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    YouTube Advanced Control
YouTube Advanced Control chrome extension is YouTube++ : The only Extension that gives full and better control over the YouTube Player.

YouTube++ : The only Extension that gives full and better control over the YouTube Player.

Have you ever thought while watching a youtube video how great it would be to be able to keep just the parts that interest you Now you can with an amazing chrome extension – and you dont have to learn to use video editing software!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEVELOPPER HERE It shows up in the bottom left corner for me.

Theres a movie reel icon, a pizza icon, and a settings icon.

It only opens when you are on a video It has been a while I didnt work on this extension, thank you for the encouragements.

For the hate comments dont forget that its free if you dont like it delete it.

I will be working on redesigning and adding new features.

Please tell me what do you: hate about this extension: design aspects, agronomy.

what new functionalities would you like to see looking for someone to do video tutorials on how to use it thank you for your understanding --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please rate if you like it Any problems & suggestions submit a support request YouTube++: The only Extension that gives you a complete control over the YouTube Player.

YouTube++ comes with an easy-to-use interface that you can master in a matter of minutes.

YouTube++:this chrome extension adds many features to the YouTube Player.

It takes your YouTube experience to a whole new level.

Heres what you can do with YouTube++: Auto-replay (using Looper) YouTube videos in just one click You can replay the portion you like from any video again and again (loop your preferred moments in any video).

Cut, splice, and edit videos You can add and delete video segments or even reorder them.

You can also auto-replay any individual segment.

Save your preferred moments in any video so that you can jump to them at any time.

Give a name to a specific time of the video (e.g: 29:12 death scene) You can then navigate easily among all the saved break points in the video (Moments).

youtube plus makes editing easy even for novices!

Learn how to use YouTube++ today!!

Learn how to use YouTube++ YouTube Channel Follow us on : Facebook : Google+ : Twitter :

YouTube Advanced Control is deleted from Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is

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