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XtendIn chrome extension

XtendIn Google chrome Extension overview

XtendIn chrome extension is Extends Web Application Interfaces with a variety of features..

extends web application interfaces with a variety of features..

XtendIn is a google chrome web browser extension that extends the ActiveCampaign / google mail / Infusionsoft / xero web application interface with a variety of features.

NOTE (1): This Extension requires an ActiveCampaign / Google Mail / Infusionsoft / Xero Account.

If you do not any of these sccounts, the Extension will not do anything for you.

NOTE (2): If you have any questions or problems, please use the website contact us or support tickets page.

Do not leave questions in the comments.

The extension basically manipulates the listed web application interfaces to add, extend, or embed new features to improve productivity, or to integrate to third party systems.

More information can be found on the XtendIn Website - https://xtendin.com/ ---- free trial / Subscriptions ---- It is recommended that you visit the XtendIn Website - https://xtendin.com/ to Register for an Account.

By registering, and entering the License details you can access the 90 day free trial.

After the 90 Days are over, the Extension will revert to the Free version.

To enable full access again, you will need to subscribe via the XtendIn Website.

---- Features of the extension ---- Here is a summary of features of the Extension.

Infusionsoft Features - Extend the default login session to more than 1 hour.

- Preview the contents of the file box without having to download the files (Limited to specific file types).

- Auto tabbing in the Contact Record by hovering over the Tab to open it.

- Adjust the display of the Contact Record - Tags List in the General Tab.

- See a preview of the Invoice by hovering over an Order link.

- Easily search the Contacts associated to a Tag by clicking on a special link in the Tags page.

- Adjust the top right search box to search for different fields.

- add tag picture markers to easily spot information about your Contacts.

- Integration with google charts within the E-Commerce Orders and Affiliate Reports.

- Integration with google maps within the Contact Record.

- Integration with Gravatar within the Contacts and Contact Record.

- Integration with Skype to allow Click-to-call functionality throughout the Application.

---- feature suggestions ----- If you like a feature to be implemented into the Extension, then register on the XtendIn Website to raise your suggestion in the Forum.

Note, although the extension manipulates infusionsoft interface, it cannot do "everything".

Some suggestions that have been

How to install XtendIn chrome extension in chrome Browser

You can Follow the below Step By Step procedure to install the XtendIn Chrome Extension to your Chrome Web browser.

  • Step 1: Go to the Chrome webstore https://chrome.google.com/webstore.
  • Step 2: Now search for the XtendIn in Chrome Webstore Search and click on the search button.
  • Step 3: click on the XtendIn Chrome Extension Link
  • Step 4: in the next page click on the Add to Chrome button to Download and Install the XtendIn extension for your Chrome Web browser .

XtendIn Chrome extension Download

Looking for a method to XtendIn Download for Chrome then this download link is for you.

It is the XtendIn google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download XtendIn chrome extension (CRX)

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