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Wordpress Site Manager Google Chrome Extension Download

Wordpress Site Manager Extension for Chrome

Wordpress Site Manager chrome extension is This extension stores Wordpress sites. It also brings more functionality to the theme editor..

This extension stores wordpress sites. It also brings more functionality to the theme editor..

This Chrome Extension will store your wordpress site information and allow quick and easy access to your sites main pages.

This extension also provides more functionality to the wordpress theme editor by turning it into a codemirror editor.

UPDATES: --------------------------------------- 1.5: - Bug fixed where sometimes ctrl+shift+s wasnt working right 1.4: - bug fixes 1.3: - Themeeditor now changes to show php code in a special mode.

- Password is now Optional - Codemirror editor now includes themes to choose from!

1.2: - Updates to auto-login - general prettiness update - WARNING: Updating this Extension will erase your data Features: --------------------------------------- - Store a site by inputting your wordpress username, password, and title of the site.

- Auto-Login means no more hunting down usernames and passwords, this extension will automatically log you into your site once the login page comes up.

.- edit sites after theyve been created - Functionality improvements to the wordpress theme editor ..cluding: - save file without reloading page - Powerful search and replace tools provided by CodeMirror - tabbing improvements added (Including shift+tab) - code coloring to make it easier to identify code Uses CodeMirror editor to improve the Wordpress Theme Editor and localstoragedb to manage your sites

Wordpress Site Manager is deleted from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/. Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wordpress-site-manager/allgackcccfpminjnninimgkmclmoafe

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