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Cookies Manager+ overview

Cookies Manager+ Mozilla Addon is used to

Cookies manager to view, edit and create new cookies. It also shows extra information about cookies, allows edit multiple cookies at once and backup/restore them.

This extension was originally based on outdated (and probably abandoned) Add N Edit Cookies v0.2.1.3 by goodwill.New in this branch compare to original Add N Edit Cookies:
  • total replacement for built-in cookie viewer (optional)
  • ability change domain, path and name of a cookie
  • ability edit multiple cookies at once
  • ability save as new or replace original cookie when domain, path or name changed
  • option for automatic monitoring cookies changes and updates information in window
  • option for filter auto apply while typing
  • customize what kind of cookie information you want to see, re-order, show/hide info fields and columns
  • export cookie information into clipboard or a file with use of customizable templates
  • backup/restore all or only selected cookies. When restoring selected cookies only information about these cookies will used from backup file, anything else will be ignored and no other cookies will be affected.
  • ability manually change expiration date directly at 'expire' field, no more need select 'new date'
  • 'Add cookie' window automatically fills out domain and path fields based of selected cookie (if any)
  • pressing ESC key will close window
  • when selected a cookie and pressed ENTER will open edit cookie window, if pressed DEL will delete cookie
  • clicking on 'Cookies Manager+' button/menu option will bring already opened window to the front.
  • window title is different when edit cookie or add new
  • most information fields are also available as list columns, which allow sort cookies by these columns
  • ability make window stay on top of all other FF windows
  • displays extra information about cookies, such as when it was created and last accessed
  • accessible-friendly (all thanks goes to Jonathan Ely for feedback and testing). Every feature is keyboard accessible and 95% working with JAWS screen reader (it seems it ignores labels on some dropdown menus)
  • automatically delete expired cookies
  • set content, send for, http only and expired fields of a cookie to read-only
Once installed, go to App button (orange button) -> Web Developer -> Cookies Manager+orTools -> Cookies Manager+.Alternatively you can add 'Cookies Manager+' icon in a toolbar.Questions, bug reports or feature requests please send to provided email (EMail) or post on support web site (GitHub Cookies Manager+)To do list:- remove popup windows- combine cookies with the same host into groups, just like the default cookie manager has. Until then leave the built-in manager intact and allow user chose if they want use CM+ instead of built-in (will be added in v1.1)- add help section

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Download Cookies Manager+ Mozilla Addon

Here is the Cookies Manager+ Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

Cookies Manager+ Mozilla Addon Download


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