Clean Uninstall Mozilla Addon

Clean Uninstall Mozilla Firefox Addon Download

Clean Uninstall overview

Clean Uninstall Mozilla Addon is used to

Uninstall an extension and clean its fingerprints (such as stored preferences)

Usually when you remove an extension, the extension does not clear its created preferences from pref.js. This leads to increasing size of pref.js after a few extension has been tried out. All this extension does is to listen to the uninstall event and look for the missing preferences. You will get the list of the preferences in a dialog like window to decide whether you want to keep these preferences or not.Two main functionalities:1. Notify you about the left preferences upon an extension removal2. Allow you to clean your Firefox profile by removal old unused preferences left by your old extensions. To access this, go to the options page.Note that the extension works well with extensions built on top of addon sdk, however it might have problem deling with traditional extensions. If you have found these sort of issues please open a bug report in bug reports use: (open a new bug report)or (leave a comment in the discussion section)For more info about how this extension works please visit:

Download Clean Uninstall Mozilla Addon

Here is the Clean Uninstall Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

Clean Uninstall Mozilla Addon Download

Clean Uninstall- Clean left preferences upon add-on removal, Mozilla Addon download
Clean left preferences upon add-on removal
Clean Uninstall- Clean old preferences left by old add-ons. Go to options page and click the 'Clean' button., Mozilla Addon download
Clean old preferences left by old add-ons. Go to options page and click the 'Clean' button.


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