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TimeYourWeb chrome extension

TimeYourWeb Google chrome Extension overview

TimeYourWeb chrome extension is The most detailed time tracker. Know how much time you spend on sites on any day..

You need TimeYourWeb, if: * You spend a considerable part of your life on the Internet and would like to know how this time is effective.

Your lifetime is a too valuable resource to spend it uncontrollably.

* You want to use internet resources more efficiently.

The first step towards change is aware of the current situation.

TimeYourWeb is an impartial judge, to track your online activity.

Youll know how long you loaf in social networks or spend time educational portals.

* As a parent you care about which sites your child is.

Note that TimeYourWeb - this is not a program for parental control.

TimeYourWeb does not guarantee that the child does not go to the "bad" sites.

TimeYourWeb can be temporarily disabled or he can user a browser without this extension.

However, TimeYourWeb helps to know that the user really was on "good" sites and confirm his activity on them.

* You are an employer and want to make workers more conscious attitude to time they spend on the Internet.

installing timeyourweb increases their efficiency of web usage.

* You are a freelancer.

So TimeYourWeb will help you draw up a detailed report on how you spent your working time online.

With TimeYourWeb you will - see how much time you spend on each page of any domain - distinguish "active" and "total" time duration spent on any page - know when you starts and how long you are watching any page - see how your internet activity changes during any month TimeYourWeb extension is without any ads completely.

With TimeYourWeb you can manage your time and enjoy your effective work.

summary chart You can get a summary for sites you have visited per a day / a week / a month.

timeyourweb tracks time only when your browser has a focus.

The extension distinguishes "Total" and "Active" time tracking approaches.

Time is tracked as "Active" if you press keys or move the mouse more often than 1 time in 30 seconds.

If a user is inactive more than 30 seconds but the browser is in focus, TimeYourWeb counts only "Total" time.

"Total" time shows you how long you were watching video on YouTube or other video-sharing sites or just kept your browser opened.

TimeYourWeb allows you to order summary data by "Total" or by "Active" time or site names.

Click by any page opens visited page in new chrome tab.

flow chart With Flow Chart - you can investigate your internet activity like under the microscope.

It shows your online activity on timeline.

You can switch between "Total" a

TimeYourWeb Chrome extension Download

It is the TimeYourWeb google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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