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Total youtube videos plugins - 11
Video Downloader professional Chrome extension download
Video Downloader professional Download videos from web sites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them.

videos, video, download, play, website, list, professional, origin, sites, youtube, downloader, information, hard, send, collect

Google Tone Chrome extension download
Google Tone Broadcast any URL to computers within earshot.

google, tone, url, microphone, computers, including, extension, broadcast, computer, internet, privacy, earshot, receive, videos, recipes

vidIQ Vision for YouTube Chrome extension download
vidIQ Vision for YouTube Uncover the secrets to success behind your favorite YouTube videos.

video, youtube, videos, vidiq, optimization, description, data, optimize, tags, time, facebook, twitter, seo, count, views

NCapture Chrome extension download
NCapture NCapture for NVivo

nvivo, ncapture, capture, twitter, software, tweets, content, analyze, windows, youtube, comments, data, ly, web, http

Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube Chrome extension download
Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube World's largest lyrics catalog now for YouTube videos

youtube, lyrics, musixmatch, update, extension, options, show, music, chrome, problems, hear, catalog, menu, related, ads

h264ify Chrome extension download
h264ify Makes YouTube stream H.264 videos instead of VP8/VP9 videos

vp9, vp8, youtube, h264ify, videos, machines, cpu, video, accelerated, github, hardware, life, battery, eat, gpus

ROBLOX+ Chrome extension download
ROBLOX+ Adds features and notifiers made by WebGL3D to the ROBLOX website

roblox, features, forum, searching, webgl3d, extension, server, signature, item, chrome, adds, tab, rplus, amp, system

Download Plus Chrome extension download
Download Plus Manage your downloads quikly. Fast, Convenient, and Efficient tool for you. Media Detection and Download:Video, audio, images, etc.

download, downloads, update, turn, chrome, extension, video, videos, audio, media, button, notifications, functions, logs, add

Listen on Repeat Youtube Video Repeater Chrome extension download
Listen on Repeat Youtube Video Repeater Puts any Youtube Videos on Repeat

youtube, play, songs, quot, repeat, videos, button, repeater, listen, chrome, app, hit, video, loop, listenonrepeat

Video Resumer Chrome extension download
Video Resumer Automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last.

videos, youtube, extension, video, left, watched, version, issues, options, updated, finished, remain, seconds, expiring, chrome

Picture in Picture Viewer Chrome extension download
Picture in Picture Viewer Docks your favourite stuff in a floating mobile-view window! Including Facebook chatting, Youtube videos and Hangouts calls

window, panel, v0, chrome, quot, open, pip, url, youtube, google, click, video, bookmark, facebook, videos

YouTube Advanced Control Chrome extension download
YouTube Advanced Control YouTube++ : The only Extension that gives full and better control over the YouTube Player

youtube, video, extension, replay, icon, videos, moments, control, don, editing, chrome, https, features, twitter, www

EDpuzzle: Make any video your lesson Chrome extension download
EDpuzzle: Make any video your lesson Adds an EDpuzzle button next to YouTube™ videos to quickly start editing them in EDpuzzle

lesson, edpuzzle, youtube, start, extension, videos, button, video, chrome, browse, comfortably, editing, anytime, edpuzzleby, favorite

Window Expander For YouTube Chrome extension download
Window Expander For YouTube Expands the YouTube Video to fill your entire web browser Window.

youtube, version, video, browser, videos, work, window, resolution, web, html5, set, features, quality, small, change

Block YouTube Ads - Skip Right to the Video! Chrome extension download
Block YouTube Ads - Skip Right to the Video! No more waiting... Go right to the video! We automatically block and skip the ad that plays before a YouTube video on all websites.

youtube, skip, automatically, block, works, videos, video, websites, extension, scenes, program, play, effort, plays, advertisements

YouTurn Chrome extension download
YouTurn Repeat YouTube videos automatically.

youtube, circle, repeat, extension, green, guessed, automatically, turns, videos, corner, clicking, bar, address, watching, video

VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Chrome extension download
VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Open YouTube videos in VLC.

vlc, extension, video, find, youtube, doom, streams, controls, http, console, interface, icon, ctrl, shift, open

ScrewAds Plus for YouTube Chrome extension download
ScrewAds Plus for YouTube ScrewAds lets you enjoy YouTube videos without the annoying video and image ads.

screwads, youtube, firefox, options, extension, enjoy, video, annoying, videos, chrome, lets, image, change, ads, menu

YouRepeat Chrome extension download
YouRepeat Adds a button under the YouTube player, giving the option to repeat videos and create GIFs.

youtube, repeat, videos, extension, yourepeat, create, gifs, adds, button, player, giving, enables, option, quickly, auto

SPOI Options Chrome extension download
SPOI Options Control the way you watch video online.

options, video, quot, extension, spoi, youtube, resize, feature, videos, access, felix, size, month, chrome, disable

Unblock embedded Youtube videos Chrome extension download
Unblock embedded Youtube videos Play embedded Youtube videos without problems!

youtube, videos, extension, blocked, embedded, play, playing, sourced, disclosure, websites, enable, google, chrome, github, https

GIFit! Chrome extension download
GIFit! Make GIFs from YouTube videos

youtube, gifs, gifit, gif, click, time, video, videos, mode, big, chrome, cc, watch, settings, set

WikiTube Chrome extension download
WikiTube Adds relevant YouTube videos to Wikipedia.

wikitube, wikipedia, featured, http, youtube, adds, articles, privacy, guaranteed, videos, ghacks, efforts, easy, ads, lifehacker

Turbo for YouTube Chrome extension download
Turbo for YouTube Sorgt fuer schnelles Laden von YouTube Videos

youtube, quot, proxy, der, videos, des, von, werden, wird, erweiterung, nicht, mit, tab, es, nnen

YT Repeat Chrome extension download
YT Repeat Repeats YouTube videos.

youtube, works, repeats, chrome, flash, repeat, survive, html5, extension, players, videos, simple, pretty, yt, updates

Better YouTube Watch History Chrome extension download
Better YouTube Watch History Marks all Youtube videos you've already watched. Now with cloud sync!

watched, extension, watch, automatically, design, youtube, video, videos, cloud, chrome, history, marks, simply, broken, syncs

Force HD for YouTube Chrome extension download
Force HD for YouTube Forces all videos played through YouTube to HD if possible.

quality, youtube, hd, extension, videos, chrome, https, version, forces, default, section, reviews, selected, leave, feed

PlugPro Chrome extension download
PlugPro A more usable and professional layout for the Plug.DJ music community

view, dj, plugpro, chat, screen, plug, music, github, purple, furries, usable, extension, professional, frolicking, features

Tubeit Chrome extension download
Tubeit Search and play YouTube videos without leaving your current tab. Tube it.

search, videos, video, play, version, tab, watch, youtube, extension, ctrl, bar, tubeit, key, quot, shortcut

Tab to Window/Popup - Keyboard Shortcut Chrome extension download
Tab to Window/Popup - Keyboard Shortcut Add a keyboard shortcut to move the current tab to a new window or popup (default: Alt + Shift + X).

window, tab, pop, shift, extension, position, shortcut, keyboard, default, popup, quickly, alt, original, key, command

Skip YouTube Ads Chrome extension download
Skip YouTube Ads YTLite allows you to skip YouTube ads with the click of a button.

youtube, ads, click, skip, videos, favorites, extra, button, ytlite, extension, chrome, history, auto, video, single

TubeUnblock Chrome extension download
TubeUnblock TubeUnblock

youtube, tubeunblock, search, video, embedded, plugin, results, watch, page, click, videos, bar, site, redirected, website

PlayTube Chrome extension download
PlayTube Use YouTube for song streaming

playlist, playlists, add, youtube, songs, button, top, press, chrome, unlimited, extension, public, music, playtube, video

TubeToTV Chrome extension download
TubeToTV Play Youtube videos on your TV using your XBMC

youtube, added, xbmc, video, layout, work, fixed, issue, videos, configuration, button, update, extension, buttons, add

Kassi Share - Send to Kodi/XBMC Chrome extension download
Kassi Share - Send to Kodi/XBMC Send YouTube videos to Kodi/XBMC Media Center

youtube, xbmc, quot, contents, send, github, test, kodi, media, source, pages, connection, host, search, homepage

CrowdTangle Link Checker Chrome extension download
CrowdTangle Link Checker Easily check to see who has shared any article you're reading!

crowdtangle, link, extension, check, shared, videos, article, youtube, unique, company, easy, links, license, posted, chrome

Video Downloader Prime Chrome extension download
Video Downloader Prime Easily download most popular video formats.

video, download, videos, chrome, youtube, prime, media, websites, website, downloader, addon, formats, extension, text, shows

ChopChop extension Chrome extension download
ChopChop extension ChopChop extension.

video, chopchop, videos, friends, facebook, youtube, chop, lets, captions, create, titles, straight, search, drop, favorite

Reverse Playback for YouTube Chrome extension download
Reverse Playback for YouTube Makes youtube videos play in chronological order.

video, videos, youtube, fixed, extension, play, player, playlist, find, order, oldest, part, choose, chronological, computer

Wide Tube Chrome extension download
Wide Tube Wide Tube will automatically present your YouTube video in the wide display mode

wide, youtube, extension, automatically, video, videos, tube, viewed, displayed, modewant, present, display, view, install, watch

Rotate that Video Player Chrome extension download
Rotate that Video Player The ability to rotate a video clip by 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

video, extension, player, chrome, turn, lights, videos, rotate, youtube, finally, slider, friendly, viewer, opposed, orientation

Kouki's Youtube Chrome extension download
Kouki's Youtube This is kouki's youtube channel

youtube, videos, show, eula, privacy, results, bar, frame, kouki, chrome, extension, tab, agree, policy, search

Youtube Placemarker Chrome extension download
Youtube Placemarker This extension allows you to save place marks in YouTube videos. The extension is easy to use, and your saved spots will remain in…

youtube, place, extension, remain, marks, spots, saved, video, reload, return, placemarker, chrome, videos, easy, save

Skimzee Chrome extension download
Skimzee Skimzee is a free web app that combines web page summarization with social media search and web feed aggregation.

web, page, skimzee, search, list, feed, facebook, summary, automatically, summarize, photos, adds, result, media, feeds

ChromeLL Chrome extension download
ChromeLL Enhancements for the forums at the End of the Internet

fixed, quot, chromell, bug, page, imagemap, sonicmax, pm, signature, enhancements, user, rename, images, extension, info

YouTube SEO Checklist Chrome extension download

youtube, ranking, level, seo, extension, factor, videos, score, detail, explanation, checkbox, finally, green, yellow, tips

Minecraft MF Chrome extension download
Minecraft MF Official app for Minecraft MF. All information like Minecraft Skins, Texture Packs found here.

minecraft, app, game, official, extension, packs, skins, mf, links, download, videos, community, online, youtube, mods

Valkyrie Skip Youtube Advertising Chrome extension download
Valkyrie Skip Youtube Advertising Valkyrie Skip Youtube Advertising

skip, youtube, valkyrie, di, pubblicit, saltare, commercials, click, nei, le, video, advertising, extension, chrome, su

Rick Roulette Chrome extension download
Rick Roulette Randomly replaces youtube videos with Rick Rolls.

rick, extension, roll, youtube, randomly, video, element, videos, replaced, configure, number, replaces, chrome, default, rolls

Floating Web Player Extension Chrome extension download
Floating Web Player Extension Watching web videos while multi-tasking is easier than ever

videos, watching, web, extension, icon, chrome, player, youtube, floating, bar, address, capable, easier, tasking, video

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