Best Title Bar Chrome Extension Alternatives

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CollectIT Omnibox Helper Chrome extension download
CollectIT Omnibox Helper Add current URL to the Title bar to compensate for missing Chrome_OmniboxView

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Pandora Audio Ad Remover Chrome extension download
Pandora Audio Ad Remover Removes Pandora Ads, Add Song Title to Title Bar and Gives You A Quick Access Bar.

pandora, ads, removes, bar, quot, ad, songs, cbs, redirects, access, quick, title, select, album, address

Mute Ads and Pause After Ads in Hulu Chrome extension download
Mute Ads and Pause After Ads in Hulu Will mute Hulu when ads start. When ads finish can pause the video and play a tone. **FYI: Does not work with Adblocker running**

ads, tone, show, hulu, ad, checked, player, pause, fixed, issues, plays, work, working, tab, email

Add URL to page title Chrome extension download
Add URL to page title Simply adds the URL to the title bar.

url, title, chrome, page, extension, omniboxview, adds, applications, simply, puts, put, http, simple, web, format

Standardized Screenshot Chrome extension download
Standardized Screenshot Takes standardized screenshots.

chrome, capture, add, window, github, screen, extension, ish, standardized, screenshot, browser, page, https, forked, takes

getResponseHeaders Chrome extension download
getResponseHeaders Get Response headers of a url, an image or current page

image, page, headers, response, link, extension, click, shown, window, url, google, info, file, extensions, current

Streamfully Chrome extension download
Streamfully Streamfully brings you novel & personalized content, down to every snippet.

streamfully, version, snippet, pop, prior, link, settings, controls, brings, related, personalized, page, bar, context, speed

Floating Webpage (YouTube,, etc.) Chrome extension download
Floating Webpage (YouTube,, etc.) Watch videos while you browse the internet. Works with: YouTube, Netflix,, Vimeo, Dailymotion,, Instagram, TED.

click, deskpins, popup, videos, pin, extension, tv, top, download, youtube, watch, icon, drive, chrome, netflix

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