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YouBlock chrome extension

YouBlock Google chrome Extension overview

YouBlock chrome extension is This is a feature for YouTube streaming videos chat. When there are a bunch of spammers and reporting them for spam doesn't seem to….

This is a feature for youtube streaming videos chat.

When there are a bunch of spammers and reporting them for spam doesnt seem to be doing anything.

All you have to do is install this refresh the streaming page and then "report message" them once and they will no longer show up in your chat.

I added the persistence that I originally wanted.

To block someone permanently just block them once.

To remove them from the blocked list now you need to click options in extensions and remove them from the list by clicking the x next to their name.

I need to add some features still but you can see my progress or assist here .

You can also submit reports of issues there or request features.

YouBlock Chrome extension Download

It is the YouBlock google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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