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Get rid of that clumsy context menu, and search the web using up to 100 stylish Drag & DropZones

Drag & DropZones is a brand new and innovative way to search the internet. Extending the Firefox Search Engine manager window, you simply drag a Search Engine onto 1 (or more) DropZones to link them. Once you are all set up, you can just drag some text or a link on any website to activate the Drag & DropZones. A stylish transparent grid (in the color of your choice) with all your Search Engines will be displayed over the site you where viewing, and the DropZone you are currently hovering above will be highlighted. Just Drop the text on any of the DropZones and your search will be performed the way you where used to.When you are running Drag & DropZones for the very first time, all your Firefox Search Engines will automatically be assigned to a DropZone, so you are ready to go and enjoy it immediately.Since version 1.1 I have taken the concept a bit further and developed a feature that allows you to select any context menu action as a DropZone. This means that you can now also do things like [Copy Image] or [Bookmark This Link] by just dropping the image/link on your DropZone!A toolbar button (add it through View/Toolbars/Customize) allows you to toggle the Drag & DropZones on/off in case you temporarily need to do a lot of other Drag & Drop operations.The Drag & DropZones feature was initially created for my Web Search Pro add-on, since I received many requests from people who loved the idea, but thought that Web Search Pro had just a bit too much features for them, I decided to rewrite the concept to be compatible with the Firefox Web Search itself.Drag & DropZones is available in: en-US, sv-SE, fr-FR, it-IT, ja-JP, pt-BR, de-DE, es-ES, bg-BG, pl-PL, ar, ar-SA, cs-CZ, da-DK, ga-IE, hu-HU, lt-LT, pt-PT, sk-SK, sr-RS, tr-TR, uk-UA, nl and ro

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Here is the Drag & DropZones Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

Drag & DropZones Mozilla Addon Download

Drag & DropZones- Drag & DropZones - The options window, Mozilla Addon download
Drag & DropZones - The options window
Drag & DropZones- Drag & DropZones - The Add-on in action, Mozilla Addon download
Drag & DropZones - The Add-on in action
Drag & DropZones- Drag & DropZones - The Add-on in action, Mozilla Addon download
Drag & DropZones - The Add-on in action

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