Best Watch Videos Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total watch videos plugins - 1582
Tubeit Chrome extension download
Tubeit Search and play YouTube videos without leaving your current tab. Tube it.

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WWDChrome Chrome extension download
WWDChrome Watch Apple WWDC videos using Google Chrome

wwdc developer videos, watch apple, watch apple wwdc developer videos, google chrome, blocked video, use safari, wwdc app, watch apple wwdc videos, developer videos, extension automatically replaces, watch apple wwdc, live stream

Kalisi - Watch videos, together. Chrome extension download
Kalisi - Watch videos, together. Invite friends to chat and watch videos with you - LIVE!

youku tudou, public channels, real life, remote controls, watch videos, invite friends, curated public channels, tv channels, watch kalisi, feedback bugs suggestions, watch, tvk123456 link

InstantQueue for Youtube Chrome extension download
InstantQueue for Youtube Quickest way to watch videos on Youtube!

youtube, bunch, watch bunch, playing videos, watch videos, order remove videos quickly, add, actual youtube playlist, actual youtube, way, watch, videos

CS50 2x Chrome extension download
CS50 2x CS50 2x is a Chrome extension that lets you play (some of) Harvard University's videos at 2x speed (and slower and faster). Offers…

harvard universitys videos, dce videos, keyboard shortcuts, support mediasite videos, download videos, supports videos, click icons, mediasites player, net matterhorn, watch offline, dan bradley, custom speeds

Always Show Watch Later Chrome extension download
Always Show Watch Later Always shows the Watch Later button for Youtube embedded videos.

reliable , youtube, shows, embedded youtube videos, youtube videos, extension adds, faster , watch, button, videos, youtube embedded videos

Better YouTube Watch History Chrome extension download
Better YouTube Watch History Marks all Youtube videos you've already watched. Now with cloud sync!

extension fixes, marks, feature, videos youve, youtubes, youtube videos, watched feature, automatically syncs, long time, simply watch video, cloud sync, videos youve watched

Video Blocker Plus Chrome extension download
Video Blocker Plus Blocks embedded YouTube and Facebook Videos. Dont't waste your Time with Videos. Adblock for Videos.

briefly watch, everyone knows, chrome extension blocks, watch videos, facebook videos, watch video, chrome extension blocks embedded videos, blocks embedded youtube, waste time, finally work, web pages, saves time, youtube vimeo Unblock Youtube without Proxy Chrome extension download Unblock Youtube without Proxy youtube unblocker is Official extension for which unblock YouTube URLs and embedded videos all Restricted Country.

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Sync Video Chrome extension download
Sync Video Watch YouTube and Vimeo videos with your friends, at the same time!

create room, extension let, selected video, vimeo videos, watch videos, people chat, watch youtube, vimeo invite, popular services, current video, embeded player, room giving permissions

Eclips - Pocket for Facebook, YouTube+ videos Chrome extension download
Eclips - Pocket for Facebook, YouTube+ videos Save + edit videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and more.

unwanted parts organize, free extension tool, save edit videos, watch videos, edit videos, edit videos, free service, unwanted parts, youtube facebook, watch videos youve saved edit, free extension tool free service, youtube facebook vine, another video, free chrome extension

Floating Player Chrome extension download
Floating Player Watch videos while you browse the internet. Works with YouTube™, and others.

new bookmark, video page, twitch videos, watch videos, google chrome, youtube twitch, watch youtube, native picture, top right corner, native pictureinpicture, bug tracker, options page, options don, extension icon, classic popup, install deskpins

Hola Video Accelerator Chrome extension download
Hola Video Accelerator Unlimited Video Accelerator | Stream videos better Speed up videos, with one simple click. Hola video accelerator helps videos…

hola video accelerator helps videos, watch start, video, speed, unlimited video accelerator stream videos, unlimited video accelerator, video watching experience, hola video accelerator, simple click, watch start faster, videos, stream videos

uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome Chrome extension download
uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome Helps you view & manage multiple ad-free youtube videos in a single tab.

youtube experience, multiple adfree youtube videos, popcorn time, watch videos, youtube videos, avid videophile, casual person, single tab, tab multiple, current tabs, multiple videos, bugging advertisments, single page, view manage multiple, minimize multiple videos, multiple bug fixes

VIDFEED Chrome extension download
VIDFEED Get video feed feature

add video button, video feed feature, favorite bar, popular videos, ad custom video feature, unlimited viral videos, watch unlimited viral videos, custom video icon, facebook features add custom video, browser extension, facebook page, favorite bar watch unlimited videos, add custom video feature, custom video feature

SocialScam Chrome extension download
SocialScam Bypasses the need to install an app to watch videos and read articles on Facebook.

automatically changing, washington post news reader, socialscam bypasses, watch videos, article video, watch video, read articles, read, bypasses, reader, watch, supports bypassing

Autolike for Youtube Chrome extension download
Autolike for Youtube Automatically Likes Youtube Videos

subscriptions, youtube, youtube updates, title keywords, official youtube api, youtube videos, watch youtube, disliked videos, pressed initially, videos

Video Viewer Chrome extension download
Video Viewer View video links in a popup without leaving the current page

small fix, youtube urls, video sites, added support, facebook videos, another video site, view videos, video link, various updates, view video links, current page, tv videos, click watch video

NADApoints Chrome extension download
NADApoints NADApoints allows you to earn while surfing the web and redeem for gift cards at your favorite retailers.

earn points, great videos, new way, spend points, start today, watch videos, gift cards, favorite retailers, watching videos, cell phone bill, monthly cell phone, favorite retailer

Watch It Stream Chrome extension download
Watch It Stream The best way to find Movies and TV Shows online.

quickly find, find movies, search tool, chrome extension bar, tv, tv price comparison engine, com right, watch movies, tv shows, display streaming videos, price

Mini Y Chrome extension download
Mini Y Makes YouTube video float while you're reading/writing comments so you can do both at the same time.

app icon, next videos, recent update, watch videos, jianweichuah, browsing history, top right corner, read comments, refresh youtube page, extra steps, youtube video, enable disable feature

TubeUnblock Chrome extension download
TubeUnblock TubeUnblock

tubeunblock plugin allows, search results, tubeunblock player, watch embedded youtube videos, youtube content, embedded youtube video, click play, tubeunblock site, watch embedded videos, youtube link, search bar, tubeunblock plugin, website page, access youtube results, youtube links

Donate Your Data Chrome extension download
Donate Your Data Start browsing for good with Donate Your Data by WAOO

private messages, watch cute animals, watch cute, big bucks, cute animal videos, weird stuff, bank account, increase advertising exposure, start browsing, big data, trusted partner, big data companies

42Yogis Yoga Video Library Fullscreen Fix Chrome extension download
42Yogis Yoga Video Library Fullscreen Fix Turns on the Fullscreen Button for the YouTube videos in the 42Yogis Yoga Video Library.

yogis yoga video library, new html5 video player, fullscreen button, turns, youtube videos, extension adds, watch yoga videos fullscreen, yoga video library, embedded videos, html5 video player, videos, yoga videos

YouTube Video Resizer Chrome extension download
YouTube Video Resizer Puts a resize button on YouTube videos allowing you to size them any way you want

smaller sizes, watch youtube videos, bottom right, resize button, useful extension, video, youtube videos, youtube video resizer, open source, youtube resizer, youtube videos allowing, mit license

Youtube Zero Annotations Chrome extension download
Youtube Zero Annotations Watch Youtube Videos without the annoying Annotations, Texts and Clickable Links in Videos. Works on All Players on any Website!

view previouse videos, watch youtube videos, new toolbar button, enable disable annotations, youtube videos, new version supports, top right corner, enable button, toolbar button, quick youtube visitations, clickable links, removal function, annotations extension, major update

+OVOQ Chrome extension download
+OVOQ OVOQ- Collect, Organize and Sshare online videos you love

love easily, watch due, tap share button, friends easily, ovoq collect organize, collect organize, google chrome let, love organize, tv playback media, stylish collections, share online videos, fragment time, online videos, collect videos, sshare online videos, office hours, present stylish collections

LoopTube Chrome extension download
LoopTube Automatically watch Youtube Videos in an infinite loop

infinite loop, playing, youtube videos, decide, youtube video, want, automatically repeated simply install, loop, automatically watch youtube videos

Mini Facebook Chrome extension download
Mini Facebook Makes videos float while you're scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.

friends timeline, facebook newsfeed check, facebook, facebook inc, github note facebook, multi task, facebook page, videos float, facebook permissions, facebook newsfeed, watch facebook videos

Cashback Watch Chrome extension download
Cashback Watch Save money. Cashback Watch helps you find and compare rates at websites that offer cashback for the retailer you are browsing.

compare rates, multiple websites, cashback watch extension icon, cashback watch, paramount importance, cashback providers instructions, cashback watch extension needs, cashback providers, website offering cashback, offer cashback, cashback watch helps, purchases search, offering cashback

VR App Store Chrome extension download
VR App Store VR App Store - Free download VR apps and software, watch 360 VR videos

vr videos, software watch, vr app store, vr app store free download vr apps, software, free download vr apps, watch vr videos

Fast Watch Chrome extension download
Fast Watch Quickly Watch Movies and TV Shows on Flix.Watch.

quickly watch movies tv shows, quickly watch movies, watch movies tv shows, sites, future updates, watch movies, watch, flix, tv shows, sites supported

alugha Chrome extension download
alugha Allows you to switch languages in multi-lingual videos.

resources datatransfer needed, offers list, active users, video producers, videos youtube, watch lot, big hurdle, every single minute, many people, storage space, language barrier, separate videos, real language audio, alugha player, default language, separate video

Instant Video Gallery Chrome extension download
Instant Video Gallery This extension detects videos on the current page and creates a gallery overlay for quick viewing

api issue, shift v, update page, current web page, quick show videos, gallery style overview, html5 video tag, watch reference videos, display gallery, video gallery, current video, instant video gallery, video information, updates version, youtube videos, youtube api version, current video highlight, extension updates version, video updates version, videos added, object tags, current page

The Joke Vault Chrome extension download
The Joke Vault Access the best jokes, pranks, and stand-up comedy from around the web!

watch funny videos, tab extension, chrome new tab, thejokevault extension, funniest sites, fast easy web search, new jokes, new tab extension, jokes pranks, funny jokes, resource links, funny videos, pranks quickly

Video download helper Chrome extension download
Video download helper Help you download video quickly from web sites or add them in your video list.

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Wide Tube Chrome extension download
Wide Tube Wide Tube will automatically present your YouTube video in the wide display mode

wide tube, automatically viewed, watch youtube small videos, wide format, youtube videos, wide display mode, wide view mode, youtube video, small videos, automatically present, want, wide view mode simply install

Auto Allow Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Auto Allow Fullscreen This extension automatically allows fullscreen mode when you watch videos.

watch videos, fullscreen mode, extension automatically

Videos While You Work Chrome extension download
Videos While You Work Watch videos while you work with a floating, popout window. This extension requires you change some chrome flags.

chrome feature, popout window, instructional video, considered experimental, experimental chrome feature, chrome flags, video, watch videos, easy steps, floating popout window, manually enable

Rutgers Course Watcher Chrome extension download
Rutgers Course Watcher Adds an eye logo to quickly watch courses and be notified when they open.

watch class, real time status, watch section, redgreen indicator shows, verizon customers, another website, wrong hate, watch courses, every seconds, eye logo, previous watches, watched courses, every minutes, watched classes

Youtube Scroll Chrome extension download
Youtube Scroll Adds scroller to Youtube's "Related Videos" section, so that you can keep watching current video while deciding what to watch next !

youtube, youtube related videos section, scroller, adds scroller, youtubes, watching current video, related videos, section, youtubes related videos section, current video, watch

Cinetonic Chrome extension download
Cinetonic Search millions of videos & movies and watch like you are in cinema

search millions, videos movies, auto replay support, cinetonic lets, watch videos, ambient lighting effects, auto replay support, control amazing color schemes ambient, effects auto, whole new dimension, auto hd, mouse wheel volume control , modern browsers chrome firefox, beautiful way

Instant Facebook Video Player Chrome extension download
Instant Facebook Video Player Keep watching videos while navigating on Facebook.

application supports, remains pined, flexible box, facebook videos, youtube videos, browsing facebook pages, user experience, application improves, watching videos, instant videos, play instant videos, playing facebook videos

Unblock embedded Youtube videos Chrome extension download
Unblock embedded Youtube videos Play embedded Youtube videos without problems!

play videos, similar situations, embedded youtube videos, youtube videos, e videos, enable playing, open sourced, simple extension, certain websites, play embedded youtube videos, com domain

Better Tube Chrome extension download
Better Tube Makes the YouTube home page wider, lets you remove videos from feed, quick video watch mode and more.

feed quick video watch mode, wider video feed, quick video mode, dont post, home page, previous versions, quick video watch mode, page wider, bad review, home page wider, remove videos, version fixes

YouRepeat Chrome extension download
YouRepeat Adds a button under the YouTube player, giving the option to repeat videos and create GIFs.

youtube player giving, auto repeat, watch youtube videos, option, adds button, repeat videos, create gifs, quickly create gifs, youtube player, button, yourepeat

WebView Chrome extension download
WebView You can view a part of website in a WebView tab, which includes all views that you cut from different web pages!

newspaper clipping, traditional way, webview page, watch stock quotations, microblog watch stock quotations, help users, different web pages, play game, object changes, watch video, open next time, web pages

Spy Watch Chrome extension download
Spy Watch Allowing users to view third party internet tracking

page spy watch, party sites, third party sites, user visits, online internet, neelguha gmail, user data, questions email neelguha, spy watch, party internet tracking, third party internet, spy watch lets, internet tracking, create transparency

Slice Watch Chrome extension download
Slice Watch Get an email when an item you've added to your list drops in price!

slice watch extension, smart shopping assistant, start shopping today, start shopping, track product prices, nordstrom walmart anthropologie, top right, list drops, supported site, slice watch, various ecommerce sites, google chrome browser

Free Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Free Video Downloader Would you like to download a video? Free Video Downloader will do that for you!

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