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    Bypass Forced Download
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    Lukas Mai
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Bypass Forced Download Mozilla addon overview

Bypass Forced Download Mozilla Addon is used to Remove "Content-Disposition: attachment".

Remove "Content-Disposition: attachment".

Some websites force users to download/save certain files, even if Firefox knows how to handle them (e.g. by displaying them directly (HTML, PDF, ...) or by opening them in another program). This add-on completely disables this functionality; i.e. if Firefox knows what to do with a file, it will do it, and all download requests are ignored. (You can still explicitly save files by right-clicking on a link and choosing "Save Link As..." or by using "Save Page" in the Firefox menu.)

Technical details:
A website can force a download by setting the Content-Disposition: attachment header. This add-on intercepts such headers and rewrites them to Content-Disposition: inline, restoring the default behavior.

It is possible to selectively disable this add-on on some sites by editing the add-on settings in the add-on manager (about:addons). The values should be a list of space separated host names (*, **, and ? are supported as wildcards). The patterns are matched against the host a download is coming from. This add-on doesn't tamper with downloads if the host name doesn't match a whitelist pattern ("hosts to run on") or if the host name matches a blacklist pattern ("except for").

? matches a single non-dot (.) character. * matches 0 or more non-dot characters. ** matches 0 or more characters (including dots). For example, the pattern * matches but does not match, whereas ** matches both.

The default whitelist is ** (bypass forced downloads everywhere). (The default blacklist is subject to change but currently includes some soundcloud and mediafire hosts because you probably do want to start a download if you click on a "download" button on those sites.)

Bypass Forced Download Permissions

To Download Bypass Forced Download for Firefox browser, below are the permissions are used by this Firefox Plugin.

  1. Access your data for all web sites

Download Bypass Forced Download Mozilla Addon

Here is the Bypass Forced Download Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox. you can directly install the plugin from the Mozilla Firefox Addons directory.

Bypass Forced Download Mozilla Addon Download

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