Best Youtube Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total youtube plugins - 223
Video Downloader professional Chrome extension download
Video Downloader professional Download videos from web sites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them.

videos, video, download, play, website, list, professional, origin, sites, youtube, downloader, information, hard, send, collect

Adblock Pro Chrome extension download
Adblock Pro Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

ads, engine, youtube, adblock, blocks, finally, extension, chrome, easy, memory, preroll, websites, video, blocker, efficient

Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension download
Turn Off the Lights The entire page will be fading to dark, so you can watch the videos as if you were in the cinema.

option, video, alt, page, dark, lights, automatically, https, current, html5, opacity, youtube, night, mode, shortcut

Hover Zoom Chrome extension download
Hover Zoom Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc).

images, google, sites, zoom, specific, http, options, files, reddit, chrome, page, imgur, facebook, faq, pcmag

Google Tone Chrome extension download
Google Tone Broadcast any URL to computers within earshot.

google, tone, url, microphone, computers, including, extension, broadcast, computer, internet, privacy, earshot, receive, videos, recipes

vidIQ Vision for YouTube Chrome extension download
vidIQ Vision for YouTube Uncover the secrets to success behind your favorite YouTube videos.

video, youtube, videos, vidiq, optimization, description, data, optimize, tags, time, facebook, twitter, seo, count, views

NCapture Chrome extension download
NCapture NCapture for NVivo

nvivo, ncapture, capture, twitter, software, tweets, content, analyze, windows, youtube, comments, data, ly, web, http

Looper for YouTube Chrome extension download
Looper for YouTube Auto replay videos with ONE-CLICK, able to customise features such as AUTO LOOP toggle, setting loop counts and loop portion.

loop, auto, set, youtube, video, player, extension, button, playlist, support, features, flash, faq, http, replay

Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube Chrome extension download
Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube World's largest lyrics catalog now for YouTube videos

youtube, lyrics, musixmatch, update, extension, options, show, music, chrome, problems, hear, catalog, menu, related, ads

YouTube Tools: TubeBuddy Chrome extension download
YouTube Tools: TubeBuddy YouTube Tools: The Premier YouTube Channel Management and Video Optimization Toolkit

videos, youtube, find, perform, extension, tubebuddy, subscribers, branding, screenshots, custom, thumbnails, list, tools, cards, updates

ImprovedTube - YouTube Extension Chrome extension download
ImprovedTube - YouTube Extension Improves YouTube's functions and site with Limited Permissions. Auto HD, Resize, Annotations, Playback Speed and more.

youtube, improvedtube, extension, options, default, set, auto, issue, hide, video, experience, features, care, page, support

Video Downloader All Chrome extension download
Video Downloader All Video Downloader All is a free and useful browser extension for downloading online videos

video, download, downloader, media, sites, copyright, format, plugin, youtube, behavior, questions, extension, browser, computer, popular

Screen capture, screenshot share/save Chrome extension download
Screen capture, screenshot share/save Capture a region, visible content of a tab, or a horizontally/vertically scrollable page as a searchable image & bookmark it.

screenshot, clipular, screenshots, share, chrome, capture, screen, experience, google, facebook, research, clip, page, youtube, extension

Impero Education Pro Chrome extension download
Impero Education Pro Provides content authorisation for Impero

impero, chrome, education, pro, specific, extension, features, network, devices, licences, supporting, support, standard, force, block

h264ify Chrome extension download
h264ify Makes YouTube stream H.264 videos instead of VP8/VP9 videos

vp9, vp8, youtube, h264ify, videos, machines, cpu, video, accelerated, github, hardware, life, battery, eat, gpus

Impero Education Pro Chrome extension download
Impero Education Pro Provides content authorisation for Impero

impero, chrome, education, pro, specific, extension, features, network, devices, licences, supporting, support, standard, force, block Scrobbler Chrome extension download Scrobbler Scrobble music all around the web!

fm, music, radio, extension, player, scrobbler, youtube, shown, archive, chrome, firstly, amazon, github, ghostly, radioplayer

ROBLOX+ Chrome extension download
ROBLOX+ Adds features and notifiers made by WebGL3D to the ROBLOX website

roblox, features, forum, searching, webgl3d, extension, server, signature, item, chrome, adds, tab, rplus, amp, system

Oddshot Chrome extension download
Oddshot Chrome extension for Oddshot

live, shot, streams, youtube, gaming, twitch, top, button, hitbox, streaming, plugin, sites, azubu, icon, tv

Allow Right-Click Chrome extension download
Allow Right-Click Re-enable the possibility to use the context menu on sites that overrides it.

extension, youtube, sites, click, chrome, supported, report, menu, context, bug, site, flickr, behaviour, pretending, firefox

Heartbeat Chrome extension download
Heartbeat Heartbeat Chrome Extension by Freedom! Labs

youtube, video, comments, track, chat, videos, heartbeat, add, helps, grow, day, growth, month, night, time

Download Plus Chrome extension download
Download Plus Manage your downloads quikly. Fast, Convenient, and Efficient tool for you. Media Detection and Download:Video, audio, images, etc.

download, downloads, update, turn, chrome, extension, video, videos, audio, media, button, notifications, functions, logs, add

Hide YouTube Comments Chrome extension download
Hide YouTube Comments Hides all user comments on YouTube. Nothing less, nothing more. Specifically, there is no button to show the comments again.…

comments, youtube, icon, video, work, button, strange, manifest, fixed, december, show, works, wpzoom, text, automatically

Vagalume Chrome extension download
Vagalume Navegue pela Internet com o Vagalume e descubra letras de músicas ao navegar por diversos sites como Youtube.

de, sica, extens, vagalume, sites, dentro, letra, da, youtube, precisa, site, automaticamente, esta, chrome, voc

MP3 Downloader Chrome extension download
MP3 Downloader MP3 Downloader app downloads mp3 music from web sites.

mp3, download, downloader, media, music, song, popup, files, click, page, current, hard, m3p, drive, icon

Blocksi Web Filter Chrome extension download
Blocksi Web Filter Blocksi is the #1 rated extension for Web & Youtube Filtering, Time Management and trend analysis for Chrome and Chromebooks.

blocksi, filtering, chromebooks, web, school, extension, chrome, control, bmee, free, bmoc, manager, districts, bmh, google

Khan Academy Helper Chrome extension download
Khan Academy Helper Opens Amara page for translating currently opened Khan Academy video.

page, amara, opening, academy, khan, video, extension, youtube, opened, helper, advocates, regular, workflow, videos, process

Shareaholic for Pinterest Chrome extension download
Shareaholic for Pinterest Send images from any website to your pinboards.

extension, button, chrome, shareaholic, pinterest, extensions, gl, count, pin, http, picture, images, blog, video, youtube

 CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording Chrome extension download
CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording CaptureCast Chrome is a free screen recording and lecture capture extension designed for educators to empower video in the classroom

video, capture, learning, screen, youtube, designed, recording, upload, capturecast, chrome, drive, catturavideo, extension, camera, vimeo

Play to Kodi Chrome extension download
Play to Kodi Play, queue and remote control your favourite online media on Kodi / XBMC.

xbmc, youtube, extension, number, play, collegehumor, queue, video, current, port, soundcloud, kodi, quot, played, keys

Listen on Repeat Youtube Video Repeater Chrome extension download
Listen on Repeat Youtube Video Repeater Puts any Youtube Videos on Repeat

youtube, play, songs, quot, repeat, videos, button, repeater, listen, chrome, app, hit, video, loop, listenonrepeat

WAB - Wise Ads Block Chrome extension download
WAB - Wise Ads Block Removes annoying ads

ads, annoying, block, sites, wise, due, information, youtube, don, blocked, needed, wab, figured, research, irritating

Tunnello VPN - Unblock, Ultra-Fast & Secure! Chrome extension download
Tunnello VPN - Unblock, Ultra-Fast & Secure! Fast, Simple & Secure. Best solution to unblock any websites, video or apps. Bypass censorship & change your location

tunnello, vpn, access, internet, change, unblock, websites, secure, prevent, data, blocked, address, twitter, channel, simple

MakeGIF Video Capture Chrome extension download
MakeGIF Video Capture Capture HTML5 videos in your browser and turn them into GIF animations.

quot, video, animation, gif, click, capture, button, frames, encoding, html5, size, quality, browser, amount, settings

TransOver Chrome extension download
TransOver Hover, click or select to translate (with text-to-speech)

quot, fix, popup, translate, chrome, tts, language, word, translation, text, selection, speech, api, google, youtube

Video Resumer Chrome extension download
Video Resumer Automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last.

videos, youtube, extension, video, left, watched, version, issues, options, updated, finished, remain, seconds, expiring, chrome

Spaces Chrome extension download
Spaces Small group sharing for everything in life

spaces, space, share, find, group, google, photos, chrome, invite, quickly, app, search, create, apps, quick

Picture in Picture Viewer Chrome extension download
Picture in Picture Viewer Docks your favourite stuff in a floating mobile-view window! Including Facebook chatting, Youtube videos and Hangouts calls

window, panel, v0, chrome, quot, open, pip, url, youtube, google, click, video, bookmark, facebook, videos

Darkness: Beautiful Dark Themes Chrome extension download
Darkness: Beautiful Dark Themes Beautiful dark themes for Facebook, Google and more

themes, darkness, pro, dark, website, facebook, strain, beautiful, fatigue, google, eye, annoying, glare, reddit, icon

Smart Pause for YouTube Chrome extension download
Smart Pause for YouTube Smart Pause automatically pauses currently playing videos on YouTube once you leave the page and resumes playback when you return

youtube, pause, chrome, resumes, playback, suggestions, https, fvdmedia, smart, pauses, automatically, page, leave, extension, returnsmart

YouTube Advanced Control Chrome extension download
YouTube Advanced Control YouTube++ : The only Extension that gives full and better control over the YouTube Player

youtube, video, extension, replay, icon, videos, moments, control, don, editing, chrome, https, features, twitter, www

Social Blade Chrome extension download
Social Blade See the best of Social Blade YouTube Stats right alongside the video you're watching on YouTube

channel, youtube, blade, social, video, average, amp, statistics, view, views, days, requires, judge, easy, subs

DF YouTube (Distraction Free) Chrome extension download
DF YouTube (Distraction Free) Allow yourself to focus while using YouTube for work, recreation or education.

youtube, df, video, focus, hide, videos, watch, click, good, updates, thumbnails, tasty, content, disable, recommended

Streamkeys Chrome extension download
Streamkeys Global hotkeys for online music players including support for media keys.

fm, player, music, hotkeys, support, media, added, radio, page, popup, play, v1, bugs, extension, fixed Chrome Extension Chrome extension download Chrome Extension Capture highlight clips from your favorite streams

highlight, tv, capture, highlights, favorite, extension, plays, gaming, youtube, clip, streamers, added, driven, recaps, ll

EDpuzzle: Make any video your lesson Chrome extension download
EDpuzzle: Make any video your lesson Adds an EDpuzzle button next to YouTube™ videos to quickly start editing them in EDpuzzle

lesson, edpuzzle, youtube, start, extension, videos, button, video, chrome, browse, comfortably, editing, anytime, edpuzzleby, favorite

Window Expander For YouTube Chrome extension download
Window Expander For YouTube Expands the YouTube Video to fill your entire web browser Window.

youtube, version, video, browser, videos, work, window, resolution, web, html5, set, features, quality, small, change

Youtube Preview Thumbnails Chrome extension download
Youtube Preview Thumbnails Mouse hover youtube video to see more thumnails

video, youtube, hover, chrome, thumbnails, extension, mouse, thumbnail, thumnailsmouse, preview, images, rating

Reverse Youtube Playlist Chrome extension download
Reverse Youtube Playlist Add a button on Youtube to reverse the order of playlists.

youtube, playlist, order, http, gl, extension, created, scroll, adding, goo, en, reverse, report, compatible, work

Block YouTube Ads - Skip Right to the Video! Chrome extension download
Block YouTube Ads - Skip Right to the Video! No more waiting... Go right to the video! We automatically block and skip the ad that plays before a YouTube video on all websites.

youtube, skip, automatically, block, works, videos, video, websites, extension, scenes, program, play, effort, plays, advertisements

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