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SwagButton Chrome extension download
SwagButton SwagButton - Extension

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Video download helper Chrome extension download
Video download helper Help you download video quickly from web sites or add them in your video list.

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*Split Screen* Chrome extension download
*Split Screen* Split Screen displays two or more websites in one tab! Watch videos & surf or make notes while studying!

screen, split, sites, studying, chrome, url, surf, watch, bookmark, complete, great, extension, wait, buffer, surfing

Mini YouTube Chrome extension download
Mini YouTube Makes YouTube video float while you're reading/writing comments so you can do both at the same time.

screen, youtube, https, jianweichuah, video, time, comments, videos, github, feature, required, note, size, read, history

Free Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Free Video Downloader Would you like to download a video? Free Video Downloader will do that for you!

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Video Blocker Plus Chrome extension download
Video Blocker Plus Blocks embedded YouTube and Facebook Videos. Dont't waste your Time with Videos. Adblock for Videos.

videos, watch, time, youtube, video, embedded, finally, blocks, facebook, waste, chrome, extension, hours, stays, vimeo

EarnHoney HD$ meter Chrome extension download
EarnHoney HD$ meter EarnHoney HD$ meter. Keep track of your earnings progress as you take surveys, play games, and watch videos.

earnhoney, meter, progress, games, surveys, play, hd, chrome, extension, earnings, watch, track, videos

Tubeit Chrome extension download
Tubeit Search and play YouTube videos without leaving your current tab. Tube it.

search, videos, video, play, version, tab, watch, youtube, extension, ctrl, bar, tubeit, key, quot, shortcut

Cinetonic Chrome extension download
Cinetonic Search millions of videos & movies and watch like you are in cinema

videos, search, chrome, features, movies, auto, watch, firefox, explorer, browsers, color, amazing, schemes, ambient, control

Sync Video Chrome extension download
Sync Video Watch YouTube and Vimeo videos with your friends, at the same time!

room, video, videos, youtube, friends, vimeo, extension, watch, create, embeded, synced, player, permissions, kick, giving

NADApoints Chrome extension download
NADApoints NADApoints allows you to earn while surfing the web and redeem for gift cards at your favorite retailers.

videos, nadapoints, earn, cards, web, points, favorite, watching, gift, redeem, cell, start, today, monthly, retailer

Auto Allow Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Auto Allow Fullscreen This extension automatically allows fullscreen mode when you watch videos.

fullscreen, extension, mode, chrome, watch, videos, automatically, auto

Universal VideoMaximizer Chrome extension download
Universal VideoMaximizer Zoom, resize, expand or shrink videos on most websites.

videos, video, chrome, full, watch, work, page, extension, sites, window, screen, maximizer, watching, websites, shrink

Eclips - Pocket for Facebook, YouTube+ videos Chrome extension download
Eclips - Pocket for Facebook, YouTube+ videos Save + edit videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and more.

videos, edit, youtube, free, save, facebook, extension, chrome, parts, unwanted, vine, collections, organize, service, saved

InstantQueue for Youtube Chrome extension download
InstantQueue for Youtube Quickest way to watch videos on Youtube!

videos, list, youtube, close, quickest, watch, quickly, remove, actual, created, chrome, simple, extension, bunch, playlist

Kalisi - Watch videos, together. Chrome extension download
Kalisi - Watch videos, together. Invite friends to chat and watch videos with you - LIVE!

remote, invite, couch, friends, chat, kalisi, person, videos, watch, coming, hulu, youku, vevo, soundcloud, viki

play50 Chrome extension download
play50 Watch videos more efficiently with the play50 Google Chrome Extension! The play50 chrome extensions allows users to more easily…

play50, video, extension, chrome, speed, users, play, allowing, files, webpages, extensions, player, questions, comments, page

uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome Chrome extension download
uPop -- Make Your YouTube Experience Awesome Helps you view & manage multiple ad-free youtube videos in a single tab.

youtube, videos, tabs, experience, windows, multiple, upop, preserve, page, current, tab, ads, minimize, view, bugging

Videos While You Work Chrome extension download
Videos While You Work Watch videos while you work with a floating, popout window. This extension requires you change some chrome flags.

chrome, watch, video, work, extension, experimental, feature, enable, videos, manually, stays, float, floating, considered, change

SocialScam Chrome extension download
SocialScam Bypasses the need to install an app to watch videos and read articles on Facebook.

facebook, apps, app, install, extension, automatically, watch, video, socialscam, read, reader, washington, post, news, bypasses

Quickview for YouTube Chrome extension download
Quickview for YouTube Allows you to quickly view videos from your subscriptions feed page

page, youtube, https, feed, yt, due, videos, quickview, fix, thumbnails, subscriptions, code, issues, view, options

Floating Webpage (YouTube,, etc.) Chrome extension download
Floating Webpage (YouTube,, etc.) Watch videos while you browse the internet. Works with: YouTube, Netflix,, Vimeo, Dailymotion,, Instagram, TED.

click, deskpins, popup, videos, pin, extension, tv, top, download, youtube, watch, icon, drive, chrome, netflix

izismileTV Chrome extension download
izismileTV Go to izismile and click the tv button on the top right corner of the screen. Enjoy all the videos in fullscreen starting one after…

videos, extension, links, skip, izismile, top, click, button, tv, chrome, left, starting, fullscreen, enjoy, screen

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