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Total unwanted messages plugins - 14
Gmail Chrome extension download
Gmail Fast, searchable email with less spam.
Firefox Relay Chrome extension download
Firefox Relay Firefox Relay makes it easy to create email masks that forward to your true inbox.
SpamBlocker Chrome extension download
SpamBlocker Block spammers (or anyone) with 1 click.
Unsubscribe Button Chrome extension download
Unsubscribe Button Unsubscribe from emails with one click.
Inboxes: unlimited temporary email addresses Chrome extension download
Inboxes: unlimited temporary email addresses Inboxes lets you quickly create & delete temp email addresses. Stop junk & marketers in their tracks with disposable email addresses
Comment Blocker Facebook Chrome extension download
Comment Blocker Facebook Helps in removing unwanted comments from the facebook page instantly.
Hide 'Delete' Quick Action for GMail Chrome extension download
Hide 'Delete' Quick Action for GMail Hide delete quick action button in GMail and say no to unwanted email deletions.
Slack Blocker Chrome extension download
Slack Blocker A tool that helps you block people on Slack.
Tinker for Twitch Chrome extension download
Tinker for Twitch Control visual elements of Twitch.tv
NLP Twitch Chat Filter Chrome extension download
NLP Twitch Chat Filter Filter out unwanted messages.
CockBlock Chrome extension download
CockBlock This extension deletes unwanted messages from your OkCupid inbox based on message previews.
Yammer #joined filter Chrome extension download
Yammer #joined filter This Extension Should filter out all the unwanted #joined messages on the Yammer timeline. Microsoft have ignored the call to make…
BrokerBuster for WhatsApp™ Chrome extension download
BrokerBuster for WhatsApp™ Block real estate agents or brokers on WhatsApp™ automatically.
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