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SBRO Safe Browsing Chrome extension download
SBRO Safe Browsing Safe Browsing extension protects your browsing experience by blocking online threats.

online, threats, pop, web, browsing, clickbait, adjust, links, list, extension, protects, phishing, channels, potential, level

MakeGIF Video Capture Chrome extension download
MakeGIF Video Capture Capture HTML5 videos in your browser and turn them into GIF animations.

quot, video, animation, gif, click, capture, button, frames, encoding, html5, size, quality, browser, amount, settings

Voice Instead Chrome extension download
Voice Instead Yet another TTS (text to speech) extension, with natrual voice.

version, voice, text, speech, quot, panel, tts, page, top, click, extension, reading, fix, problem, add

Kassi - Kodi/XBMC Remote Control Chrome extension download
Kassi - Kodi/XBMC Remote Control Kassi is a Kodi/XBMC Remote Control for Chrome

quot, issue, remote, xbmc, control, extension, port, options, keyboard, tcp, connect, password, shortcuts, default, connects

Cat And Mouse Chrome extension download
Cat And Mouse Game of Cat And Mouse :)

cat, mouse, game, chrome, extension, quot

SBRO Search Safeguard Chrome extension download
SBRO Search Safeguard Search Safeguard locks Safe Search for popular Search Engines like Google, YouTube and Bing/Yahoo.

quot, search, safe, safeguard, google, yahoo, youtube, enforce, engines, extension, surf, web, sbro, threats, bing

Play / Pause Pandora Tab Chrome extension download
Play / Pause Pandora Tab Play / Pause Pandora Tab

added, pandora, click, auto, chrome, quot, notification, playing, tab, play, extension, pause, options, feedback, page

+Clip it button Chrome extension download
+Clip it button The "+Clip it button" is a tool to clip several images with description from web pages to the CLIPZINE.

clip, web, images, quot, button, hit, dialog, top, left, url, address, bar, description, surfing, chrome

Toolbar Clock CE-7 Chrome extension download
Toolbar Clock CE-7 Show the current time on toolbar and small calendar on popup window.

show, calendar, toolbar, extension, pm, select, mode, window, popup, switch, font, picker, ce, chrome, small

Windows Tabs Manager Chrome extension download
Windows Tabs Manager Manage your chrome window and tabs with other personalized way.

tabs, window, chrome, quot, manager, include, left, personalized, extension, manage, separated, feather, separate, close, windows

Video Annotation & Bookmarking Chrome extension download
Video Annotation & Bookmarking No more notes on paper - create annotations and add in-video bookmarks right from YouTube, Vimeo, Coursera and many more.

video, quot, time, create, click, bookmarks, share, add, videos, list, youtube, bookmark, annotations, notes, bar

All in one Html Compiler Chrome extension download
All in one Html Compiler This extension for Beginners in AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Jquery and HTML5

quot, chrome, html, angularjs, twitter, result, extension, developer, web, responsive, tested, trends, compiler, jquery, html5

USPY PRO The Ultimate Real Estate SPY Tool Chrome extension download
USPY PRO The Ultimate Real Estate SPY Tool USPY PRO Social Research Tool

real, find, estate, pro, strategies, campaigns, uspy, competitive, quot, gt, activites, competition, tool, properties, facebook

Vk music player Chrome extension download
Vk music player ????? ????? ?????????

quot, player, vk, chrome, music, play, track, pause, previous, extension, http, vkmpad, extensions, alt, ps

Oculus Img Viewer Chrome extension download
Oculus Img Viewer View Imagaes as a stereogram for Oculus Rift.

image, view, stereogram, quot, oculus, viewer, chrome, side, extension, imagaes, rift, instantly, img, preexisting, stereo

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