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VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Google Chrome Extension Download

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VLC 4 YouTube (beta) chrome extension

VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Google chrome Extension overview

VLC 4 YouTube (beta) chrome extension is Open YouTube videos in VLC..

Click the extension icon (showing in the location bar when opening a YouTube™ video) to open the current YouTube™ video in VLC (or just hit ctrl+shift+V).

Full controls and more features are on the way... stay tuned!

vlc uses less resources and can boost the volume up to 200%.

NB: You _NEED_ to have vlc 2.0 (or above) installed and to activate its http interface (read here http://goo.gl/7P0XQ on how to do it).

You may need to restart vlc after enabling the web interface.

To test it you can go here http://goo.gl/caqNx after installing the extension.

Changelog: - icon in popup + link to extension on webstore - find streams for custom video links (doom console) - more controls: pause, next, prev, clear (doom console) - less permissions (activeTab instead of tabs) - use ytdl-core to find streams - settable shortcut key (default is ctrl+shift+V) - find all available streams for a given video (and choose the best one) - add a doom console

VLC 4 YouTube (beta) Chrome extension Download

It is the VLC 4 YouTube (beta) google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download VLC 4 YouTube (beta) chrome extension (CRX)

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