Best Youtube Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total youtube plugins - 1653 Unblock Youtube without Proxy Chrome extension download Unblock Youtube without Proxy youtube unblocker is Official extension for which unblock YouTube URLs and embedded videos all Restricted Country.

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YouTube Advanced Control Chrome extension download
YouTube Advanced Control YouTube++ : The only Extension that gives full and better control over the YouTube Player

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Multi-Tab Controller for YouTube Chrome extension download
Multi-Tab Controller for YouTube Play or Pause any inactive YouTube video tab from any active tab, while viewing other pages online.

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Autolike for Youtube Chrome extension download
Autolike for Youtube Automatically Likes Youtube Videos

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Magic Extractor:Free YouTube URL extractor Chrome extension download
Magic Extractor:Free YouTube URL extractor Get the Best YouTube video targets to bid on your CPV /PPV / YouTube campaigns

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TubeToTV Chrome extension download
TubeToTV Play Youtube videos on your TV using your XBMC

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YouTube Everywhere Chrome extension download
YouTube Everywhere Lets YouTube videos play on any page with a YouTube Link

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Youtube UnBlocker in Restricted Area Chrome extension download
Youtube UnBlocker in Restricted Area Access youtube at blocked area for selected text via right-click

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YouPause Chrome extension download
YouPause Automatically pauses Youtube videos when they're in a background tab.

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Tabs Playlist for Youtube Chrome extension download
Tabs Playlist for Youtube Simply manage your "playlist" by ordering your youtube tabs.

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Turn off Youtube Comments toggle Chrome extension download
Turn off Youtube Comments toggle Turn comments on and off. Works with the new Youtube. A simple clean interface. No weird buttons.

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YouTube Video Resizer Chrome extension download
YouTube Video Resizer Puts a resize button on YouTube videos allowing you to size them any way you want

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Youtube remote Chrome extension download
Youtube remote This extension can be used to pause and resume videos on running on any tab. Shortcut: Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift+M

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Kouki's Youtube Chrome extension download
Kouki's Youtube This is kouki's youtube channel

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613 Tube Chrome extension download
613 Tube Redirects YouTube requests to 613Tube for a clean experience.

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YouTube Notifications Chrome extension download
YouTube Notifications Get notifications when selected YouTube users upload a new video.

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Personal Playlist for YouTube on Chrome Chrome extension download
Personal Playlist for YouTube on Chrome Add youtube links to your special playlist and manage them in custom player.

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Heartbeat Chrome extension download
Heartbeat Heartbeat Chrome Extension by Freedom! Labs

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Searcher for Discogs Chrome extension download
Searcher for Discogs Allows to listen to tracks on Discogs by clicking on it.

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'Improve YouTube!' (Video & YouTube Tools)? Chrome extension download
'Improve YouTube!' (Video & YouTube Tools)? Make YouTube tidy+smart! YouTube video color ad skip volume speed channel tool style HD ads adblock adblocker tags keyword playlist

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Youtube Spacebar Pauser Chrome extension download
Youtube Spacebar Pauser The space bar now always pauses/plays youtube videos, always.

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SleepTimer for Youtube Chrome extension download
SleepTimer for Youtube Creating a SleepTimer for Youtube

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VideoInNewWindow Chrome extension download
VideoInNewWindow ?????? ?????????? ????????? ????????? ????? ?? ??????????? ?????? ? ????? ????.

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GIFit! Chrome extension download
GIFit! Make GIFs from YouTube videos

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Video Title Adder Chrome extension download
Video Title Adder Preloads any YouTube links and appends the title of the video to the link in the referring page.

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Not Now Youtube Chrome extension download
Not Now Youtube This extension will one-click to hide your youtube recommendations so that you can concentrate on your work.

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vidIQ Vision for YouTube Chrome extension download
vidIQ Vision for YouTube Uncover the secrets to success behind your favorite YouTube videos.

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Subtitles For YouTube Chrome extension download
Subtitles For YouTube Use this extension to add subtitles available to user to any YouTube video

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AdBlockPro - Adblocker for Facebook & Youtube Chrome extension download
AdBlockPro - Adblocker for Facebook & Youtube Block unwanted ads for Youtube and Facebook.

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Toogles Chrome extension download
Toogles Redirect YouTube URLs to for fun and profit

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No Comment Chrome extension download
No Comment Remove Youtube's comment's box

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Spacebar pause on youtube Chrome extension download
Spacebar pause on youtube This extension makes spacebar actually pause youtube videos

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YouTube Now Chrome extension download
YouTube Now Easily search and play a YouTube video with one click

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Better Youtube Subscriptions Chrome extension download
Better Youtube Subscriptions A better way to watch your subscriptions

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Reverse Playback for YouTube Chrome extension download
Reverse Playback for YouTube Makes youtube videos play in chronological order.

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Hide YouTube Comments Chrome extension download
Hide YouTube Comments Hides all user comments on YouTube. There is no option or button to show the comments again. If you find this extension useful,…

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Youtube Transparent Player Chrome extension download
Youtube Transparent Player Enable the new Youtube Transparent Player.

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TubeUnblock Chrome extension download
TubeUnblock TubeUnblock

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Youtube Share Enhancer Chrome extension download
Youtube Share Enhancer Mirror cast to a personal channel everytime you share a Youtube™ video to Facebook™

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VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Chrome extension download
VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Open YouTube videos in VLC.

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Copy Youtube Playlist Chrome extension download
Copy Youtube Playlist Find a YouTube playlist and you can copy it to your YouTube account with a few clicks.

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Queue for Youtube Chrome extension download
Queue for Youtube Adds queue feature to Youtube. Unlike the current Youtube queue/playlist, this allows you to build your own queue on the fly.

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GlowTube - YouTube theme changes with video Chrome extension download
GlowTube - YouTube theme changes with video YouTube glows with the color of the video! Great with music festival videos! Might cause epileptic seizures and vomiting. Enjoy!

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Youtube Comment Filter Chrome extension download
Youtube Comment Filter Block annoying Youtube commenters.

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Listen On Repeat YouTube Looper Chrome extension download
Listen On Repeat YouTube Looper Looper for YouTube - Puts any YouTube Video on an Endless Loop

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Youtube Fullscreen Window Chrome extension download
Youtube Fullscreen Window Removes all junk and makes the youtube Video Fullscreen. Navigate to a Youtube Page and click the button to get a new window.

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Youtube-viewer Chrome extension download
Youtube-viewer Youtube-viewer

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Youtube to Spotify Chrome extension download
Youtube to Spotify One-click YouTube to Spotify button.

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Pop-out Youtube Chrome extension download
Pop-out Youtube Opens your current Youtube video in a new embed window that fills the size of the window. Better than full screen!

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Old YouTube Popout Chrome extension download
Old YouTube Popout Restore the old youtube popouts, without the YouTube TV UI

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