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V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) chrome extension

V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) Google chrome Extension overview

V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) chrome extension is An Adblocker that replaces online display ads with your own personal and customisable study notes.

v adnotes will help improve your study a bit by turning forgettable ads into memorable study notes.

It puts your study notes where ads usually go, so you’re studying no matter what you do on the internet… Just input your colour-coded subjects and add as many study notes as you like.

You can turn your subjects on and off depending on what you’re studying, and preview how each study note will look in the major banner ad sizes.

Now browse all the cat memes and autocorrect fails you like, because you’ll be studying, a bit, the whole time.

V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) Chrome extension Download

It is the V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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