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Way Chrome Extensions | Way for Google chrome

Best Way Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total way plugins - 22
Cisco WebEx Extension Chrome extension download
Cisco WebEx Extension Join WebEx meetings using Google Chrome ™

video, meetings, webex, cisco, join, conferencing, web, chrome, system, making, relationships, projects, track, builds, collaborate

Google Tasks (by Google) Chrome extension download
Google Tasks (by Google) Official Chrome Extension for Google Tasks

tasks, google, task, add, chrome, extension, sign, text, account, web, click, api, contributed, simply, page

AddThis - Share & Bookmark (new) Chrome extension download
AddThis - Share & Bookmark (new) Share to Facebook, Twitter and over 300 other services with the most popular sharing tool in the world.

share, addthis, services, mail, facebook, google, print, easy, aol, tool, bookmark, twitter, popular, digg, orkut

eRail.in Chrome extension download
eRail.in This app provides enhanced user experience for eRail.in

trains, erail, status, app, enhanced, user, access, running, availability, pnr, indian, chrome, extension, inextension, helps

FindMeFreebies Chrome extension download
FindMeFreebies Find free product samples, giveaways, freebies, music downloads, books and more– all from one FREE & convenient spot!

extension, free, findmefreebies, chrome, click, http, uninstall, quot, browser, eula, privacy, myway, find, stuff, giveaways

Downloads Chrome extension download
Downloads Quick access button to the download page

downloads, access, download, clicking, window, quot, quick, extension, button, pagequickly, icon, chrome, tools, lot, long

binkiland New Tab Chrome extension download
binkiland New Tab Binkiland- The Best Way to Manage The Web!

binkiland, extension, manage, chrome, tab, web

That's Pretty Good (iDubbbzTV) Chrome extension download
That's Pretty Good (iDubbbzTV) Its pretty good

pretty, good, extension, idubbbztv, chrome, sue, plz, idubbbz, goodhave, don, free

WEB.DE MailCheck Chrome extension download
WEB.DE MailCheck The safe way to access your personal mail.

mail, access, de, security, highest, protection, click, encrypted, email, password, mailcheck, connection, ssl, chrome, extension

GMX MailCheck Chrome extension download
GMX MailCheck The safe way to access your personal mail.

access, mail, highest, protection, chrome, password, click, email, encrypted, connection, ssl, extension, safe, browser, gmx

Dark Reader Chrome extension download
Dark Reader Care your eyes, invert page colors, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

chrome, extension, web, dark, page, inverted, sites, eyes, pages, extensions, invert, filter, switching, https, night

Draftback Chrome extension download
Draftback The archaeology of great writing

draftback, docs, data, play, extract, large, revision, doc, playback, google, jsomers, lets, write, ll, bottom

Symbaloo Bookmarker 0.5.0 Chrome extension download
Symbaloo Bookmarker 0.5.0 Symbaloo Bookmarker

symbaloo, chrome, subject, clicking, icons, page, bookmarks, quick, websites, easy, access, daily, personal, find, online

Shopicks Chrome extension download
Shopicks Pick the stuff you love. Drag to save. Shop when you're ready.

shopping, online, save, collections, chrome, favorite, love, shopicks, drag, shop, share, location, decisions, pick, extension

Talk and Comment - Voice notes anywhere Chrome extension download
Talk and Comment - Voice notes anywhere Make voice notes and comments on any site!

voice, notes, extension, gmail, github, comments, lets, reddit, facebook, record, twitter, send, sites, wordpress, google

Wallpapers by MyWay Chrome extension download
Wallpapers by MyWay Add high quality graphic images to your homepage background. For Free!

extension, click, homepage, free, chrome, http, uninstall, wallpapers, myway, browser, quot, eula, privacy, tab, add

Cirrus Insight Legacy Chrome extension download
Cirrus Insight Legacy Cirrus Insight provides award-winning integration of Salesforce with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts.

salesforce, insight, gmail, cirrus, track, users, contacts, customers, events, google, information, customer, leads, email, sales

Twitch Giveaways Chrome extension download
Twitch Giveaways Comfortable giveaway system for Twitch.tv channels.

twitch, extension, giveaways, system, giveaway, https, issues, chats, github, embedded, report, comfortable, chrome, popped, dashboard

Revolver - Tabs Chrome extension download
Revolver - Tabs Automatically rotate through open tabs. By Ben Hedrington

tabs, v0, revolver, updates, chrome, open, browser, contact, benhedrington, web, options, power, highly, rotate, significant

Authy Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Authy Chrome Extension Authy: Two-Factor Authentication from your PC

authy, authentication, chrome, factor, tokens, access, protection, pc, offering, extension, linux, attacks, offical, computer, securely

Smile Always Chrome extension download
Smile Always Redirects any www.amazon.com page to smile.amazon.com

extension, amazon, charity, time, aaron, smilealways, contribute, smile, automatically, hope, josh, dan, browsing, daniel, identity

Polling in Google Slides Chrome extension download
Polling in Google Slides Live audience response polling in Google Slides

google, poll, premium, slides, questions, live, responses, slide, audience, create, time, plan, feature, free, event

Houzz Bookmarklet Chrome extension download
Houzz Bookmarklet Find images that you like on the web and click the Houzz button to add them to an Ideabook.

houzz, button, chrome, extension, photos, save, click, unique, articles, products, read, web, browser, discover, renovation

Push to Kindle Chrome extension download
Push to Kindle Send web articles to your Kindle

kindle, push, http, extension, articles, org, content, send, web, fivefilters, reading, service, chrome, article, amp

WordReference Extension Chrome extension download
WordReference Extension WordReference Extension - Get the translations you want, in a fast and easy way !

extension, english, added, data, personnal, translation, inform, spanish, chrome, default, contextual, wr, work, german, popup

mail.com MailCheck Chrome extension download
mail.com MailCheck The safe way to access your personal mail.

access, mail, highest, ssl, protection, connection, password, email, extension, safe, read, browser, write, click, emails

Video Resumer Chrome extension download
Video Resumer Automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last.

videos, youtube, extension, video, left, watched, version, issues, options, updated, finished, remain, seconds, expiring, chrome

TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator Chrome extension download
TabJump - Intelligent Tab Navigator A new way to navigate your tabs. Easily access most used tabs, associated tabs, and closed tabs. Allows tab locking too.

tabs, tab, tabjump, http, gl, chrome, goo, restore, closed, manager, jump, frequently, molly, closing, license

Beloop Chrome extension download
Beloop Beloop - Do Everything In Your Way

beloop, cloud, tab, backgrounds, features, privacy, stay, lost, experience, customized, search, ways, amazing, waybeloop, offers

Raindrop.io - Smart Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Raindrop.io - Smart Bookmarks A beautiful way to remember the most important things.

bookmarks, collections, share, public, pages, unique, family, find, rich, videos, friends, beautiful, feel, privately, colleagues

Search the current site Chrome extension download
Search the current site A toolbar button to search all pages of any website using Google.

search, click, quot, button, site, google, extension, popup, engine, feature, firefox, menu, install, pages, addons

Flava Clipper Chrome extension download
Flava Clipper A quick and easy way to capture web pages into your Flava timeline.

flava, web, page, https, takeflava, save, store, clipper, timeline, itunes, play, app, android, comments, ios

Assistant.to Scheduling Assistant Chrome extension download
Assistant.to Scheduling Assistant Assistant.to is a quick and easy way to schedule meetings in email without the back & forth.

assistant, meetings, email, schedule, calendar, bookings, chrome, integrates, allowing, easily, emails, times, exclusively, inbox, gmail

Quick SEO - PageRank, Backlinks & Alexa Tool Chrome extension download
Quick SEO - PageRank, Backlinks & Alexa Tool Fast & light weight SEO tool to analyze PageRank, Backlinks, Alexa Rank and other SEO metrics.

seo, backlinks, pagerank, tool, alexa, machine, access, rank, data, metrics, traffic, amp, fast, easy, analyze

Bible Quote of the Day Chrome extension download
Bible Quote of the Day Start you day on the right footing with a meaningful biblical quote

day, start, quote, chrome, meaningful, biblical, footing, quotewhat, extension, bible

Music for Facebook Chrome extension download
Music for Facebook This extension will add music to Facebook, you will be able to search music you love and playback it right on your Facebook page

music, facebook, search, share, extension, track, youtube, lists, listen, playback, natural, pagethis, love, lose, soundcloud

Cloudwise COOL Chrome extension download
Cloudwise COOL Quick & easy way to access COOL

cool, cloudwise, coolde, basispoort, extension, snelste, ntegreerde, en, chrome, platform, makkelijkste, manier, ons, om, access

Better Google Tasks Chrome extension download
Better Google Tasks Have a gmail account? Thought so! You can now use Google Tasks in a much nicer way.

tasks, google, richwells, extension, chrome, generally, view, canvas, tidied, thought, gmail, default, mail, https, rich

Skyyart Live Extension Chrome extension download
Skyyart Live Extension Pour savoir quand Skyyart est en live

de, en, live, skyyart, firefox, addon, extension, merci, nouvelles, fundin, src, search, gt, notamment, des

Emmet Re:view Chrome extension download
Emmet Re:view Fast and easy way to test your responsive design in multiple viewports

view, page, device, viewports, hover, user, test, responsive, quot, fill, form, web, displays, views, devices

IDM Integration Module Chrome extension download
IDM Integration Module idm extension for free internet download manager.

extension, internet, module, idm, integration, download, free, chrome, manager, tonec

ContentBlockHelper Chrome extension download
ContentBlockHelper Helps you to block advertisements, tracking or any scripts and any annoying contents with easy methods.

filters, contents, quot, format, extension, list, block, public, rules, easy, adblock, switching, slider, ui, light

Hush - private bookmarking Chrome extension download
Hush - private bookmarking The only secure way to create and access private bookmarks in incognito mode.

bookmarks, incognito, mode, easily, ve, browsing, bookmark, bookmarking, private, links, comments, email, extension, cetera, choosing

Readlang Web Reader Chrome extension download
Readlang Web Reader Read websites in the language you're learning, translate words you don't know, and we'll create flashcards to help you remember.

language, readlang, translate, flashcards, word, webpages, learn, learning, create, work, click, lifehacker, blogs, short, story

reword Chrome extension download
reword A tool that helps prevent online bullying behaviour, identifying insulting statements in real time with a red line.

reword, people, extension, line, red, online, information, real, time, tool, personal, helps, accordance, privacy, mistakes

Invert Page Colors Chrome extension download
Invert Page Colors Invert all colors on a page.

page, dark, colors, website, invert, increase, eye, reduce, vision, people, hacker, works, migraines, life, unnecessary

Poonama Chrome extension download
Poonama Poonama - Style Your Feed

poonama, experience, backgrounds, tab, amazing, privacy, style, cool, brings, feedpoonama, creative, ways, web, change, stay

Time Is Money Chrome extension download
Time Is Money See prices as hours of work!

time, http, money, news, hours, bit, ly, spend, tickets, decades, exchange, adventure, broadway, week, expenses

Twitch Mini Player Chrome extension download
Twitch Mini Player Always-on-Top Floating Mini Player for Twitch.

player, mini, floating, chat, window, mode, resize, quot, features, twitch, extension, chrome, top, move, channel

Ambient Aurea Chrome extension download
Ambient Aurea Bring your image to an ambient lighting effect with just one click on the button.

image, google, https, extension, ambient, shows, aurea, facebook, browser, focus, option, photo, chrome, pinterest, ambientaurea

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