Kaspersky Protection 2021 for Firefox Download

Kaspersky Protection 2021 Download for Mozilla

Kaspersky Protection 2021 Mozilla addon overview

Kaspersky Protection 2021 Mozilla Addon is used to Your protection on the Internet with extension from Kaspersky Lab.

Your protection on the Internet with extension from Kaspersky Lab.

We empower your browsing experience in the following areas:

Some websites like to collect information about your behavior and the data you share. With this extension you can stop them from tracking you.

Fed up of seeing banners trying to sell you things? Our extension will provide you with an uncluttered browsing experience.

We check every website you are about to visit and warn you when threats appear. In particular, we protect your financial transactions at online stores and in online banking and payment systems.

The kaspersky protection extension ensures operation of the following protection features:
- Safe Money – protects your payments by opening sensitive websites in Protected Browser.
- Private Browsing – informs you about attempts by websites to collect your data and allows you to block collection.
- Kaspersky URL Advisor – marks search results with colored indicators according to the link's security level.
- On-screen keyboard – prevents malware from intercepting data entered in website forms.
- Anti-banner – blocks advertising banners on websites.
- Dangerous Content Blocking - prevents a website from loading if it is deemed a dangerous or phishing website by Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Protection extension is intended to be used together with the following kaspersky applications: Kaspersky Free, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, kaspersky internet security, kaspersky total security, kaspersky security cloud, and kaspersky small office security.
Go to https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads and install the application.

Kaspersky Protection 2021 Permissions

To Download Kaspersky Protection 2021 for Firefox browser, below are the permissions are used by this Firefox Plugin.

  1. exchange messages with programs other than Firefox

  2. access browser tabs
  3. access browser activity during navigation
  4. Access your data for all web sites

Download Kaspersky Protection 2021 Mozilla Addon

Here is the Kaspersky Protection 2021 Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox. you can directly install the plugin from the Mozilla Firefox Addons directory.

Kaspersky Protection 2021 Mozilla Addon Download

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