tracking or any scripts and any annoying contents with easy methods.

easy methods, block contents, contents list, adblock format, subscribe public filters, extension helps, public filters, default ui, easy ways, quick filters, browser default, annoying contents, url pattern, switching slider, preferences page

Google Webspam Report (by Google) Chrome extension download
Google Webspam Report (by Google) Report spam in search results to Google.

spam report page, spam report form, flag icon created, breeze adds links, spam url, report spam, options page, recent google searches, spam report, web history pages, enable disable, chrome history

High Contrast Chrome extension download
High Contrast Change or invert the color scheme to make webpages easier to read.

convenient keyboard shortcut, several highcontrast color filters, high contrast color filters, new tab page, high contrast lets, color scheme, high contrast, settings pages, action icon, many popular websites, extension applies filters, chrome web store

Feedly Filters Chrome extension download
Feedly Filters Add filters to feedly

hide entries, match titles, feedly ui, keyword phrase, personal use, options page, add filters, options page added, setup filters, contain keywordsphrases, specific days, keyword phrase match

Sheen Chrome extension download
Sheen Apply visual filters to webpages you view!

instantly obscure, watch tab urls, page colours, pesky font colours, networking site wont, profiles automatically apply, favourite site, apply visual filters, applying visual filters, web developer needing, web pages, visual filters, favourite web pages

Who deleted me Chrome extension download
Who deleted me Quick informer about who was added and removed from a friend list of any user or group at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

twitter facebook, monitored pages, quick access, friend list, immediately proceed, new report, detailed report, zebraboss rolls, user, removed friends, quick informer, report

Social Report Chrome extension download
Social Report Share great content to all of your social channels via your Social Report account.

multiple networks, social report account, great content, draft message schedule, find optimal send times, share content, social report extension, cross post, social report extension allows, optimal send times, social report, social channels

Ingress Intel Improvement [BETA] Chrome extension download
Ingress Intel Improvement [BETA] Map and Comm improvement for the Ingress Intel Map

event icons, team chat alerts, specific colors, global chat, chat activity add filters, new players, identifiable highlighted, ingress intel map, world map, activity team chat alerts add filters, team chat, destroyed resonator, add filters

Signal Spam Chrome extension download
Signal Spam Report spam or fraudulent sites to Signal Spam directly from your browser and webmail, by one click.

report relates, signal spam, technical information, marketing abuse, information required, required action, spam report allows, report spam, publicprivate partnership, public authority, fraudulent sites, spam report, signal spam extension

Facebook Post Manager Chrome extension download
Facebook Post Manager Batch delete posts in Facebook timeline. Other batch processing: privacy / hide / unhide / unlike items. FREE!

use activity filters, text filters support, change privacy settings, delete hide unhide, activity log, recent new features, deletehideunhideunlikechange privacy settings, remove posts, privacy hide , facebook facebook, delete posts, facebook post manager, activity filters, delete facebook posts items, delete button onebyone, hide unhide, activity log filters, facebook posts

Spoiler Shield Chrome extension download
Spoiler Shield Block Spoilers in Your Social Media Feed

block harmful information, tv spoilers, block spoilers, tv shows, thrones survivor, social media, app filters, new tv shows, spend sunday night, social media feed, ingenious app filters, facebook twitter, every professional basketball team, favorite tv shows sports, times filters, spoiler shield, favorite shows, favorite tv shows, spoiler shield offers

Celebrate Pride EVERYWHERE Chrome extension download
Celebrate Pride EVERYWHERE Rainbow filters over EVERYTHING.

real progress, tangible steps, facebook celebrate pride, full equality, picture filters, extension click, celebrate pride, time kool, rainbow filters, lgbtq community, address bar, rainbow icon

Education Elf Chrome extension download
Education Elf Free the chains. Access what you need to get the job done. A tool by Jonathon Grigg

encourage bypassing, workplace internet filters, get work, facebook wont work, token set, spanner button, jonathon grigg, internet filters, ye olde education, mighty elf, way encourage bypassing

Privacy Protector Plus Chrome extension download
Privacy Protector Plus removes all forms of tracking including web-bugs, tracking-scripts and information-collectors, and protects your personal data.

badge icon text shows, toolbarbutton label informs, report bugs, badge text, icon text, bug report, personal data, web bugs, bug report form, options page, web bugs tracking, toolbar icon, blocked items

Artsy Head Effects Chrome extension download
Artsy Head Effects Apply photo effects (like grayscale and sepia tone) to webpages in a click.

color filters, entire blogs, auto start, artsy head lets, fade animation, view entire blogs facebook, optional autostart, new lens, sepia tone, apply color filters, photo effects

Lean Testing instant bug report Chrome extension download
Lean Testing instant bug report Use the Lean Testing extension to instantly take screenshots, make annotations and report bugs.

lean testing chrome extension, lean testing, chrome web, report bugs, bug reports, browser info, complete bug report, lean testing extension, software testing process, page youre, chrome web store, web site annotate

Trello Tasks Chrome extension download
Trello Tasks This turns a Trello list into a tasklist

show correctly, added browser action, report error system, perboard toggling, browser action popout, initial build, report performance, browser action, trello tasks, version history , quick button, new report error system

Bitbucket Filters Chrome extension download
Bitbucket Filters Add custom filter links for issues to bitbucket projects

creating custom filters, custom filters, options, issues advanced search select, issues advanced search select edit, bitbucket projects, custom filter links, confirm overwrite, filter options, edit filter, delete filter, filter, chrome accounts, save search, issues advanced search select delete

WebRTC Control Chrome extension download
WebRTC Control Have control over WebRTC (disable | enable) and protect your IP address.

toolbar popup ui, toolbar icon, real ip address, webrtc disable enable, report bugs, bug report, bug report form, webrtc control add, ip address, toolbar icon serves, change color, webrtc control, toggle button

SEO Analysis with Seoptimer Chrome extension download
SEO Analysis with Seoptimer Just one click to SEO Analysis with Seoptimer

meta robots, clear seo report, seo report, nofollow check, seo analysis, precise h1h6 table, headers list server, nofollow check existence, page seo factors, accurate seo analysis, important factors, seoptimer report, check page, page seo

Fast Image Blocker Chrome extension download
Fast Image Blocker Blocks all images and visual contents on desired websites

image blocker, visual elements, toolbar popup, report bugs, visual contents, bug report, bug report form, remove websites, image blocker lets, image contents including flash, flash objects, image contents

SEO Website Review Chrome extension download
SEO Website Review SEO Tools & Website Review Analysis offer complete website report and show advice to your site issues to help your site rank higher.

seo tools website review analysis, inpage seo links reports advices, complete website indepth report, seo website review seo website analysis tools, show advices, rank higher, seo website review seo, reports advices seo, instant pdf seo report, seo report, report review, advices site, seo keywords reports advices, site marketing tips advices, tools advices site, site usability reports advices, site rank higher, complete website report, site seo, complete website, step seo, much new seo report features, reports advices seo keywords reports advices site, keywords social

Toggl - Productivity Pack Chrome extension download
Toggl - Productivity Pack Productivity enhancements for Toggl time tracking

select, none links, toggl productivity pack, productivity enhancements, toggl time, tag report filters, toggl time tracking, toggl time tracking service, person project, service, enhancements

Search Filter Chrome extension download
Search Filter Allows you to make specified domains STAND OUT or DISAPPEAR from Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and StartPage search results.

google image search, search results, search filter, significant performance improvements, improved syncing external filters support, search filter allows, startpage search results, google duckduckgo, search filter button, google search, dark mode, google news, create filters

Flash Block (Plus) Chrome extension download
Flash Block (Plus) Provides control over all flash contents

toolbar popup, white list, report bugs, bug report, visit addon homepage, flash contents including, flash contents, bug report form, flash content, flash content appears, games video, block flash contents, adobe flash contents, frame appears, actual flash, flash block

JPGzorro - Picture Editor Chrome extension download
JPGzorro - Picture Editor edit image files online, direct from GoogleDrive

edit image files jpg png, filters, googledrive, edit image files online direct, edit image files, google drive, jpgpng, rotate, rotate crop filters beta paint, crop, jpgzorro allows

Nativ Send Report! Chrome extension download
Nativ Send Report! Send a Report to Nativ.

extension allows, nativ offices, send report, nativ, useful links, machine, send, nativ enabled machine, report

User-Agent Switcher Chrome extension download
User-Agent Switcher Switch between popular useragent strings from toolbar popup!

mobile useragents, popular user agent strings, toolbar popup, popular useragent strings, desktop useragents, user agents, useragent button, report bugs, browser user agent, bug report, bug report form, user agent

Crowdsourced Testing instant bug report Chrome extension download
Crowdsourced Testing instant bug report Use the Crowdsourced Testing extension to instantly take screenshots, make annotations and report bugs.

use, report bugs, annotations, crowdsourced testing extension, screenshots

Zombocam Chrome extension download
Zombocam Add filters to your videos

chicken criminal, live effects, webcam, nashville effect live, audio filters, send gif, add live effects, effect combinations, facebook profile pictures add, nashville effect, facebook profile pictures, videos, add filters

Web Cleaner Chrome extension download
Web Cleaner Filters inappropriate content from the internet.

block images based, image content based, additional feature, block images, web cleaner extension, websites websites, separate lists, parent determine, much skin, optional note, many parents, web cleaner stores, filters inappropriate content, image filters, web cleaner, block websites

GPX Downloader Chrome extension download
GPX Downloader This extension adds a GPX download button for the courses.

file bug report, bug report, gpx download button, download courses, modern view, small button, gpx format, garmin connect, com courses, etrex device, natively supported, created route

Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension Exploratory testing session using Chrome

screenshot shortcut shift enter, new icons, html report, exploratory testing, export json session, exportable html report, report bugs, large html reports, export session, see session results, export json session fixes, new icon, exploratory testing session, minor fixes, new windows issue

APEX Enhanced Column Attributes Chrome extension download
APEX Enhanced Column Attributes New functionalities in Standard Report Column Attributes: drag&drop, move to top/bottom, paste from sheet, replace column values.

apex standard report, top bottom paste, excel spreadsheet columns, move column, top bottom, column header, apex standard report column attributes management, standard report column attributes, new functionalities, replace column values, drag drop, excel spreadsheet, top bottom, standard report column attributes drag drop move

Servered Chrome extension download
Servered Whatsapp stalk, get last seen, get notified when number is online, get whatsapp activity report of your friends.

viewer, online, whatsapp activity report, number, friends, detailed report, servered whatsapp, notifier shows, whatsapp, whatsapp stalk

Secure Downloader Chrome extension download
Secure Downloader Secure downloads by scanning with more than 40 Antivirus engines for free. Analyze suspicious context files with a full scan report

full scan report, suspicious context files, privacy policy, report isnt, secure downloader, phishingfree web surfing, system privacy, scan report, context files, scan files, operating system privacy, downloadable files, phishing free, secure downloader runs

Gallerify - Powerful Image Downloader Chrome extension download
Gallerify - Powerful Image Downloader Gallerify - Powerful Image Downloader. This extension allows you to browse and download all the images displayed on any web page.…

complex size filters, content images, size filters, powerful image downloader, small bug fixes content images, example show images, search filter, web page, chrome browser, image size, pixel file type, top right corner, new version download, image type icon wallpaper, url image size, find images, images web

Previous and Next page keyboard navigation Chrome extension download
Previous and Next page keyboard navigation Allows you to navigate any paged website using the left and right keyboard keys.

don work, paginated website, file bug report, right keys, bug report, github page, open source, source code, top right, allows, keyboard keys, simple app

FlatCal Chrome extension download
FlatCal A themeable calculator for your Browser

suggest features, report bugs, flat ui, old developer, themeable calculator, google material design trends, suggest features report bugs, versatile calculator

Custom Style Script Chrome extension download
Custom Style Script Add Custom JavaScript (JS) Code or Styles (CSS) to any page.

toolbar icon, styles css, css code, several code items, custom javascript, report bugs, bug report, custom javascript codes, small javascript, add custom javascript, bug report form, custom style script customizes, options page, key features, add code, code js, add custom javascript js code, toolbar icon allows

Secure Downloader Chrome extension download
Secure Downloader Secure downloads by scanning with more than 40 Antivirus engines for free. Analyze suspicious context files with a full scan report

full scan report, full scan report secure downloader adds, enhanced layer, full scan report secure downloader, suspicious context files, secure downloader, antivirus engines, secure downloads, context files, downloadable files

Modify Header Value (HTTP Headers) Chrome extension download
Modify Header Value (HTTP Headers) Add, modify or remove a header for any request on desired domains.

add modify, desired website, modify header, http header, toolbar icon opens, wikipedia page, report bugs, bug report, http request header, options page shows, bug report form, icon opens ui, options page, key features, http headers, http header fields

JWT Debugger Chrome extension download
JWT Debugger The debugger as a Chrome extension

current tab, features debug jwts easily, shareable urls, source code, io debugger, io website, debug jwts, debuggerextension report bugs, debugger extension report bugs, web storage

Negative - Revert Web Colors (High Contrast) Chrome extension download
Negative - Revert Web Colors (High Contrast) Change or invert the color scheme to make webpages easier to read.

convenient keyboard shortcut, color scheme, chrome web store, revert web colors, several highcontrast color filters, negative effect high contrast, themes skins settings, high contrast themes skins, extension applies filters, negative revert web colors high contrast theme skin, high contrast theme skin, settings pages, color scheme theme skin, high contrast color filters, default colors, negative revert web colors high contrast theme skin revert, default scheme, high contrast, inverted color inverted

MapsEverywhere Chrome extension download
MapsEverywhere A one-stop toolbar for all your maps, direction and traffic needs!

weather report, maps direction, onestop toolbar, toolbar, point b, includes accessibility functions, traffic needs, efficient route, accessibility functions, local live weather report, stop toolbar, point

Night Mode Pro Chrome extension download
Night Mode Pro Switch to night mode and the display is much easier on your eyes!

day night, entire page, night mode, report bugs, day mode, night mode extension, bug report form, text colors, night modes, screen brightness, daynight modes

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