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Web Messenger chrome extension

Web Messenger Google chrome Extension overview

Web Messenger chrome extension is Chat using Google Hangouts, Skype, and Yahoo! Messenger from the web without installing any software..

web messenger allows you to instant message using google hangouts, Skype, and Yahoo!

messenger without installing any software.

It extracts the web version of these apps and displays it in a popup window or Chrome panel, allowing you to quickly chat from any web page without the hassle of opening a new tab to go tooing to the full website, and toggling the chat functionality.

WHATS NEW - Upgraded to new skype client - Added option to disable notifications - Username of sender is now included in notifications - Updated icons for Chrome 53 (v2.6.4) - Fixed no notifications from Yahoo!

messenger chat list - fixed hangouts regression issues (v2.6.3) - fixed broken yahoo!

messenger login screen (v2.6.3) - fixed long lines in Yahoo!

messenger invitations (v2.6.3) DATA PRIVACY This extension does not record any personal data or analytics.

It is simply a viewport to third-party websites (Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo!

Mail), and is not any less secure or more secure than as if you had used these sites in google chrome.

By using this extension you agree to the privacy policy of the respective websites.

known issues The skype video/voice call functionality may not be compatible with your operating system.

If the Gmail, Skype, or Yahoo!

messenger website gets redesigned, then this extension will likely need to be updated.

If something breaks, please report it in the help forum (see link under Support tab) and give me a chance to fix it before leaving a negative review.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

FUTURE PLANS - facebook messenger client - whatsapp client

Web Messenger Chrome extension Download

It is the Web Messenger google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Web Messenger chrome extension (CRX)

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