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TransOver chrome extension

TransOver Google chrome Extension overview

TransOver chrome extension is Hover, click or select to translate (with text-to-speech).

Translate word (or text selection) from any language to the language of your choice by pointing or clicking at it.

Also you can (enable in options): - text-to-speech - reverse translate: from your own language to the language of your choice - type and translate in a popup SECURITY EXPLAINED "Your data on all websites": TransOver needs to be able to read any word on a page - "Your data ..." - in order to translate it.

On any website you want it working - "... on all websites".

"Your tabs and browsing activity": Required for language autodetect, so that TransOver knows what language to translate from (details

change log 1.36 - Fix "reverse translate to" dropdown not being fully populated 1.35 - fix tts looping when key is pressed and held 1.34 - Smaller and crispier font 1.33 - if site is added to "dont translate on these sites", dont inject template elements.

So that they dont show up in owa new email form 1.32 - attempt to fix template content being appended to contenteditable body (OWA new email form) 1.31 - fix certain sites (e.g.

facebook, youtube) being subtly broken for _some_ users.

By not using html imports, since chrome appears to be buggy in that respect.

1.30 - fix selection translation appearing in the corner - fix "letter-spacing" parent style leaking into the popup - dismiss popup on scroll 1.29 - new icon - slower tts - inner refactoring: iframes -> web components 1.28 - use speech synthesis api for text-to-speech 1.27 - add "from" to type-and-translate popup - dont use chrome.tts.

Like ever again 1.26 - use chrome.tts api 1.25 - get back "Translate from" option 1.24 - fix exception showing up in js console 1.23 - fix showing only first sentence of selection translation 1.22 - fix hotkey setup - less ugly "type and translate" popup - better way to figure out unsuccessful translation 1.21 - support new google api 1.20 - configurable tts key 1.19 - rollback z-index increase - previous value was the correct maximum 1.18 - max z-index so that popup always stays on top 1.17 - revert "cache regexp" optimization 1.16 - dont use chrome.tts 1.15 - count apostrophes as word characters.

So that dabord, dont, etc.

get proper translation.

- fix tts 1.14 - skip editable divs (fixes google+, youtube, etc.

comments) 1.13 - red

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