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Trello-Office chrome extension

Trello-Office Google chrome Extension overview

Trello-Office chrome extension is project management and time tracking based on trello.

This services is intended to enable you to log time on your tasks you use in trello.

We are now in a kind of beta state, but the target of the project is to create a add on to trello that has the following features within the environment of the trello homepage: - time logging per ticket - time estimations per ticket - burndown charts per board - on page reports, monthly reports and exports to excel We have attached 4 screens that show what you can do right now, more to come soon: Screen 1: here you can start logging screen 2: the active item is colored in green you can pause logging and continue it later screen 3: in the status bar you can see how many hours have been logged on this board just click on this to export an excel sheet with all time records screen 4: in the details overlay there is now also a button to start a time log screen 5: with the brand new save dialog you can edit the Date, time and duration, flag "billable" and "additional" and add a description on saving the time log entry We are looking forward to get good inspirations from our users :-) Change-Log: v1.4: COMING SOON: easy way to add time estimations for burn down chart.

v1.3.1: (27 mar 2015) Bugfix Release: Fixed some Bugs in the API.

v1.3: (16 feb 2014)Better save-record dialog and start button in details overlay v1.2: (02 feb 2014) Export function and an time sum in the status bar of each board v1.1: (26 jan 2014) initial public release

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