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Foxy Calculator Mozilla Addon is used to A Firefox port of the popular Cloudy Calculator. Supports text-based calculations, unit conversion, trigonometry, google rich results, and much more..

A Firefox port of the popular cloudy calculator. Supports text-based calculations, unit conversion, trigonometry, google rich results, and much more..

This is a firefox port of the popular cloudy calculator chrome extension!
In the process of porting this extension, I've fixed much of it's deprecated
functionality and even added some enhancements, such as bringing google search
results back online.

To open the popup, click the pi icon or type Ctrl+Y

For bugs, problems, and feature requests, add an issue to the github.

All credit goes to the original author bwrobinett for writing this wonderful utility.

Original Description:

Math geeks rejoice!

Inspired by the fantastic calculator build into Google's search engine, cloudy calculator handles many of the same kinds of calculations as Google does. In fact, if Cloudy Calculator can't handle a calculation, it asks google for the result (you'll see a litte "G" to the left of those calculations).

For years, before we created cloudy calculator, we used google's calculator on a daily basis in our work. And it was (and still is) really, really useful. (No more tedius unit conversions! It does all for you. Just type in your calculation like you would any other search. Very nice.) But we often ended up working through a long series of calculations and inevitibly we'd make a mistake somewhere along the way. Tracking down those mistakes was kind of painful because it's not so easy to look back through the history of your calculations. We wanted to be able to see all those calculations all at the same time in one place. That's why we created Cloudy Calculator.

Quick Tips
* Scrollable history of previous calculations
* Use up/down arrow keys to access input history.
* Click on any result to insert it into the input area.
* Ctrl+Click on any result to copy to clipboard.
* Click the little arrow at the upper right to pop out to new window.
* Last result can be accessed using the "@" variable.
* Create your own user variables -- @abc_123 = 42
* Store an unevaluated expression -- @x := 10 meters
* You'll see a faint "G" next to results caclulated by Google.
Click the "G" to see the original google result.

Some of the things cloudy calculator is capable of handling
* mixed unit calculations -- 2 mi + 4 km + 3 light-years in feet
* unit conversion -- 1/4 cup in tablespoons
* currency conversion -- 56 dollars in euros
* Hex, octal, binary -- 4 + 0xAF + 0o71 + 0b10 in hex
* mathematical functions -- sin, cos, tan, log, etc.
* Mathematical and physical constants -- pi, e, h, c, etc.

You can find a pretty detailed overview of the kinds of calculations google's search engine can handle here:

Feel free to give us a heads up on any bugs you've noticed or suggest features here:

(Special Thanks to MinstormsKid and IIsi 50MHz)

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Foxy Calculator Mozilla Addon Download

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