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Aliexpress Enhancer Mozilla firefox addon This plugin enhances Aliexpress website with visual cosmetics, better tracking details and tools like knowing BAD SELLERS attitude against customers when you search for specific products or even the GOOD SELLERS with a verified green mark.
444hsz Mozilla firefox addon Kommenteld szabadon a cikkeit!
YouTube Like-Dislike Shortcut Mozilla firefox addon Shift+Plus to like, Shift+Minus to dislike. Can't get any simpler.
UrlToJD2 Mozilla firefox addon Push an url from the browser or a link to the download manager JDownloader 2.
UrbDict Mozilla firefox addon add a "urban Dictionary" entry in the context menu (when a word is selected), which opens a new tab for the highlited word.
TST Hoverswitch Mozilla firefox addon Switch to hovered tab without clicking in Tree Style Tab.
Strongbox AutoFill Mozilla firefox addon Strongbox AutoFill is an Add-on to allow Strongbox users to fill in usernames, passwords and other credentials seamlessly in your browser.
Scrolantana Mozilla firefox addon Hide main scrollbar in all webpages
Runnaroo Search Engine Mozilla firefox addon Search extension for Runnaroo. A privacy focused search engine that gives better results.
ResponsiveHelper Mozilla firefox addon A Firefox add-on to show the screen width and height when resizing the window
Quran Tab Mozilla firefox addon Quran Tab is an Islamic new tab page that will keep you inspired by a verse from the Quran every time you open a new tab.This is a ported version of the Google Chrome Extension
PwdHash2 Mozilla firefox addon Automatically generates per-site passwords if you prefix your password with @@ or F2.Alternate version to original PwdHash add-on to fix issues in Firefox 66 and onwards, added optional more secure hashing algorithm and highlight password field.
Project Insight Mozilla firefox addon Project Insight, is a browser add-on that shows you what permissions your installed add-ons have and what domains they have permission to access. This allows you to evaluate which add-ons have the potential to invade your privacy. Mozilla firefox addon Trouve des missions en te référençant sur une quinzaine de plateformes depuis une interface unique.
PHP Documentation Search Mozilla firefox addon This add-on searches the official php documentation for a given term. It provides a search field, that can be accessed from the toolbar as well as it adds a search option for selected text to the context menu.
Page up and down scroll buttons Mozilla firefox addon Adds scroll to Page Up and Down buttons on all sites
MPT Hide Browser UI Mozilla firefox addon Makes the Browser Open without Browser UI (address bar, toolbar, etc.).
MixrElixr Mozilla firefox addon MixrElixr enhances your Mixer viewing experience with emotes, tons of options, and new features. It also allows you to see if your favorite streamers are currently live without having to go to Mixer!

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