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Edit with Emacs Chrome extension download
Edit with Emacs Allow user to edit web-page textareas with Emacs (and other editors).

edit, extension, emacs, browser, server, chrome, spawn, servers, text, editors, page, gnu, versions, development, v3

AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM) Chrome extension download
AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM) Autocorrects text while you type in most text fields. Still very experimental.

list, fixed, text, icon, bug, popup, chrome, features, extension, function, fixes, add, browser, fields, ability

Google Reader Open entry in background tab Chrome extension download
Google Reader Open entry in background tab Open current item in a new back ground tab with the key 'v' for Gooogle Reader.

open, v0, key, reader, google, current, tab, contributed, version, works, fix, item, email, ground, code

Edit in Zed Chrome extension download
Edit in Zed Adds edit in Zed buttons to textareas

edit, zed, chrome, adds, area, text, contents, installed, pop, app, websites, textareas, scans, extensions, contenteditables

TextAid Chrome extension download
TextAid Edit (or just filter) the currently selected text area using a web request.

server, textarea, failure, editor, edit, web, request, text, icon, chrome, options, extension, version, selected, page

Twitter Autoload Chrome extension download
Twitter Autoload Automatically loads new tweets to whatever feed you are watching

tweets, twitter, top, updates, chrome, feed, timeline, update, watching, area, specific, visible, extension, scrolled, tab

Spell checker and Grammar checker by Scribens Chrome extension download
Spell checker and Grammar checker by Scribens A powerful, free spelling and grammar checker. Scribens corrects 250 types of grammar mistakes. English and French.

scribens, grammar, checker, powerful, area, french, drop, menu, extension, free, chrome, spelling, text, choose, click

Canned Replies Chrome extension download
Canned Replies Helps you manage canned replies in GMail and everywhere else on the web.

replies, canned, text, click, bug, icon, version, chrome, gmail, imported, snippet, options, extension, content, fixed

Annoying Typo Generator Chrome extension download
Annoying Typo Generator This extension seamlessly makes typos as you type, install it to annoy the hell people.

type, extension, produce, inputs, ignore, annoy, typos, character, hell, generator, unknowing, password, duplicate, stroke, keypress

Unicode Keyboard Chrome extension download
Unicode Keyboard This extension provides an easy-access Unicode keyboard to make it easier to create your own Unicode emoticons.

emoticons, unicode, save, detailed, button, buttons, characters, custom, customisable, copy, saved, keyboard, time, text, extension

Word Wrap Chrome extension download
Word Wrap Right click on a text area field to wrap the contents at 80 characters.

wrap, click, chrome, field, extension, text, area, contents, characters, word

Ghost Editor - RAW TEXT Button Chrome extension download
Ghost Editor - RAW TEXT Button Adds RAW TEXT button to your ghost editor. Switches editor to the simple mode where the browser spell checking is working.

ghost, text, spell, raw, editor, hack, adds, version, github, browser, simple, code, working, extension, button

Multi Note Chrome extension download
Multi Note this is simple notepad, supports most 6 notepad record retention

support, version, notepad, note, simple, save, area, record, chrome, expanded, buttons, read, extension, text, fix

Keyword Wrapper Chrome extension download
Keyword Wrapper Keyword Wrapper: Exact, Phrase or Broad Match Modify your Keywords.

keywords, exact, match, wrapper, broad, phrase, keyword, added, empty, extension, easier, v1, area, text, ppc

Script Executor Chrome extension download
Script Executor Used to run script on page to get results

page, script, console, extension, execute, run, result, chrome, ext, area, text, log, number, browser, helps

2016 Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
2016 Chrome Extension 2016 Chrome Extension. Allows Zooming, clipboard delegate for the ckeditor, and take screenshots of the current tab.

clipboard, javascript, current, tab, delegate, text, messaging, capability, screenshots, ckeditor, extension, native, zooming, required, perform

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