Best Text Button Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total text button plugins - 5804
Proofread Bot Chrome extension download
Proofread Bot Check text for grammar, style and plagiarism issues.

mouse button click, proofread bot, plagiarism issues, grammar style, constantly increase, incorrect sentences, error click, button click, checks text, press ctrl , check text, proofread bot checks text, left button, menu click, press left, selected text

Ghost Editor - RAW TEXT Button Chrome extension download
Ghost Editor - RAW TEXT Button Adds RAW TEXT button to your ghost editor. Switches editor to the simple mode where the browser spell checking is working.

find source code, browser spell checker, raw text width, text area, ghost editor, raw text button, ghost version, raw text, ghost blogging platform, browser spell, formatted text area, simple spell

Dreamwidth Tools Chrome extension download
Dreamwidth Tools Unofficial Dreamwidth Tools

customize text, text buttons, comment page autoscroll, unofficial dreamwidth tools, roleplaying purposes, text insert, imgur album icon insert, dreamwidth tools, text insert button, experimental blacklist, icon selector, album icon insert, comment pages, text message, action tag text insert button, tag text insert

Voice Instead Chrome extension download
Voice Instead Yet another TTS (text to speech) extension, with natrual voice.

sure yellow window, reading long text, loading text, introduce ibm tts api, issue stop reading, reading pause, button issue, old tts api, top panel, tts text, upper right popup icon, use image button, dismiss loading status, stop reading, long text, use ogg format audio, fix firsttime config data loading problem

New Tab Start Page Chrome extension download
New Tab Start Page Customize New Tabs & More!

basic cookie management allows, text click ctrl alt, reverse image search, search engine result pages, youtube videos, plain text url, plain text, google search, search pages, tab order, plain text link, right mouse button, ctrl alt, mouse button Chrome extension download lets you select text or images on the internet and send them to Twitter with just a click!

easily highlight, selecting text, interesting parts, selected text, text, current url, quote, toolbar button, send gifs, send, select text

Q-EmoText Chrome extension download
Q-EmoText แทรกตัวอักษรแสดงอารมณ์ - Emoticon / ใช้เป็น Notepad เล็ก ๆ เพื่อพิมพ์และค้นหาได้

facebook button, new html5 security system, last message button, g status text, share page, post fb, emotion text, share page function, emotion text emoticon, status fb g emotion text, add post share, remove facebook buttons, postshare current page, version support

LinkedNotes Chrome extension download
LinkedNotes The extension adds a handy list of notes that synchronizes with Google Bookmarks. A text selected on a web-page can be saved in the…

change font size, page notes, note title, sync button, new note selection cannot, localization context menu, enable context menu, clear quick search box, editable text box, note text, notes list, context menu, text selected, click right mouse button, context menu command, selected text, new context menu command

Push & Paste Chrome extension download
Push & Paste Push & Paste is a extension which enables you to sent Evernote text memo to your iPhone quickly.

evernote text memo, evernote button, click sign, evernote account, tap next action, download ios, push notification, push paste, enter text, extensions button, app store, sent evernote text memo

Click To Clear Text Field Chrome extension download
Click To Clear Text Field Clears text in the currently focused HTML input or textarea field without selecting it.

textarea field, selecting text, html input, contains text, red cross, text, dynamically shows button red cross, focus input element, clears text, field, focused html input

Search on Facebook button (by Chrome extension download
Search on Facebook button (by Get the 'Search text on Facebook' button on each context menu of a page you visit!

facebook, facebook button, dont forget, search text, text, context menu, search, button

Search on Youtube button (by Chrome extension download
Search on Youtube button (by Get the 'Search text on Youtube' button on each context menu of a page you visit!

youtube, dont forget, search text, youtube button, text, context menu, search, button

Clipper Chrome extension download
Clipper Easy click to copy & pase text clips from extension, dedicated 'Email' button. Create notes, bookmarks, email templates, etc.

save clip, create clip, automate copy paste templates, copy pase text clips, text clips, dedicated button, bookmark sites, text clip, email templates, copy paste templates, extension dedicated email button, page link title, select text, copy paste clips

Fresh Flower Chrome extension download
Fresh Flower Reflow tabs periodically if their titles match certain text. Tabs that are still flowing will not be affected.

text matches, periodically reflow, extension button, configurable set, text strings stored, reflow tabs, context menu, reflow tabs periodically, certain text, text strings, titles match

Text Tools Chrome extension download
Text Tools Tools for quickly modifying text such as backwards text, upside-down text and rainbow text.

flip text, extension icon, forum signatures, transform text, click menu, text field, support bbcode, rainbow text, text tools, text tools allows, new bubble text feature, send flipped

Type On PDF - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Type On PDF - PDFfiller Instantly type on PDF documents with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

free day trial, pdffiller app, edit font settings, powerful online tools, free pdffiller, use pdffiller chrome extension, pdf documents, pdffiller extension, free pdffiller account, fill button, new pdffiller google chrome extension, text button, pdf attachment, type text email, type text, orange fill button, email attachment, edit text, pdffiller google, extension typing, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

Throttle Chrome extension download
Throttle Throttle Browser Extension

email text, fix popover panel, unique email address, unique email addresses, email addresses, generate unique email address, email address, incorrect subscription list, webextension api deprecations, email text fields, multiple addresses, popup button, users control, feedback support button, throttle button, fixed bug, cleaner inbox means

Script Executor Chrome extension download
Script Executor Used to run script on page to get results

execute button, good point, write ext, script area example, get results, text area, log ext, click execute button, run script, html page, extension helps run, script area, result section, chrome developer tool, every link text

Translator Chrome extension download
Translator Translate selected or entered text

yellow right part, translate web page method, required web page press, required text, translate web page, extensions button, extension button, translate foreign texts, autodetect source language, use translate toolbar, selected text, translate foreign, translate selected, web page, method press, default target language, translate text method, press translate, foreign web page, text selected text

Copy Better Chrome extension download
Copy Better Let the copy experience more better

toolbar button menu, current tab, blog extension, copy cache, extension comment, home page, google chrome extension, copy selected text, html source code, toolbar button, recent copy cache, hide text, donate button, copy selected html source

Wibbitz Chrome extension download
Wibbitz Turn text articles into short videos.

text articles, active click, small play button, blue play button, top news websites, play button, short videos, turn text articles, wibbitz videos, twitter feedback, feedback wibbitz, short video, short video summaries, address bar

Text Field Chrome extension download
Text Field Provides a simple text field on click.

every time, write short text, added text, text field, copypaste text, textarea auto expands, special characters, text editor, simple text field, typical usage

DeviantArt easy download Chrome extension download
DeviantArt easy download Simplify image download on Deviant Art

download images, deviant art, soem seconds, download button text, simplify image download, simple click, text changes, zoomed version displayed, download button, version displayed, image download

New writeurl Chrome extension download
New writeurl Create a new writeurl document.

writeurl document, new writeurl document, new writeurl text document, quickly start, extension adds button, toolbar, click, button, writeurl text document, create

Text to Cat Puns Chrome extension download
Text to Cat Puns Click the extension button and any web page's text will turn into cat puns.

extension button, web page, text, cat puns, click, turn, web page text

Translate Selected Text 2 Chrome extension download
Translate Selected Text 2 Translate selected text with Google Translator

translate text selected, github selected, translate selected text, long answers, selected text, header footer, original translator interface, every time translator, google translator, unnecessary components, toolbar button, translator interface, pull request, rewrite whole extension, send issue, easy access Chrome extension download inKurdish Translation

press ctrl, kurdish text, popup window, settings button, rightclick menu, google chrome, arabic text, click menu, translate english

Cliptext Chrome extension download
Cliptext This extension provides a context menu item that converts selected text in your browser into an image to be shared on Twitter.

extension enables, click share, converts, character limit, click button, text, click, context menu item, 140character limit, browser hit, convert selected text, converts selected text

Tools for Amazon's Mechanical Turk Chrome extension download
Tools for Amazon's Mechanical Turk Productivity tools for's website (Mechanical Turk). Adds a menu with various tools for workers.

menu button, iframe settings, added button, captcha audio, captcha settings button, mechanical turk workplace, small layout changes, add button, job window, task window height, incognito add, tools edit parts, alert notification sound, new usersincognito users, captcha settings, select field focus fix, tools menu, tools button, audio alert, accept button, input text fields

Contextual translator Chrome extension download
Contextual translator Select the text and click the right button to translate.

free software project, select, impossible easier, text, click, source code, context menu translator, right button, mouse button

Search on Google Images (by Chrome extension download
Search on Google Images (by Get the 'Search text on Google Images' button on each context menu of a page you visit!

dont forget, google images, search text, text, context menu, search, button, page, google images button

CardCounter for Trello Chrome extension download
CardCounter for Trello Shows the number of cards in every list in Trello. Adds support for Kanban limits.

limit wasnt, donate button version, fix version, minor style changes version, small performance fix version, donate link version, donate button link, dropdown arrow version, donate button text version, update count, enabled version, fixed count wasnt updated, visual changes version, donate button, trello added donate button version

SwitchCase Chrome extension download
SwitchCase Switch selected text to all uppercase or all lowercase.

protected inputs, uncapitalize selected block, switch, uppercase, caps text, caps lock, text, another tab, text input, open popup, simple way, dynamically loaded text, google search, selected text, dynamicallyloaded text

Context Menu Search Chrome extension download
Context Menu Search Search the selected text in any search engines through a context menu.

select search engine, select, search engines, text, context menu, click right mouse button, search, page, selected text, mouse button

Different Gmail Delete Button Chrome extension download
Different Gmail Delete Button Tweaks the Gmail web interface’s delete button.

gmail settings, button labels, gmail, extension replaces, tweaks, delete button, gmail web interface, extension replaces gmail delete button icon, gmail web interface delete button, icon, subtle version, button labels section, chosen text

NEU library redirector Chrome extension download
NEU library redirector By Hooman Javaheri. This extension provides access to the online literature via Northeastern University Library.

favorite search option, neulib button, download full text, option google, download academic, northeastern library, northeastern university library, northeastern university students, northeastern university, full text, northeastern library privileges, push neulib button, article online, article push neu, red button

Eleot's Content Editable Text Formatter Chrome extension download
Eleot's Content Editable Text Formatter Yet another text formatting extension, because the others I tried didn't seem to work satisfactory.

rich text editor, extensions icon, another text formatting extension, format text, rich text editors, typing strike, text formatting extension, certain trigger character, every rich text editor, formatting options, popup cheat sheet, rich text

Shorten by Text United Chrome extension download
Shorten by Text United With a click you can get an intelligent summary of any on-line article. Remove ads and read the most important parts to save time!

text mining, reader app, whole text, web articles, extract content, text reader text shortening, text shortening, text free, text length, natural language processing algorithms, shortening tool, summarization extension, free online summarization extension

Unsubscribe Button Chrome extension download
Unsubscribe Button Unsubscribe from emails with one click.

hidden unsubscribe links, address bar whenever, gmail messages, many newsletters, marketing enewsletters, tiny text searching, precious working hours, marketing newsletters, every unwanted esubscription, keyboard shortcut, uncountable hours, address bar, button chrome extension, unsubscribe button

Read Now with Instapaper Chrome extension download
Read Now with Instapaper Click on the Instpaper button to read the current page in Instapaper text now.

instpaper button, extension places, click, instapaper, read, extension places button, current page, button, browser address bar, instapaper text

MobiTexter - SMS Texting from PC Chrome extension download
MobiTexter - SMS Texting from PC Send & Receive text messages from Chrome using your Android phone

email text, messages mobitexter, text sms message, chrome desktop, mobitexter realtime text messaging features, date range print, google play store, google account, text sms, sms text messaging, free real time, text messages, download app link, device texting send text message, emoticons support synch messages, email text conversation thread, text messaging, text message

Write On PDF Documents - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Write On PDF Documents - PDFfiller Instantly write on PDF documents with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

free day trial, pdffiller app, edit font settings, free pdffiller, use pdffiller chrome extension, pdf documents, powerful online tool, edit font, free pdffiller account, fill button, new pdffiller google chrome extension, text button, pdf document, font button, write email, extension writing, pdf attachment, orange fill button, email attachment, edit text, pdffiller google, pdffiller extension, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

Online PDF Writer - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Online PDF Writer - PDFfiller Instantly use online PDF writer with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

free day trial, pdffiller app, free pdffiller, use pdffiller chrome extension, powerful online tool, edit font, use online pdf writer, online pdf writer, fill button, new pdffiller google chrome extension, text button, pdf document, font button, write email, extension writing, pdf attachment, orange fill button, email attachment, online pdf, edit text, pdffiller extension, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

DupeOff - Plagiarism Check with Google & Bing Chrome extension download
DupeOff - Plagiarism Check with Google & Bing Check duplicate content / plagiarism.

mouse button click, plagiarism issues, press ctrl, left button alternatively, text release, dupeoff checks, dupeoff checks duplicate content, press ctrl , text box, webpage press left mouse button, check duplicate content, nice report, menu click, check duplicate content plagiarism

Chromium CodeSearch Chrome extension download
Chromium CodeSearch Searches the selected text in Chromium CodeSearch

searches, code searched, entry chromium codesearch selected text, chromium codesearch engine cs, new tab, chromium, text, chromium codesearch, text selected, search, chromium codesearch engine, selected text, mouse button

Email Grabber Chrome extension download
Email Grabber Quickly pull email addresses from any webpage. Select, Right-Click, Grab.

email addresses, invalid email addresses, easy way, email provider, send mail, clean experience, app searches, badge button, visible text, button located, address bar, aol gmail

Text Formatter Chrome extension download
Text Formatter A text formatter that goes by the rules of the Google Plus. *bold*, _italics_, -strikethrough-

bold text text, bold italicized, beautiful icons, subtle patterns, rules text, italicized text note, ben alman, text text, user specific whitelist, beautiful icons ben alman, text formatter, awesome background textures, specific whitelist, italicized text, specific sites, way google, replacetext plugin

Online PDF Creator - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Online PDF Creator - PDFfiller Instantly create editable PDF forms with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

create editable pdf, use pdffiller chrome extension, pdf documents, search edit sign, create pdf documents email, edit sign save, powerful editing tools, add text, free pdffiller account, fill button, new pdffiller google chrome extension, add fillable fields, text button, create pdf documents, editable fields, orange fill button, add pdf, editable pdf forms, fillable fields, pdffiller extension, pdffiller google chrome extension enables, create pdf document

Darken text Chrome extension download
Darken text This extension darkens text in

tags to make blog text more readable.

darken text dt, light grey text, grey text, chrome extension installs, darken text, freelance web developer, simple single click, dt chrome extension, shortcut ctrl shift, blog text, keyboard shortcut ctrlshiftk, grey background, extension darkens text

Text Link Chrome extension download
Text Link Create clickable links from plain text. Supports Autopager, any URL(even FTP or IRC domain name only) and email addresses.

email addresses, propotional font, hard work, uri text, irc domain, tab bar, plain text, uri text completely, irc domain name, supports autopager, location bar, clickable links

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