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FeedBurner Subscribers is a handy add-on for monitoring your RSS readers and hits to your RSS feed. Bloggers will find this add-on extremely valuable because you can track feed readers right from your browser.

IMPORTANT: This add-on supports the new Google FeedBurner format. You must have logged into your FeedBurner and transferred your feed to Google in order for this add-on to work properly.FeedBurner is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Their Web-based tools help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web. FeedBurner is the standard in blog feed tracking.Provide your FeedBurner URL and the add-on does the rest.Example URL: http://feeds.feeburner.com/YourFeedKey Features:-Sits in your status bar so it does not affect your browsing experience.-Track any valid FeedBurner Feed with Feed Awareness enabled.-View readers and/or hits to your feed.-Options to show or not to show labels for your readers and/or hits.-Right clicking the icon takes your directly to your MyFeeds page.Uses the FeedBurner API so all calls to FeedBurner are completely legitimate. This add-on is not provided by FeedBurner and only uses their API. Thanks to FeedBurner for making this add-on possible.FAQ:Q: Why am I receiving an error message where my feed statistics should appear?A: FeedCount and/or the Awareness API must be enabled in your FeedBurner account. Here are the instructions to activate it:1. Open FeedBurner and click the Publicize tab.2. In the left menu, you will see FeedCount click it and activate the service.If you don't want to publish your FeedCount, but still want to use the add-on:1. Open FeedBurner and click the Publicize tab.2. In the left menu, you will see Awareness API click it and activate the service.Note: If FeedCount is enabled the Awareness API is automatically enabled.

Download FeedBurner Subscribers Mozilla Addon

Here is the FeedBurner Subscribers Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

FeedBurner Subscribers Mozilla Addon Download

FeedBurner Subscribers- How The Add-On Looks In Your Status Bar, Mozilla Addon download
How The Add-On Looks In Your Status Bar
FeedBurner Subscribers- The Add-On Options Page, Mozilla Addon download
The Add-On Options Page

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