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    Buff Utility
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    Felix Vogel
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    195 +
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Buff Utility Download for Mozilla

Buff Utility Mozilla addon overview

Buff Utility Mozilla Addon is used to Adds cosmetic functionality to buff.163.com.

adds cosmetic functionality to buff.163.com.

adds small cosmetic functionality to https://github.com/PenguiniVogel/BuffUtility

2.1.6 (Emergency Patch):
- fixed currencyhelper caching conversion rates before current ones were loaded (bad!)
- New experimental settings:
-*-* favourite bargain, ever wanted to bargain on favourites easily? now you can! Currently does not check if item can be bargained!!! Will come with 2.1.7
-* Adjust popular tab, added some features to the popular tab, like share and copy gen/gengl thanks to GoDrums.
-*-* currency fetch notification, will notify you when buffutility updated rates, can be turned off, will happen once a day usually.
- Schema update to accommodate new items
- currency rates now updated more often, automatically!
- CSS adjustments for custom Theme
- added force reload newest, see the settings for more information!
- Schema update to accommodate new major items
- Dark Mode!
-* To elaborate, not just dark mode, you can define your own color scheme too!
- Sticker options were expanded to accommodate for the new combination types
- New Setting: Listing options
- New Setting: Show float-bar
- Share and !gen/!gengl now visible on favorites
- Share now visible on the sale page
- Buy / bargain get colored dark red if you cannot afford with the current balance
- Chinese Support was extended, !gen/!gengl now visible on listings
- The way sticker search was saved was adjusted to not be overridden when browsing items with no sticker slots
- Gloves now generate !gengl
- M9 Knifes !gen resulted in receiving the regular Bayonet
- Schema was updated to include Dreams & Nightmares
- Ability to save custom sticker search across skins
- Match on floatdb
- Added !gen to items
- Added "Share" to items, this opens the mobile share link
- Default Sticker Search
- Settings weren't loaded or saved properly
- Some items from other games caused massive errors

Buff Utility Permissions

To Download Buff Utility for Firefox browser, below are the permissions are used by this Firefox Plugin.

  1. Access your data for penguinivogel.github.io

  2. Access your data for buff.163.com
  3. Access your data for csgostash.com

Download Buff Utility Mozilla Addon

Here is the Buff Utility Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox. you can directly install the plugin from the Mozilla Firefox Addons directory.

Buff Utility Mozilla Addon Download

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