Best Toggl Time Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Toggl Button for Custom Websites Chrome extension download
Toggl Button for Custom Websites All the convenience of the official "Toggl Button" extension, with the added benefit of custom websites.

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Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker Puts a timer into any web tool and allows quick real time productivity tracking with all the data stored on your Toggl account

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Toggl - Productivity Pack Chrome extension download
Toggl - Productivity Pack Productivity enhancements for Toggl time tracking

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Toggl Timer Skin for Gmail Chrome extension download
Toggl Timer Skin for Gmail Changes Toggl Mobile to fit Gmail layout

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Toggl Plan: Project Planning Calendar Chrome extension download
Toggl Plan: Project Planning Calendar Add tasks directly into Toggl Plan from your favourite web tools

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Local Time - Automatic Time Zone Converter Chrome extension download
Local Time - Automatic Time Zone Converter Automatically converts and replaces time in the websites you visit by your local time.

time conversion, converted time, common updates, shows inplace, tools extensions menu, time paste, chrome options, local time, replaces time, thirdparty website, original time

Webtime Tracker Chrome extension download
Webtime Tracker Discover your browsing habits! Time tracking at its best.

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World Clock Chrome extension download
World Clock Show time in different parts of World in single screen. The time shown is local time in respective time zone

single screen, extension show time, respective time zone, setup meeting, single click, different parts, time shown, show time, local time, know time

LocalTime Chrome extension download
LocalTime LocalTime is Google Chrome extension which converts time stamps from site time zone to your local time zone. If you work with web…

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Watcher Chrome extension download
Watcher A time management stopwatch that allows you to track time for multiple items at once.

subtract time, multiple time totals, nearest quarter hour, rounds time, color code, multiple projects, edit watch, time management stopwatch, track time, easier management, multiple items, multiple time, collapse watches

Time Tracker URL Monitor Chrome extension download
Time Tracker URL Monitor Time Tracker unit for monitoring URL in Chromium-based browsers

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Yaware.TimeTracker URL Monitor Chrome extension download
Yaware.TimeTracker URL Monitor Time Tracker unit for monitoring URL in Chromium-based browsers

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TimeYourWeb Time Tracker Chrome extension download
TimeYourWeb Time Tracker The most detailed online time statistics. Know how much time you spend on any site on any day.

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Time Zone Converter - Savvy Time Chrome extension download
Time Zone Converter - Savvy Time Time zone and local time converter. Compare and convert time between many locations at a time.

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Time Tracker by TimeCamp Chrome extension download
Time Tracker by TimeCamp Put your favorite free time tracker into any tool you use.

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Time's Up! - Facebook time limiter Chrome extension download
Time's Up! - Facebook time limiter Help you to stop spending too much time on Facebook!

browse things, facebooks magic, time, much time, force stop, opened continuously hourly, update history, integrated notification box, flexible limit

Stopwatch for Workfront Chrome extension download
Stopwatch for Workfront Your personal dashboard that shows when tasks are due, close completed tasks, track time, and shows your recorded hours for the day.

completed tasks track time, time extension, task time, assigned tasks, inaccurate recollection, tracked time, track percentage, task completed, track time, stopwatch app, need time extension, hours tracked, time tracking, personal dashboard, automatic time, workfront task, time sheets

Epoch Converter Chrome extension download
Epoch Converter Epoch Converter

calendar picker, time unix time clock, calendar picker allows, human readable format, current epoch, unix time clock, convert unix time, real time, epoch converter, simple extension, pick time, local time, unix time

Voice Clock Chrome extension download
Voice Clock Helping you to keep track of time and help you organize yourself better!

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ChronoMouse Chrome extension download
ChronoMouse Instantly displays local time information, performs easy Google Searches.

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Website Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Website Time Tracker WebSite Time Tracker and Analysis

time related statics, full screen exclusive, keeps track, website time, website time tracker, time spent, particular website, related website, simple extension, website visit, view time, simple approach, track proper time

EndTime2 for Toodledo Chrome extension download
EndTime2 for Toodledo EndTime2 for Toodledo: Estimated Lengths Viewer

expected time, total time, time, log display mode, toodledo estimated lengths viewer, display mode, total time required, real time, review completed tasks, toodledo, timeline chart, displays time estimates, endtime2

Basecamp Extension Chrome extension download
Basecamp Extension Speed up Basecamp time entry and graph your time report.

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TSheets Extension for Intuit Online Payroll Chrome extension download
TSheets Extension for Intuit Online Payroll Integrate TSheets Time Tracking with IOP for quick and easy payroll.

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Reading Time Chrome extension download
Reading Time This extension shows the estimated reading time for a web page

reading time, extension shows, much time, web page, read time, read web page, new youtube layout, fast calculation time, web page article, firefox readability library

Trello-Office Chrome extension download
Trello-Office project management and time tracking based on trello

time estimations, bugfix release, bugfix release fixed, start button, start logging, initial public release, new save dialog, add time estimations, start time log, time log entry, saverecord dialog, log time, time logging, time log

Everhour — Time Tracking, Budgets, Expenses Chrome extension download
Everhour — Time Tracking, Budgets, Expenses Accurate employee time tracking software for reporting, invoicing and payroll.

expenses tracking detailed reports, employee time, project management, native functionality, web browser, browser add, browser extension, log time, project management tools, time tracking controls, time tracking software, start timer, embed time

World Clocks Chrome extension download
World Clocks World Clocks

time zones, local time instantly, open world clocks, powerful chrome extension, every time, different time zones, world clocks, select country city, current time, chrome productivity extensions, display current time

UHC Display Chrome extension download
UHC Display This extension converts UTC time text to the time format for your area (only on the /r/ultrahardcore subreddit).

utc time text, either type, location making, computer autocalculate, extension converts, utc time, computer auto calculate, current location, time format, upcoming matches, ultrahardcore subreddit, military time

OPTC Player Helper Chrome extension download
OPTC Player Helper Simple chrome extension to make OPTC players' life a little bit easier.

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OpenAir Reborn Chrome extension download
OpenAir Reborn OpenAir time tracking with almost no teeth pulling

old openair interface, multiple days, source code reborn, add time, addeditdelete time, auto saving timesheets, rapid time entry, autosaving timesheets, clicky clicky, source code, time entry, openair time, multiple timers, delete time, openair time tracker

Tic Task - Time management for Asana Chrome extension download
Tic Task - Time management for Asana Add basic time management on your Asana tasks

basic time management, extension popup, time spent, felt lack, offers time tracking tracking, offers time, mark tasks, web service, asana tasks, task comments, time management

BB10 / PlayBook App Manager Chrome extension download
BB10 / PlayBook App Manager List, manage and install apps on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook.

progess bar transfer speed, net framework come, save time, java runtime environment, progress bar, auto login, login time, time, usual login time, apps installed, query run status, installation status

TimeLoggr Chrome extension download
TimeLoggr TimeLoggr is a must have application if you use Assembla, and want to track time spent on tickets.

use assembla, assembla, add time entries, various parts, track, tickets log time comment, timeloggr automatically add time entries, log time, use interface, track time spent

Nepal Loadshedding Chrome extension download
Nepal Loadshedding Check your loadshedding schedule from your browser

saved locally, every time, gwt google, much time, change notification time, tool gwt google web toolkit, notification window, loadshedding schedule, next time, simple click, new changes

Time Track Turbo Extension Chrome extension download
Time Track Turbo Extension The chrome extension for Time Track Turbo. A account is required to use this extension.

stop tracking time, time tracking extension, time, tracking time, convenient way, com, com projects, com account, time track turbo

TMetric – Time Tracker & Productivity App Chrome extension download
TMetric – Time Tracker & Productivity App Simple time tracking extension which helps you be more productive, complete projects in time and bill your clients correctly.

transparent pto calculations, financial reports help, zero time waste, clear reports, complete projects, time tracking app, accurate attendance management, team management, paid time, project management, tmetric set project, projects clients, pto calculations, time tracking, pto tracking clear time, flexible billing system, set project budgets, track development costs

Time is Money. Money is Time. Chrome extension download
Time is Money. Money is Time. Shows the value of your time with respect to your annual salary and hourly wage on Amazon and

costs dollars, amazon page, hourly wage, annual salary, different perspective, much time, working hours

re-TES Chrome extension download
re-TES A collection of fixes and enhancements for e-TES

stupid modal dialog, weekly time sheets, approval comments, csc staff, etes, collection, tes time recording application, quick fix, etes time

Jira Log Time Chrome extension download
Jira Log Time Log your daily time in seconds!

daily time, time, provide custom jql, simple popup, seconds, external dependencies, super lightweight plugin, displayed issues, custom jql, log

VandyTab Chrome extension download
VandyTab A useful newtab for Vanderbilt University undergraduate students.

time bug fix, fixed border color bug, time font size, link fix, vandyvan time fix, times vandyvan times, vandyvan times, food times bug, food times added, vandyvan time, photo credit fix, dining time, vanderbilt university undergraduate students, background added, bug fix, menu link fix, window resize bug fix, newtab page, scrollbar background color fix, column line bug fix, time fix, added vandyvan times

Local Time In Chrome extension download
Local Time In See what time it is anywhere in the world - and what people in that country are doing right now.

world, people, big thanks, time, pm working, country, automatic detection, complete rewrite, selected timezones add, many cities, double click time, auchenberg auchenberg

Awesome Timesheet Chrome extension download
Awesome Timesheet Beautiful time tracking extension to get things done.

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Task tracker | Task timer Chrome extension download
Task tracker | Task timer An offline task time keeper.

offline task time keeper, task time, time spent, daily summary displayed, project summary shown, daily summary, key features, simple way, manual entry, record time

FoxClocks Chrome extension download
FoxClocks FoxClocks shows times around the world at the bottom of your browser. It deals with daylight saving time so you don't have to.

world time, foxclocks lets, time zone, saving time, foxclocks zone, web page, find virtually, custom formats, useful time formats, options page, zone picker tree lets, time formats, current web page, address bar, web pages

Nicer Inverter Chrome extension download
Nicer Inverter Darkens bright pages for easier night time reading. Unofficial improvement of Inverter.

tools extensions keyboard, nighttime reading, extension forces, keyboard shortcuts, night time, night time viewing, hot key, stressful night time, slightly changed text color, continues working, unofficial improvement, night time reading, light text shadows

PAVLOK Productivity Chrome extension download
PAVLOK Productivity Stay Focused. Eliminate Distraction.

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Scrumy Live Stats Chrome extension download
Scrumy Live Stats Tabulates the time units found in tasks for, a project management tool loosely based on "Scrum."

otanistudio gmail, project management tool, shows percentage, tool loosely, many agile development teams, time estimates, fix bug, time units, extension tabulates time, text readability tweaks

atomshot Chrome extension download
atomshot This extension takes a screenshot.

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Netflix Showdown Chrome extension download
Netflix Showdown Quickly decide what to watch on Netflix

auto play, showdown time, time duration, timer, timer expires, tomorrow hackathon, grand prize winner, time searching, tomorrow hackathon grand prize, top right, time watching, timers expire, time searching netflix

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