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An extension that lets you Mail Merge on Gmail itself


An extension that lets you mail merge on Gmail itself

Alpha testing my new extension for productivity use. No guarantees yet for the software.

GMerge is a simplified mail merge tool built on Gmail. Why use it? Because you will get a better response rate from even your friends when they think you emailed them personally instead of an email to everyone! never bcc ever again in your life!!!

Chrome version here!

Steps to do a quick GMerge!

1. Compose any email to any amount of people on the TO: field,
2. Put [first name], [Last Name], [full name] or [Email] anywhere in your email message and/or subject and click gmerge to start sending mail merges.
3. After a few seconds there should be a popup asking for authorization. Can't see it? click popup blocked icon at the end of the url bar on top and click the blue link authorization needed link and grant the authorization. You don't have to do this step again.
4. Click GMerge again and it will send the emails!
5. It will pull the first name or similar fields of the recipient and replace it wherever there's [First Name] or other [fields] listed above.

Or upload a gmerge.csv file as an attachment with an email field and other fields for more flexibility!

This only works with the new gmail compose window and make sure that the email address you enter includes a name, eg. Bob Loblaw <[email protected]>. Most contacts you have in Gmail should be in this format already.

Feedbacks are welcomed!

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