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TelevisionFanatic Chrome extension download
TelevisionFanatic Thousands of recently aired episodes of your favorite shows – all in one convenient spot!

extension, click, televisionfanatic, http, free, chrome, uninstall, tv, browser, eula, shows, convenient, quot, privacy, episodes

TVPlusNewtab Chrome extension download
TVPlusNewtab TVPlusNewtab lets you watch movies and tv shows easily from legit streaming websites. Let the fun begin!

media, tvplusnewtab, tv, watch, quick, search, popular, easily, streaming, extension, services, tab, features, page, shows

BestMediaTab Chrome extension download
BestMediaTab BestMediaTab gives you the latest information for popular movies and tv shows directly from your newtab

quickly, tv, popular, movies, extension, media, shows, websites, search, space, combination, bestmediatab, latest, information, newtabwith

NewTabTV(Cool) Chrome extension download
NewTabTV(Cool) Watch movies and tv shows easily from legit streaming websites.Override the newtab and default search with

tv, watch, popular, media, extension, quick, override, streaming, services, page, newtabtv, features, tab, shows, movies

FunMediaTab Chrome extension download
FunMediaTab FunMediaTab lets you watch movies and tv shows easily from legit streaming websites. Let the fun begin!

media, watch, funmediatab, tv, quick, search, popular, easily, streaming, extension, services, tab, features, page, shows

mixTV Start Chrome extension download
mixTV Start mixTV Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick tv click-and-watch experience, for free.

extension, click, chrome, mixtv, quot, tv, php, corner, browser, start, icon, policy, privacy, service, http

Supernet: Free VPN. Unblock. Security&Privacy Chrome extension download
Supernet: Free VPN. Unblock. Security&Privacy Get access to entertaining content all over the world, keep your online privacy, stay secure when connected to public Wi-Fi.

supernet, data, protection, internet, free, https, google, fi, privacy, app, secure, security, content, encryption, chrome

Search By myTV Chrome extension download
Search By myTV Search By myTV

extension, search, mytv, chrome, click, quot, privacy, tv, browser, icon, policy, http, hand, corner, uninstall

Transmogrify for Plex Chrome extension download
Transmogrify for Plex Adds several features to the Plex/Web 2.0 client for Plex

adding, page, movies, view, plex, link, tv, movie, display, ratings, shows, show, web, adds, pages

MediaTab.TV Streaming Search - Live TV Shows Chrome extension download
MediaTab.TV Streaming Search - Live TV Shows MediaTab.TV Streaming Search allows you to search for your favourite streaming titles right from the Chrome New Tab and Search Bar

tv, chrome, extension, uninstall, streaming, shows, click, search, icon, browser, privacy, mediatab, policy, hand, application

UpTo for Google Calendar Chrome extension download
UpTo for Google Calendar Follow sports schedules, TV shows, concerts, and more, without ever leaving your Google Calendar.

events, upto, google, calendar, calendars, follow, schedules, clutter, sports, plan, love, discover, nbc, tv, lifehacker

TV WatchList Chrome extension download
TV WatchList Track favorite TV shows and episodes by creating a personal WatchList.

shows, tv, episode, show, track, episodes, unseen, facebook, watchlist, list, data, update, alert, status, add

What to watch next? Movies, TV Shows (Simkl) Chrome extension download
What to watch next? Movies, TV Shows (Simkl) This is a legacy APP. Please use a new one

simkl, netflix, tv, extension, chrome, shows, categories, imdb, crunchyroll, ratings, tracker, beta, secret, app, gl

PopcornTime - Free Movies, TV Shows, Anime Chrome extension download
PopcornTime - Free Movies, TV Shows, Anime Watch Movies, TV shows, Anime for free instantly !

movies, content, app, anime, tv, browser, experience, shows, network, free, favorite, secure, gazing, question, contact

LiveTV Start Chrome extension download
LiveTV Start LiveTV Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick tv click-and-watch experience, for free.

extension, click, chrome, livetv, quot, tv, html, browser, start, icon, policy, privacy, service, http, hand

BBC iPlayer subscription manager Chrome extension download
BBC iPlayer subscription manager Subscribe to the BBC TV shows, Series, Documentaries, etc. and get notified when a new episode becomes available on the iPlayer

episode, iplayer, subscribe, notification, bbc, extension, subscription, programme, watch, unmissable, clicking, website, shows, anymore, series

Tubi TV - Free Movies Chrome extension download
Tubi TV - Free Movies Watch Full Movies, Full TV Show Episodes Free Online. The Largest FREE Streaming Site.

tv, free, movies, tubi, favorites, app, tubitv, shows, content, watch, largest, popular, full, foreign, cooking

TV Shows Browser Extension Chrome extension download
TV Shows Browser Extension TV Shows Browser Extension

extension, browser, access, easy, searches, results, faster, search, enhances, experience, add, tvshows, maximum, extensiontvshows, tv

My Episode Guide Chrome extension download
My Episode Guide Shows the next episode which is to be aired for your chosen TV shows. All information is taken from

shows, episode, show, extension, added, tv, aired, auto, lets, www, list, gather, remaining, favorite, fixed

Spoiler Shield Chrome extension download
Spoiler Shield Block Spoilers in Your Social Media Feed

quot, spoilers, shield, shows, spoiler, watch, social, media, app, tv, block, facebook, twitter, chrome, free

Riff Chrome extension download
Riff Riff enables fans to create and watch video commentary that can be viewed side-by-side with TV shows and movies.

side, riff, enables, fans, commentary, video, create, watch, tv, shows, extension, viewed, movies, chrome

Watch It Stream Chrome extension download
Watch It Stream The best way to find Movies and TV Shows online.

tv, find, price, search, online, streaming, chrome, show, movies, watch, watchitstream, extension, display, built, quickly

MoviesSearch Chrome extension download
MoviesSearch Watch movies and tv shows

watch, tv, movies, favorite, extension, shows, sports, chrome, showsyou, pc, moviessearch

Flico Chrome extension download
Flico A new dimension to movies and TV shows

landmark, watching, user, relevant, extension, map, dimension, location, unfamiliar, movie, movies, words, tv, platform, showsflico

Netflix Autoplayer - With System Sleep Timer Chrome extension download
Netflix Autoplayer - With System Sleep Timer Autoplays Netflix TV Shows - Shuts down computer when done

sleep, timer, netflix, extension, shutdown, work, updates, files, bat, pause, fixed, file, creates, lock, computer

Rabbit TV Plus Chrome extension download
Rabbit TV Plus Rabbit TV Plus

tv, channels, live, rabbit, sign, music, device, full, http, watch, anytime, log, vod, chrome, hundreds

Watch Your TV Shows Now Chrome extension download
Watch Your TV Shows Now Search your favorite TV sites instantly from your home and new tab page!

tv, online, extension, tab, content, shows, watch, time, search, page, chrome, popular, sites, access, click

Netfix Chrome extension download
Netfix Netflix fixes: movies go to pages instead of playing, removes sliders, shows ratings, and hides bad recommendations and rated items

extension, ratings, pages, netflix, movies, shows, update, requests, sliders, load, rated, recommendations, homepage, playing, bad

TPB UI - The Pirate Bay Special + AdBlock Chrome extension download
TPB UI - The Pirate Bay Special + AdBlock Improved user interface of ThePirateBay (tpb). Includes an Ad block.

bay, tpb, lists, columns, ui, extension, improved, top, torrents, adblock, shows, pirate, episode, suggestions, view

On TV Tonight! Chrome extension download
On TV Tonight! On TV Tonight! is your ultimate TV Show guide with easy-to-use calendar and tracking features!

tv, shows, account, extension, episodes, google, favorite, gui, trakt, calendar, chrome, hear, glad, easy, guide

File Search Engine (by FileDiva) Chrome extension download
File Search Engine (by FileDiva) Search & Download shared files from various file hosting sites like: Rapidshare, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Netload, 4shared, Extabit...

search, file, results, engine, access, documents, shared, download, chrome, filediva, ebooks, music, online, series, uploaded

Seen! Tv Series Episode Tracker Chrome extension download
Seen! Tv Series Episode Tracker The smartest and definitive way to keep track of your favourite tv shows' episodes!

episode, tv, page, link, inactive, options, fixed, links, bug, shows, smartest, series, track, huge, streaming

MovSearch Chrome extension download
MovSearch Watch movies and tv shows

movies, watch, extension, chrome, online, tv, showssearch, movsearch, pc

Air Time Chrome extension download
Air Time Never miss your favourite TV show again!

shows, favourite, tv, episodes, quot, watchlist, add, air, previous, notified, chrome, extension, dates, app, aired

Channels for Netflix Chrome extension download
Channels for Netflix Add TV shows on Netflix to channels that you create and manage, enabling you to watch episodes from multiple TV shows back-to-back.

channels, netflix, episodes, tv, channel, create, quot, menu, shows, extension, watch, manage, bring, guaranteed, play

iTunes Artwork Grabber Chrome extension download
iTunes Artwork Grabber Get high-res artwork for apps, music, books, movies, TV shows, and more, all types supported.

chrome, artwork, grabber, supported, tv, shows, high, greasemonkey, google, cover, books, types, podcasts, movies, music

Pluto TV Chrome extension download
Pluto TV Pluto TV: Watch Free TV While You Work

tv, news, movies, cartoons, free, enjoy, pluto, download, channels, cnet, videos, nbc, exclusive, surf, channel

Netflix US Proxy Chrome extension download
Netflix US Proxy Get the Netflix US content

netflix, proxy, extension, shows, films, chrome, tv, content, free

Shobot Chrome extension download
Shobot DVR the TV shows you find online.

tv, support, shobot, shows, record, dvr, sites, extension, getglue, tvtag, stay, facebook, tuned, lets, visit

myTV Start Chrome extension download
myTV Start myTV Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick tv click-and-watch experience, for free.

extension, click, chrome, mytv, quot, privacy, tv, corner, browser, start, service, icon, policy, http, uninstall

TV Chrome extension download
TV TV Mobile TV Elite - The Ultimate Phone TV Software. SatelliteDirect - The Ultimate PC TV Software. TVFreeLoad - The Ultimate TV…

tv, ultimate, software, shows, elite, pc, phone, downloads, extension, mobile, satellitedirect, tvfreeload, website, chrome

reCollect: TV series, Anime, Manga, Books Chrome extension download
reCollect: TV series, Anime, Manga, Books Organise and keep track of all your collection of movie series, TV shows, anime, manga, comics and books from one single app.

recollect, app, collection, series, tv, books, chrome, https, google, movie, extension, anime, questions, organise, comics

Watch Doge Chrome extension download
Watch Doge It keeps track of episodes of your favorite tv shows and reminds you of upcoming episodes. (Original icon by Jonah Bethlehem)

episodes, extension, find, bethlehem, chrome, jonah, track, shows, reminds, favorite, tv, downloading, report, doge, bug

IMDB Search Chrome extension download
IMDB Search Add 'imdb' keyword to omnibox for searching on IMDB, with immediate search suggestions!

search, imdb, results, extension, tv, series, requests, shows, permissions, minimal, asks, choosing, privacy, searching, result

TV-Newtab Chrome extension download
TV-Newtab TV-Newtab lets you watch movies and tv shows easily from legit streaming websites. Let the fun begin!

tv, media, watch, quick, newtab, search, popular, easily, streaming, services, tab, extension, features, page, shows

BrowserAssistant Chrome extension download
BrowserAssistant Get any content, anywhere, anytime

computer, extension, change, content, anytimebrowser, restrictions, country, assistant, access, television, live, sports, watch, channels, top

Pirateer Chrome extension download
Pirateer Pirateer is a Chrome Extension that adds IMDb ratings to TV shows and movies on The Pirate Bay

information, movie, imdb, pirateer, permissions, pirate, tv, movies, updated, https, data, search, extension, torrents, piratebay

Twivo Chrome extension download
Twivo Tivo for Twitter - prevent spoilers and save tweets for later

show, tweets, hit, favorite, tivo, spoilers, twitter, shows, imjen, fees, free, contact, twivo, watch, visible

Can I Stream it?++ Chrome extension download
Can I Stream it?++ Right-click to search; auto-detects titles on IMDB, Rottentomatoes, Metacritic, letterboxd, and more. (UNOFFICIAL)

www, click, auto, options, extension, searching, detect, supported, icon, free, letterboxd, imdb, rottentomatoes, contact, movies

Fast Watch Chrome extension download
Fast Watch Quickly Watch Movies and TV Shows on Flix.Watch.

watch, supported, future, movies, chrome, tv, quickly, shows, flix, extension, sites, updates, fast, amp

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