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This is the official extension for Firefox. The add-on fetches pertinent information specific to your search. For instance, one can easily search any audio or video, news, blogs, websites using specific criteria or demand, per say – lyrics, genres, singer, movie, album, cast, dance style or channel, podcasts, time of news, anchors, authors, tweets and following feeds.It is search oriented and people can categorize their specifications. Asa curated search engine, it provides the pertinent results. ABOUT FROMPO.COM -Frompo declared during its launch that it believes in giving back to the mother Earth and sincerely wants to help, save and preserve the environment. Alongside being user-friendly, it is also eco-friendly! The revenue generated by performing searches on Frompo or clicking on search ads will help in helping the environment!Frompo is still deciding as to how they would help save the environment - by either donating money to charities to help save the environment or by planting trees when the search hits a specific number. Though they are not certain on the choice of help but they seem very assured on the idea of doing something good for the Earth. Frompo’s initiative in going an extra mile to help the environment alongside making search easier and organized for its users sounds promising in comparison to other search engines. has all the answers to the above, for more details log onto the website: the latest updates you can also: - Become a fan on Facebook: - Follow us on Twitter: HOW TO INSTALLPlease see our Frompo plugins pageHOW TO USE THIS ADD-ONTo use the add-on, simply right-click on any web image and select 'Search Frompo' from the context menu. Results are displayed for you at Frompo.comTo set add-on preferences go to Tools>Add-ons in the Firefox menu bar. Locate 'Frompo search' in the Add-ons window list and click the 'Options' button. From here you can:* Show/hide Frompo icon in context menu* Set sort order preference* Open searches in background, foreground or current tab

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Here is the Frompo. Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

Frompo. Mozilla Addon Download

This is how the facebook timeline looks with this add-on.
This is how the facebook timeline looks with this add-on.
This is how the facebook timeline looks with this add-on.
This is how the facebook timeline looks with this add-on.

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