Best Text Highlighted Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total text highlighted plugins - 2785
Translate - Highlight - Remember Chrome extension download
Translate - Highlight - Remember Translation Reminder helps you to learn new language or subject. Translates selection and highlights texts from your dictionary.

simple tool, highlighted text, personal dictionary, highlighted text translate, devices translation reminder allows, customise highlighting style, translation reminder, text highlighting, translation reminder helps, translation hope, translates selection, highlights texts, page holding

Right-Click Search Chrome extension download
Right-Click Search Search for highlighted text on Wikipedia and Google via right-click

highlighted text, rightclick, wikipedia, text, search, google

ESV Context Search Chrome extension download
ESV Context Search This extension adds a context menu to search the site with selected text.

sole purpose, highlighted text, brought straight, context menu, org, select search esvbible, select search, org site, esv text, selected text, esv bible

Search in Salesforce NEW Chrome extension download
Search in Salesforce NEW Quickly search for highlighted text in Salesforce via right-click

highlighted text, new tab, quickly search, official salesforce, text, highlighting text, copy scrolling, global search bar, search, com product, salesforce, salesforce global search bar pasting, click tired, salesforce search

YouTube Right-Click Search Chrome extension download
YouTube Right-Click Search Quickly search for highlighted text on via right-click

youtube, search youtube, highlighted text, rightclick, quickly search, text selection, text, search, com, choose search youtube

Translate To English... Chrome extension download
Translate To English... Adds a context menu to allow you to send the highlighted text to the Microsoft Translator API

highlighted text, extension simply adds context menu, simple application, text, source code, context menu, send, microsoft translator api, adds context menu, note

Anki Jiten (BETA) Chrome extension download
Anki Jiten (BETA) This extension captures and converts highlighted Japanese text into an Anki deck for English speakers.

japanese websites, edict dictionary file, japanese text, definition based, anki deck, anki cards, ebooks news, news sites, converts highlighted japanese text, english speakers, open source, extension captures, japanese language website

Right click search in Target Chrome extension download
Right click search in Target Search text selection with, Search option is located in the right-click menu.

highlight text, find search results, search results, click option enbabled, search option, highlighted text, click menu, rightclick menu, new tab, text, search text selection, rightclick option

Anomali Lens Chrome extension download
Anomali Lens Anomali Lens is the cybersecurity industry's first natural language processing (NLP) based web content parser.

web content parser, ease add highlighted entities, parse content, raw intelligence feed, cybersecurity industry, cyber threat information, anomali lens, article detailing, natural language processing, threat intelligence, highlighted entities, highlighted observables, content cyber threat information, threat information, readable threat bulletins

CIF Client Chrome extension download
CIF Client Client for the Collective Intelligence Framework

extension allows, query cif instances, data types points, highlighted text supports multiple api, new data, text supports, collective intelligence framework, multiple servers submit data types points, multiple servers, multiple api keys

Shareaholic for Pinterest Chrome extension download
Shareaholic for Pinterest Send images from any website to your pinboards.

highlighted text, official pinterest button, pin count, google chrome, many times, security reasons, youtube video, send images, official pin count, every webpage

MultiHighlighter Chrome extension download
MultiHighlighter MultiHighlighter allows multi-word searching/highlighting on almost any web page. Each term is highlighted with a unique color.

paypal donation page, chrome web, browser search functionality, web page, multihighlighter search, redact text, chrome web store feedback, multihighlighter search bar, highlighted terms, multihighlighter search box, search status area, unique background highlighter, text redaction option allows, search terms, chrome browser search

Highlight to Search Chrome extension download
Highlight to Search Press Alt+Shift+Y to search for the selected text on Yahoo.

altshift, yahoo, press alt shift, nifty extensions, current highlighted text, quickly search, alt shift, yahoo search engine, search, press, press altshift, nifty extensions helps, selected text, key combination

Text Tools Chrome extension download
Text Tools Tools for quickly modifying text such as backwards text, upside-down text and rainbow text.

flip text, extension icon, forum signatures, transform text, click menu, text field, support bbcode, rainbow text, text tools, text tools allows, new bubble text feature, send flipped

Honey Chrome extension download
Honey The fastest way to share a link with your co-workers on Honey.

highlighted text, post description, optional description, topic youd, specific pull quote, honey network, useful links, share link, page youre, extension lets, create post based

Easy Search Chrome extension download
Easy Search Press Ctrl+Shift+S (Command+Shift+S on a Mac) to search for the selected text on Google.

press ctrl shift, key combination ctrl shift, nifty extensions, current highlighted text, selected text, google search engine, command shift, search, press, quicky search, press ctrlshift, nifty extensions helps, google, simply press, key combination

Text Field Chrome extension download
Text Field Provides a simple text field on click.

every time, write short text, added text, text field, copypaste text, textarea auto expands, special characters, text editor, simple text field, typical usage

Search this Site Chrome extension download
Search this Site Press Alt+Shift+S to search this site for the selected text on Google.

selected highlighted text, press alt shift, nifty extensions, selected text, key combination alt shift, current site, site, quicky google search, search, nifty extensions helps, press altshift, google, simply press, key combination

Highlight FB Posts Chrome extension download
Highlight FB Posts Keep your interested Posts in touch by saving them into awesome list in your FB account.

posts feature add note, facebook account, awesome list, enough time, highlighted posts, fb style, new fb style multiple users, new updates, fb account, awesome new list, post fix bugs, highlighted post fix bugs

Click2Dial - Snom Chrome extension download
Click2Dial - Snom Dial the selected number using your Snom phone.

snom phone, url commands, click2dial chrome extension, snom voip phone users, extension designed, dial option, snom devices, support url commands, highlighted number, highlighted phone numbers, web pages, phone numbers

Hide Highlighted Posts Chrome extension download
Hide Highlighted Posts Hide highlighted posts from your stream that are only there because someone in your circles +1'ed them.

google stream, ed, posts, circles, hide highlighted posts, stream, someone

SwitchCase Chrome extension download
SwitchCase Switch selected text to all uppercase or all lowercase.

protected inputs, uncapitalize selected block, switch, uppercase, caps text, caps lock, text, another tab, text input, open popup, simple way, dynamically loaded text, google search, selected text, dynamicallyloaded text

Cite Marker Chrome extension download
Cite Marker Mark snippets and quotes quickly then easily retrieve and cite them later.

highlighted text, cost extra, mark snippets, web page, create multiple marks, quotes quickly, regular bookmark, recall create multiple marks, generic page title, cite marker uses, multiple phrases

Eleot's Content Editable Text Formatter Chrome extension download
Eleot's Content Editable Text Formatter Yet another text formatting extension, because the others I tried didn't seem to work satisfactory.

rich text editor, extensions icon, another text formatting extension, format text, rich text editors, typing strike, text formatting extension, certain trigger character, every rich text editor, formatting options, popup cheat sheet, rich text

Shorten by Text United Chrome extension download
Shorten by Text United With a click you can get an intelligent summary of any on-line article. Remove ads and read the most important parts to save time!

text mining, reader app, whole text, web articles, extract content, text reader text shortening, text shortening, text free, text length, natural language processing algorithms, shortening tool, summarization extension, free online summarization extension

Disqus Condensed Chrome extension download
Disqus Condensed Condensed theme for enhanced readability when browsing

home channel feeds, enhanced readability, tiny text link, explore discussions, feeds x2 stories, related discussions sidebar, discussions sidebar, social media link, moderate people, created discussions, x2 stories, condensed theme, excerpts highlighted, community guidelines

MobiTexter - SMS Texting from PC Chrome extension download
MobiTexter - SMS Texting from PC Send & Receive text messages from Chrome using your Android phone

email text, messages mobitexter, text sms message, chrome desktop, mobitexter realtime text messaging features, date range print, google play store, google account, text sms, sms text messaging, free real time, text messages, download app link, device texting send text message, emoticons support synch messages, email text conversation thread, text messaging, text message

GTM Variable Builder Chrome extension download
GTM Variable Builder Highlight elements on a website and get the JavaScript code for retrieval - shown in Chrome Developer Console.

variable builder, chrome developer console, generated javascript, custom javascript, google tag manager, highlighted copy, generated function, retrieval shown, website text, javascript code, product id, extension icon, js console, custom javascript variable

Malware Search Chrome extension download
Malware Search Searches various online malware databases for currently highlighted text on a webpage.

small utility, malware experts, malware search, highlighted text, various online malware databases, geekstogo bleepingcomputer, context menu, utility, malware, search, online malware databases

Text Formatter Chrome extension download
Text Formatter A text formatter that goes by the rules of the Google Plus. *bold*, _italics_, -strikethrough-

bold text text, bold italicized, beautiful icons, subtle patterns, rules text, italicized text note, ben alman, text text, user specific whitelist, beautiful icons ben alman, text formatter, awesome background textures, specific whitelist, italicized text, specific sites, way google, replacetext plugin

Pinboard Keyboard Shortcut Chrome extension download
Pinboard Keyboard Shortcut Bookmark the current page to Pinboard via a keyboard shortcut

extension allows, keyboard shortcuts, highlighted text, another shortcut, page shortcut, default bookmark, version history, keyboard shortcut, bug fixes, default keyboard shortcut, pull request, current page, hamburger menu, default chrome keyboard shortcut, chrome extensions page

Darken text Chrome extension download
Darken text This extension darkens text in

tags to make blog text more readable.

darken text dt, light grey text, grey text, chrome extension installs, darken text, freelance web developer, simple single click, dt chrome extension, shortcut ctrl shift, blog text, keyboard shortcut ctrlshiftk, grey background, extension darkens text

LinkedIn Recruiter Search Tool Chrome extension download
LinkedIn Recruiter Search Tool Allows right-click of highlighted text to search LinkedIn Recruiter - Must have LinkedIn Recruiter Account

searchcrossreference candidates, highlighted text, search linkedin recruiter, web page, google meetup web based ats systems, last name, search cross reference candidates, select search linkedin recruiter, menu options, linkedin recruiter account, tool allows, ats systems, linkedin recruiter

Text Link Chrome extension download
Text Link Create clickable links from plain text. Supports Autopager, any URL(even FTP or IRC domain name only) and email addresses.

email addresses, propotional font, hard work, uri text, irc domain, tab bar, plain text, uri text completely, irc domain name, supports autopager, location bar, clickable links

Right-Click Search IMDb Chrome extension download
Right-Click Search IMDb Quickly search for highlighted text on IMDb via right-click

simple extension adds, highlighted text, select search imdb, new tab, imdbpro account, search imdb, click search imdbpro, little memory, search imdbpro, rightclick search imdbpro, search options, search executes, click menu, search imdbpro requires imdbpro account install, imdb search

Speak Text Chrome extension download
Speak Text Speak Text converts selected text to speech. Select - Speak - Listen.

english version canada usa great britain ireland australia, start reading, speak text converts, select text, great britain, new zealand, context menu, select speak listen, english version, speak text, speak text converts selected text, converter text Chrome extension download lets you select text or images on the internet and send them to Twitter with just a click!

easily highlight, selecting text, interesting parts, selected text, text, current url, quote, toolbar button, send gifs, send, select text

RightToCopy Chrome extension download
RightToCopy Enable right clicking, selecting, and copying text on pages that prevent these features. Also, prevent clipboard text injection.

highlight text, injected text, particular site, extensively revised, firefox extension righttoclick righttocopy, copy text, extension fails, prevent clipboard text injection, copying text, popular firefox extension righttoclick, enable right clicking

Better Text Viewer Chrome extension download
Better Text Viewer Makes plain text files easier to read in Chrome

contenttype headers, contact page, amazing open source, decent editor, syntax highlighting, file extension, inbrowser editor instance, plain text files, plaintext files, text viewer, opensource codemirror project, plain text file, text files

Click To Clear Text Field Chrome extension download
Click To Clear Text Field Clears text in the currently focused HTML input or textarea field without selecting it.

textarea field, selecting text, html input, contains text, red cross, text, dynamically shows button red cross, focus input element, clears text, field, focused html input

Dreamwidth Tools Chrome extension download
Dreamwidth Tools Unofficial Dreamwidth Tools

customize text, text buttons, comment page autoscroll, unofficial dreamwidth tools, roleplaying purposes, text insert, imgur album icon insert, dreamwidth tools, text insert button, experimental blacklist, icon selector, album icon insert, comment pages, text message, action tag text insert button, tag text insert

Alt Text Tester Chrome extension download
Alt Text Tester Alt Text Tester Used to Show Alternate Text of Image on Hover. We Can also Copy The Alternate Text By Double Click on Image.

alternate text, double click, show alternate text, click, alt text tester, copy, alt text tester basically, hover, image

Reddit Hover Text Chrome extension download
Reddit Hover Text Shows the content of a reddit text post when you hover on it's link.

self subreddits, reddit page structure, reddit text post, reddit text, res night mode, read lot, introduce stricter security, text submissions, future versions, fixes res, thing hover zoom

Serial Speed Reader Chrome extension download
Serial Speed Reader A program that will serially display selected text word by word.

selected text word, text, delay, letter delay, text word, display selected text word, text display, finished product, make improvements, display, unique icon

Ghost Editor - RAW TEXT Button Chrome extension download
Ghost Editor - RAW TEXT Button Adds RAW TEXT button to your ghost editor. Switches editor to the simple mode where the browser spell checking is working.

find source code, browser spell checker, raw text width, text area, ghost editor, raw text button, ghost version, raw text, ghost blogging platform, browser spell, formatted text area, simple spell

Speak Thai Chrome extension download
Speak Thai Reads out selected thai text

cant read, thai text, command alt, control alt, selected thai text, speak selected text, source code, context menu, simple extension, keyboard shortcut, select thai text, google text, short bits, speak thai, understand spoken thai, google translate

Lingoes Text Capture Extension Chrome extension download
Lingoes Text Capture Extension Support Lingoes to capturing text and translate it in your browser, Use this extension you need to install Lingoes Translator.

extension allow lingoes, capturing text, support lingoes, capture word, full text translation, japanese korean polish arabic hebrew, install lingoes translator, intuitive dictionary, text translation software, text translation, french german italian spanish portuguese russian greek swedish, download lingoes

Rot13 Chrome extension download
Rot13 Encrypts/Decrypts selected text.

encryptsdecrypts, encrypt decrypt, click rot13, encrypted decrypted text, text, click, encryptdecrypt, encrypts decrypts selected text, page, selected text

Text into Multiple Columns Chrome extension download
Text into Multiple Columns Reformats selected text to use columns of a more readable width.

reformats, reformats selected text, readable line length, use columns, kept, text, lines, readable width, images logos, select text

Copy as plain text - Chrome extension download
Copy as plain text - Quick and easy, the selected text without formatting, so as plain text, copy to the clipboard.

clipboard, de impressum, text, plain text, copy, quick, chromeapps amaz, questions, plain text copy, chrome apps, imprint app developer, selected text, questions suggestions improvements criticism, suggestions

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