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ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS Chrome extension download
ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS Translator, Dictionary, Voice

translation, imtranslator, text, translator, dictionary, alt, inline, translate, extension, shortcut, select, run, selection, pop, original

LinguaLeo English Translator Chrome extension download
LinguaLeo English Translator Translate words & phrases on web pages. Replenish your personal dictionary. Learn English with millions of people at!

lingualeo, english, word, extension, learning, language, translator, words, phrases, android, learn, translate, popular, includes, translations

TransOver Chrome extension download
TransOver Hover, click or select to translate (with text-to-speech)

quot, fix, popup, translate, chrome, tts, language, word, translation, text, selection, speech, api, google, youtube

Readlang Web Reader Chrome extension download
Readlang Web Reader Read websites in the language you're learning, translate words you don't know, and we'll create flashcards to help you remember.

language, readlang, translate, flashcards, word, webpages, learn, learning, create, work, click, lifehacker, blogs, short, story

Longdo Dictionary Chrome extension download
Longdo Dictionary Longo Dictionary on the fly!

longdo, extension, dictionary, desired, word, chrome, text, click, user, online, dictionaries, metamedia, thai, english, popular

myVocabu Chrome extension download
myVocabu Translate, learn and train words from foreign languages

words, chrome, translate, quot, added, extension, page, translation, workouts, bahasa, basa, hausa, igbo, maori, sesotho

WordReference Chrome extension download
WordReference Helps you translate words with

wordreference, click, helps, extension, words, french, word, browser, highlighted, opening, translating, translate, english, supported, icon

Lingvo TV Chrome extension download
Lingvo TV Learn languages while watching movies online. Translate words and grow your vocabulary, on the go.

learn, extension, translate, movie, app, subtitles, languages, time, online, watch, words, tv, foreign, netflix, movies

Tran Chrome extension download
Tran Quick translation with multitran ( and little more

fix, translation, words, tooltip, turkish, translate, multitran, word, special, sites, mode, transcription, popup, www, cgi

Smart Translate Chrome extension download
Smart Translate Your smartest multi language translator.

translate, smart, dictionary, language, phrases, word, phrase, multi, searched, suggest, smartest, entry, current, extension, detect

Reverso Translate in Context Chrome extension download
Reverso Translate in Context Translate words and expressions in context and improve your language skills. Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, etc.

context, expressions, russian, translate, translation, site, italian, spanish, french, dutch, arabic, words, checker, text, spell

Look Up Wikipedia, Google Translate & Maps Chrome extension download
Look Up Wikipedia, Google Translate & Maps Look up Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google Translate, Google Maps, and Oxford American Dictionary.

google, translate, extension, word, maps, chrome, wikipedia, language, menu, choose, address, text, wiktionary, oxford, manually

SnStar Mate Chrome extension download
SnStar Mate Just Click, Share Everywhere

share, chrome, linkedin, tumblr, snstar, browser, added, create, qrcodes, support, generate, words, baidu, translate, everywheresnstar

Popup Translate Chrome extension download
Popup Translate A lightweight translation tool giving you a hotkey to translate words or phrases without leaving the page.

translate, word, translation, words, spanish, english, quot, reading, language, select, languages, great, clicking, text, bull

Wordie! Chrome extension download
Wordie! Select. Translate. With Wordreference!

english, gt, translate, wordreference, word, page, select, spanish, translation, reading, articles, improve, everyday, extension, order

AlloWord Chrome extension download
AlloWord Smart tool to not miss all thousands of words you have seen so far!!

word, words, translate, page, text, alloword, selected, extension, reading, translated, translation, meaning, wikipedia, smart, guess

Cool Translator Chrome extension download
Cool Translator 7 languages, 5 supported translation services. Translate words, add words to vocabulary, memorize words at

word, words, memorize, translation, space, vocabulary, languages, supported, linguee, mac, add, ru, coolvocabulary, lingualeo, translator simple translator Chrome extension download simple translator Easily translate words from any website within your browser — with auto-focus!

translate, ads, words, extension, auto, updated, required, permissions, reflect, mobile, relocating, field, leo, added, translator

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