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Total toolbar extension plugins - 16386
Ad Review Toolbar BETA (by Google) Chrome extension download
Ad Review Toolbar BETA (by Google) A toolbar to allow publishers to see detailed information about ads served by Google to their site.

detailed information, doubleclick ad exchange, ad review toolbar beta, ads running, alternative toolbar, ads served, toolbar beta, longer disappear, extension api, hl en, various bugfixes, green borders

Toolbar Spacer Chrome extension download
Toolbar Spacer A partition icon for spacing the extension buttons on your toolbar

extension buttons, partition icon, blank space, adding blank space divider icon, breathing room, toolbar, toolbar spacer eioickpimlccboiimncpaphillnjccmi, divider icon, additional spacers, toolbar spacer, keyboard icon, toolbar spacer jkonoggfdfhabnccjanbnnccnbblhikd, toolbar spacer fplioachhfdbehddoehahffjbcfeinid

Mall Premier Toolbar Chrome extension download
Mall Premier Toolbar Helps you earn KmP while you shop online at your favorite stores.

mall premier toolbar shows, mall permier toolbar message, mall premier toolbar, license agreement developed, incentive networks, simply click, features retailers offers, mall premier toolbar pops, toolbar end user license agreement, mall premier account, shop online, mall premier, mall premier toolbar icon, earn kmp

Link Research SEO Toolbar Chrome extension download
Link Research SEO Toolbar Enjoy looking at the most advanced SEO metrics while you search the Web.

google serp, mini toolbar load speed optimization, competitors keyword, seo toolbar, link research seo toolbar, social media, minor layout fixes, seo metrics, page toolbar, seo toolbar keyword, link growth, seo toolbar minor fixes, page domain, google toolbar, interpret unnatural link growth, chrome store listing updates, longterm user engagement metrics, open backlink checker right

ATbar Chrome extension download
ATbar Accessibility toolbar

different settings, simple tool, atbar toolbar, accessibility toolbar, text read aloud, popular browsers, crossbrowser toolbar, help users, open source, users customise, web pages, browser toolbar

Remove website paywall & overlays Chrome extension download
Remove website paywall & overlays extension by @dbashyal

social share toolbar, dbashyal, dont collect, share toolbar, removes, technology websites, tealdit share toolbar, share toolbar v0, browsing activity, selected news

Goofbid - Automatic eBay Bidder Chrome extension download
Goofbid - Automatic eBay Bidder Automatic eBay bidder. Set and forget. We place a bid at the last second so you dont have to!

place bid, ebay bidder, success rate, maximum bid, ebay, goofbid toolbar, ebay companion toolbar, toolbar appears, detailed info, youre browsing ebay, new goofbid toolbar, clever toolbar, automatic ebay bidder

QuickButtons Chrome extension download
QuickButtons Über eine anpassbare Toolbar auf die wichtigsten Browser-Funktionen schnell zugreifen!

die toolbar, funktionen der quickbuttons toolbar aus und, klick auf, seite drucken ffnen, weiteren klick f hren sie die gew, die quickbuttons, toolbar auf die, nnen einzelne funktionen der quickbuttons, seite ffnen der lesezeichen seite, uneingeschr nkt zur nutzung bereit, wie zum beispiel download, sie die, sie die gew, akzeptieren sie die allgemeinen bedingungen unter, ber eine anpassbare toolbar auf die, toolbar durch einen einfachen klick auf, sie auf funktionen, mit der, und der nutzung, ffnen der, die quickbuttons toolbar, nnen sie auf funktionen, die funktionen

Scrible Toolbar Chrome extension download
Scrible Toolbar Smarter Web reading & research. Annotate, bookmark, save, cite, manage & share online articles. Use with your account.

full text search, manage multiple tools, scrible account, writing process, national history day, scrible toolbar extension allows, scrible toolbar, learning writing, smarter web reading research, multiple content areas, ell students, scrible service streamlines, scrible library users, save web

Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar Chrome extension download
Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar Find content and people that make an impact!

content marketing, different social media platforms, impactana content marketing toolbar allows, impactana content marketing toolbar, impactana app, marketing toolbar, design read, content coming, pick impactana content marketing toolbar, impact metrics, full impactana app, account share, lrt power trust metrics, click impactana content marketing toolbar, facebook linkedin, facebook google linkedin, content marketing campaigns, fingertip trigger share actions

Extensions Reloader Chrome extension download
Extensions Reloader Reload all unpacked extensions using the extension's toolbar button or by browsing to "http://reload.extensions"

reload process, post build scripts, post build, extension toolbar, unpacked extensions, extensions reloader, single click, google chrome extension, 3 keyboard shortcut, toolbar button, keyboard shortcut, extensions reloader toolbar, unpacked extension, toolbar icon, reload unpacked extensions

Web Developer Chrome extension download
Web Developer Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.

web developer extension, developer history chrome, web developer, reviews section, release notes, official port, web developer extension adds toolbar button, adds toolbar button, full set, web developer tools, toolbar button, web developer site, developer tools

Couponster Gutschein Toolbar Chrome extension download
Couponster Gutschein Toolbar Die couponster-Toolbar meldet Dir aktuelle Gutscheine dort, wo Du es brauchst: in Deinem Onlineshop.

gutscheine die, von couponster, dir die, sich jederzeit, aller bei couponster vorhandenen gutscheine f r, der couponster toolbar, sich von, sparst wertvolle zeit bei der gutscheinsuche, die f r den shop vorhandenen rabattaktionen informiert, die couponstertoolbar ist nach installation als, couponster toolbar, ist dir, erh ltst du zu jederzeit alle g ltigen gutschein aktionen, bei couponster, dir bei deinen, n chsten internetbestellungen nie wieder ein, du zu jederzeit, du deinen, bei der, die couponstertoolbar speichert weder deine pers, die couponster toolbar ist, noch ein, die du, dazu ffnet sich von selbst eine infoleiste mit, ist sie, die couponster toolbar

Frei Wild Extension Chrome extension download
Frei Wild Extension Frei Wild Extension

mit musik macht das surfen mehr spa, neuesten infos direkt auf deine toolbar, deine region erfahre die wetterverh ltnisse direkt, mehr infos mit, das web unsere seite, leistungsstarke suche durchsuche das web, infos direkt auf deine toolbar, radio mit, im web du dich, browser toolbar der band frei, news infos und, dich direkt im browser ber deine neuen mails, browser toolbar, dich direkt im browser, voreingestellt f r das agf radio, oder den fanclub nach beitr gen

Quick Shortcuts Chrome extension download
Quick Shortcuts Since Chrome do not provide an easy way to find everything, this toolbar button lets you find it faster.

toolbar button lets, clear browsing data, easy way, web page, new toolbar button, new tab, view page source, toolbar button, flash adobe acrobat windows, windows media player etc, print page, bookmark manager

OMG! Ubuntu! Chrome extension download
OMG! Ubuntu! The official OMG! Ubuntu! extension

refresh button, unread posts, linux app releases, new graphic assets, many unread posts, permissions request, native system notification, updated toolbar icon, bookmark icon, toolbar icon, descriptive toolbar icon, read click, open source developments

Croppr Chrome extension download
Croppr An image viewer for the web!

content sharing, independent file, extension toolbar, database independent, background color, current webpage, data organisation, social media functionality, key functionalities, another key feature, extensions button, browser toolbar, automatically centers

FlyCow SafeBrowser Chrome extension download
FlyCow SafeBrowser The FlyCow SafeBrowser Toolbar provides a fast and secure browsing experience by automatically identifying safe and dangerous sites.

secure browsing experience, safe browsing, internet explorer browsers, browsing experience easier, safe browser, flycow safebrowser toolbar, safe browser toolbar, flycow safe browser toolbar, dangerous sites, safe sites, safebrowser toolbar, browsing experience, internet explorer, safebrowser toolbar protects, reliable failsafe connection, safe browser toolbar identifies

TeX All the Things Chrome extension download
TeX All the Things An extension which lets you enable LaTeX on any website

enable latex, extension typesets, display math, pull requests, disablereenable typesetting, custom delimiters, every domain, open source, inline math, toolbar button, n n, display mode math, extension toolbar button, sum choose

SimpleClear Chrome extension download
SimpleClear A handy way to clear cache, cookies, downloads and history.

handy way, basic usage, clear cache cookies, jo o colombo, clear cache, toolbar button, hideable toolbar button, clear extension, extension option pages, manifest version

MapsEverywhere Chrome extension download
MapsEverywhere A one-stop toolbar for all your maps, direction and traffic needs!

weather report, maps direction, onestop toolbar, toolbar, point b, includes accessibility functions, traffic needs, efficient route, accessibility functions, local live weather report, stop toolbar, point

Skimlinks Editor tool Chrome extension download
Skimlinks Editor tool SL Editor extension.

manage multiple domains, relevant commission rates, editor extension, affiliate program, editor toolbar installed, average commission rates, provide commission rates, editor toolbar, use chrome extension, commission rates, average commission rate, sl editor extension, google search, skimlinks editor toolbar, google search results, average commission

1-Click Toolbar Button to Netflix Movies Chrome extension download
1-Click Toolbar Button to Netflix Movies Add a toolbar button to open a web link in a new tab.

add toolbar button, new tab, open web link, toolbar button, web link

Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar Chrome extension download
Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar Make your bookmarks bar better. Customize your bookmarks bar using one add-on.

new bookmarks bar, chrome add, mouseover bookmarks bar, cant edit bookmarks style, compress bookmarks bar, chrome bookmarks bar press ctrlshifb, mail rbtaddon, browser activity, set bookmarks, new bookmarks toolbar, bookmarks bar, chrome bookmarks bar, bookmarks toolbar

Incognito This Tab Chrome extension download
Incognito This Tab Open current tab in an incognito window.

current tab, open current tab, lightweight extension, special permission, alt toolbar button, context menu, context menu option, keyboard shortcut, toolbar button, light weight extension doesn require, malicious activity, incognito mode, alt Toolbar Chrome extension download Toolbar

social media profiles, html email, increase traffic, every design, small businesses, multiple landing pages, webmail platforms, toolbar allows, blank white screen

Windyty Chrome extension download
Windyty Extension creates icon, linking to, wind map a weather forecast.

browser permission, background task, extension creates icon linking, weather forecast, www, toolbar icon opening www, icon, wind map, wind map weather forecast, toolbar icon, privacy extension

1-Click Toolbar Button to Facebook Chrome extension download
1-Click Toolbar Button to Facebook Add a toolbar button to open a web link in a new tab.

add toolbar button, new tab, open web link, toolbar button, web link

GTT Segment Filtering Chrome extension download
GTT Segment Filtering Minimalistic toolbar for filtering segment types in GTT. Just open a GTT document.

open gtt document, filtering segment types, segment type, toolbar, differently colored buttons, adds toolbar, minimalistic toolbar, segment types, show hide, differentlycolored buttons, translation document, target segments, gtt document

Top Scripture Bible Verse Toolbar Chrome extension download
Top Scripture Bible Verse Toolbar A free bible verse notification bar on a timer to keep God's Word in your busy working life

enjoyable bibleverseoftheday browser extension, support questions feedback, bible verse, kind browser extension, god word, every hour, simply click, enjoyable bible verse, bible icon, browser extension, day browser extension, beautiful simple, free bible verse notification bar, browser toolbar, professional christians

RA-MICRO Toolbar Chrome extension download
RA-MICRO Toolbar Online-Recherchen und Kanzlei-Tools

micro online toolbar rmo toolbar, bezahlt wird nur f r tats, die rmo recherchen, nutzung der recherchen, micro online, zur nutzung der recherchen ist eine, ber eine bersichtliche monatsrechnung, online recherchen und, den chromebrowser erm glicht ihnen die, keine grundgeb hren, tzliche kanzleitools wie berechnungen tabellen, rmo recherchen ber, die ramicro online toolbar, ramicro online recherche dienste, es entstehen keine grundgeb hren, nutzung der, umfassen adressermittlungen sowie konsumenten, ber eine

WebRTC Control Chrome extension download
WebRTC Control Have control over WebRTC (disable | enable) and protect your IP address.

toolbar popup ui, toolbar icon, real ip address, webrtc disable enable, report bugs, bug report, bug report form, webrtc control add, ip address, toolbar icon serves, change color, webrtc control, toggle button

PageRank Display Chrome extension download
PageRank Display Displays the PageRank of open page with icon and badge. Quick access to Alexa, backlinks and indexed pages in the popup.

pages indexed, site explorer, toolbar pagerank, pr extension, extension icon, google site, yahoo site, open site, quick access, slight code improvements, code improvement , show greyed, google alexa, indexed pages, toolbar pr url, page open, open page, alexa backlinks, yahoo site explorer, open site explorer, toolbar pr

The Arabic ToolBar Chrome extension download
The Arabic ToolBar WeziWezi toolbar to make our free service more easier.. Download now FREE

free service, download, weziwezi toolbar, com, weziwezi

KML/KMZ Viewer Chrome extension download
KML/KMZ Viewer Can be used to view KML/KMZ Files.

easily open google earth maps kml, view kmlkmz files, handy little tool, view toolbar, open google earthmaps, text box, context menu, kmlkmz file, view toolbar browser toolbar, kmz files, view kml kmz files, kml kmz file

Speedtest by Ookla Chrome extension download
Speedtest by Ookla Take a Speedtest directly from your toolbar to quickly test your internet performance without interruption.

upload speeds, chrome toolbar, updated privacy policy, fast websites load, quickly test, extension settings, web speed, internet performance, disable web speed, visit speedtest, visit load, google chrome toolbar

UnlockedMW Toolbar Loader Chrome extension download
UnlockedMW Toolbar Loader UnlockedMW Toolbar Loader

member, trial version, need, buy membership, use, full unlockedmw mafia wars toolbar, full unlockedmw mafia wars, help, unlockedmw toolbar loader, mouse

Grocery Coupon Network Toolbar Chrome extension download
Grocery Coupon Network Toolbar Save up to 90% on groceries and more with print and online coupons from the Grocery Coupon Network Toolbar. Our toolbar features a…

great value, online coupon codes, toolbar features, deals based, chrome browser, grocery coupon, online coupons, relevant online coupon codes, print coupons, grocery coupon network toolbar, extensive catalog, merchant site

Image-Toolbar Chrome extension download
Image-Toolbar Shows a customizable toolbar on images. The contained buttons can perform actions like downloading an image to a custom path.

new savebuttons, save buttons, new tab, image toolbar, various actions, dev gmail, options page, short introduction, userdefinable savebuttons, questions suggestions, bugs problems, custom path

SEObserver Metrics Toolbar Chrome extension download
SEObserver Metrics Toolbar SEO metrics for a domain

complete identity card, google pr toolbar, extension changes, free version, actual value, seo metrics, referring domains, google pr, current domain, important metrics including number, version seobserver, premium version seobserver customers, efficient replacement

Mashup Note Chrome extension download
Mashup Note A beautiful and minimalistic Google Chrome Note Taking Extension for Everyone!

google chrome note, main google chrome toolbar, view copied, chrome settings page, minimalistic google chrome note, rightclick menu options, google home page, access side toolbar, click print, store google, important installation note, inbuilt wysiwyg editor, google chrome toolbar, mashup note

Open In Papers Chrome extension download
Open In Papers A quick short cut to load a PDF document or web resource into your Papers library.

pdf document, handy toolbar button, load pdf document, handy toolbar, view browse, quick short cut, pdf documents, current web page, article organizer, itunesstyle interface, web resource

Copy Better Chrome extension download
Copy Better Let the copy experience more better

toolbar button menu, current tab, blog extension, copy cache, extension comment, home page, google chrome extension, copy selected text, html source code, toolbar button, recent copy cache, hide text, donate button, copy selected html source

Redective - The Reddit Search Detective Chrome extension download
Redective - The Reddit Search Detective Quickly search for information about Reddit users.

toolbar button small redective icon, secret santa, reddit users, assists reddit users, small redective icon, quickly search, redective extension, annual reddit, adds toolbar button, redective, toolbar button, annual reddit secret, major events

Downie Chrome extension download
Downie Sends current page to Downie.

press ctrl shift, current page, extension installs toolbar item, sends current page, downie, toolbar item, sends, os x, video downloader, press ctrlshift, extension installs, send link

WhatFont Chrome extension download
WhatFont The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

google font, native screen capturer, font detecting algorithm, supported font services detection, retina toolbar icon, font services detection, fixed toolbar button bug, added font services detection, typekit service detection, google font api, new design thanks, fix option page, fixed bug, improved font, toolbar icon, web fonts

OMG! Chrome! Chrome extension download
OMG! Chrome! The official OMG! Chrome! extension

bubble alerting, turn grey, feed url, new graphic assets, update branding, ohso websites, mark post, change log, stays running, performance optimisations, toolbar icon, read click, chrome toolbar, chrome os

CalendarWeek Chrome extension download
CalendarWeek Shows the current calendar week and calculate a calendar week for any date.

week day, show calendar week, shows, simply announce, current calendar week, calendar week, icon, browser toolbar showing, new icon, calculate calendar week, date picker, extension adds button, browser toolbar

Hide Tabs Button Chrome extension download
Hide Tabs Button Hides all tabs very fast by single button click and restores them later. Also available a context menu option for control.

single toolbar button click, interface begins, hide tabs button, mouse context menu control option, extension options page, context menu control option, button click, browsers toolbar, hide tabs button folder, context menu, context menu option, single button click, restore tabs, absolutely free, extension begins, toolbar button click, hide tabs button extension, hidden mode option

Chrome Download Manager Chrome extension download
Chrome Download Manager Manages and interacts with your downloads directly from browser's toolbar. Most convenient download manager for your browser.

convenient access, canceled item, download operation, download manager, great chrome download manager skin design, chrome download manager extension, chrome download manager cdm extension works, reliable download manager, browsers toolbar, chrome download manager, convenient download manager, convenient downloaded, download folder, browser toolbar, cdm extension begins, shows action notifications

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