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AdBlocker for Facebookâ„¢ is a Firefox Addon that specifically designed for Facebook website to block annoying contents, banners and Ads.Important features are:1. Allows you to block annoying images, iframes and many more from Facebook.2. Lite extension with no significant memory and cpu usage.3. It uses hard coded filtering rules for fast and reliable performance.4. Effectively blocks annoying contents on Facebook's Newsfeed and Sidebar.5. You can easily switch the extension On or Off from toolbar popup6. Sidebar/Newsfeed ad contents can be Blocked/Showed separately from toolbar-popup.If you want to report Bugs, please visit the Addon Homepage and fill the Bug report form.

Download AdBlocker for Facebookâ„¢ Mozilla Addon

Here is the AdBlocker for Facebookâ„¢ Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

AdBlocker for Facebookâ„¢ Mozilla Addon Download

AdBlocker for Facebookâ„¢- , Mozilla Addon download
AdBlocker for Facebookâ„¢- AdBlock for Facebook UI, Mozilla Addon download
AdBlock for Facebook UI
AdBlocker for Facebookâ„¢- Newsfeed & Sidebar Ads on Facebook, Mozilla Addon download
Newsfeed & Sidebar Ads on Facebook

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