AOL Favorites Mozilla Addon

AOL Favorites Mozilla Firefox Addon Download

AOL Favorites overview

AOL Favorites Mozilla Addon is used to

Access and add to your Favorites quickly from anywhere on the Web.

The AOL Favorites browser extension is designed to make favoriting on the Web easy, secure and fun. Saving a bookmark is as simple as two quick clicks, or select the Favorites List tab to gain fast access to your faves.This extension also gives you the ability to import your browser bookmarks into AOL Favorites and likewise export your AOL Favorites to your browser. Look for both of these features in the Settings tab.Saving the sites you love to AOL Favorites has never been easier!

Download AOL Favorites Mozilla Addon

Here is the AOL Favorites Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

AOL Favorites Mozilla Addon Download

AOL Favorites- , Mozilla Addon download
AOL Favorites- , Mozilla Addon download

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